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Replacement Units for Vacumaid Central Vacuum

  • up to 50% more suction
  • easy swap-out
  • bottom-emptying
  • filtered or bagless
Find an independent dealer in your area to learn more about the Air Master Vacuum.
Quiet Operation
  • The Air Master operates at a quiet 62 dBA level.
Micro-Filtration Options
  • The Air Master system comes with bagless filtration, however, we include a disposable bag and conversion kit with each unit.
  • The Air Master boasts a dual intake system. This means that replacing your current system is a breeze with less worry of compatibility issues.
Designed and Assembled in the USA
  • Our Air Master units are designed and assembled in the USA with quality in mind. We work hard to produce a product that will last for decades to come.
The Air Master is a compatible replacement for any make, model or year for Vacumaid Central Vacuums.

Just a few of the Vacumaid Units
that the Air Master replaces:

Vacumaid H-1
Vacumaid H-7
Vacumaid P-10
Vacumaid P-100
Vacumaid P-110
Vacumaid P-120
Vacumaid P-125
Vacumaid P-125-P
Vacumaid P-128
Vacumaid P-215
Vacumaid P-225
Vacumaid P-280
Vacumaid P-325
Vacumaid P-350
Vacumaid P-60
Vacumaid P-70
Vacumaid P-80
Vacumaid P-90
Vacumaid P350P
Vacumaid PX-120
Vacumaid S1200
Vacumaid S1600
Vacumaid S2000
Vacumaid S2200
Vacumaid S2600
Vacumaid S3240
Vacumaid S3250
Vacumaid SR-36