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Inlet Adapter Kit (for proprietary Vacuflo valves)

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Save money and increase your vacuuming options! If you have the Vacuflo inlet that looks like this (such as the HP Vacuflo Series 4940, 4949, 4940, 4941) you no longer have to be stuck buying expensive proprietary hoses and excluded from deep down electric powered cleaning! Simply buy this kit for the number of inlets in your home and buy full faced basic valves such as #653HW. After an easy installation you will now be industry standard - ready to use any "Corded" electric kit such as the Stealth Kit or Ace Kit. The new inlet will also work with any low voltage hose and kit such as TurboCat Deluxe.
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Part #517VA
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Compatible with Vacuflo Central Vacuum.

Latest Top Reviews

4 Stars
Mar 28 2019 5:10AM
worked well. easy to install

4 Stars
Jan 4 2016 12:38PM
Works. Rubber should be narrower and with smaller hole in my case

4 Stars

Oct 12 2014 8:47AM
I installed three of these inlet adapter kits, and have them working fine now, but they did require some tweaking. After the initial installation, I was getting about 50% of the suction power I previously had, and was pretty sure there was a lack of seal on the new inlets. I called for support and was directed to the instructional video "Fixing a leaky inlet valve" where an application of electrical tape to supplement the seal is demonstrated. (Phone support also encouraged me to call back if this did not solve the problem.) Because one of the old inlets I removed had such an electrical tape application, this was not a new concept to me. In the video they show a single layer of tape applied. I would like to note that I used multiple layers to get a really good seal, inserting into the pipe end with a twist following the turn of the tape to avoid dislodging the adhesion of the cut end of the tape. The result was a tight seal and a return of full suction power. I would also like to point out that although on the above video they refer to a 5% loss of suction power from a leaky inlet valve, my experience with 3 leaky valves at least seemed more like a 50% loss than a 15% loss. So getting those seals tight can make huge difference.

5 Stars

Sep 27 2014 8:37AM
great easy thanks

5 Stars

Jun 6 2014 10:47PM
Easy to install and work great.