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116336 Lamb Vacuum Motor

116336 Motor for Vacuums and Blowers

Product Details

Our brand new (not rebuilt) Lamb Ametek 116336 Motor is commonly used in many central vacuum brands and models. 116336 motor is a Lamb Ametek original motor. As of late 2016 the motor has been upgraded to a 116336-01 which means there is a bearing instead of a bushing on the cooling fan.

  • Fan Stages - 2
  • Bottom Diameter - 5.7"
  • Voltage - 110-120
  • Hertz - 50-60
  • Height - 6-1/4"
  • Bolt Height - 2-5/8"
  • Waterlift - 84.3"
  • CFM - 94
  • AirWatts - 274
  • Amps - 8
What to note: ALTERNATIVE AVAILABLE. In place of the 116336 motor, you can use the 119413 Motor instead. If you are only replacing one motor in a two motor system you can have these two different motors working at the same time. The 119413 motor is built with better technology, is more efficient, usually costs less, and fits right in place of the 116336. BUT NOTE: The 119413 has 10% less power.

What motors the 116336 replaces: 116757, 116212, 115477, 115757, 115407, 116758, and 115737 motors.

When to replace: The signs that a 116336 Lamb motor needs to be replaced include: mini breaker popping, electrical smell, excessive blue sparks seen from motor top, you only hear a click, motor shuts down on its own but works later, or its life of 900-1,200 hours has been used up. (If you don't hear a click, then your relay most likely needs to be replaced and your motor may be fine). Five percent of the time, the mini breaker will go bad as well as the motor. If this happens, replace the motor and then evaluate the mini breaker.

How to replace: It is not difficult to replace the 116336 Ametek Motor. There are three to four screw brackets and a couple of wires. All of our customers are amazed at how easy it is. NOTE: There is no core trade-in. Used motors are thrown away or taken to a metal recycling center. Click here to read and print out our step-by-step motor replacement instructions. Note that if the unit bolts into metal brackets, then the ground wire can be snipped. If plastic, then attach the ground wire to the ground from the power cord or anywhere to metal on the unit.

Replacing motor brushes: The lamb 116336 vacuum motor has carbon motor brushes that can be replaced. This should be done before a motor is "on its last legs." Read more about changing the motor brush on the detailed motor brush how-to page. If you are ready to replace your motor brushes, here is a link to the 116336 Motor Brush. You will need to buy two.
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Compatible with many popular brands

This includes: Beam, Nutone and Vacuflo.

Also compatible with:

  • A

    • Air-Flo
    • AirVac
  • B

    • Beam
  • C

    • Central Vac Int.
  • D

    • Dust Care
    • Dynavac
  • F

    • Fasco
    • Filtex
  • I

    • Imperium
  • M

    • Modern Day
  • N

    • Nutone
  • S

    • SilentMaster
    • Star
  • T

    • ThoroMatic
  • V

    • Vacuflo
    • Vacumaid
  • W

    • WalVac

Note: This product may be incompatible with brands not listed. Please call our Customer Care Team at (800) 997-2278 for assistance.

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Latest Top Reviews

5 Stars
Sep 13 2022 4:11AM
Easy Direct replacement swap out. My system sucks again!

5 Stars

Mar 14 2022 1:57PM
I called two central vacuum repair shops(there were only two CV repair shops in my county). After talking to them, they both said it was the motor that went bad. One of them said it would cost $270 just to come and look at my CVS. He would have to order the part so he would charge me another $270 to come and replace the motor with the right part. Instead he suggested I should just replace it with a new unit w/c would cost $1500-$1800. I decided to take a chance and replace the motor myself. I ordered it and was surprised to receive it two days ahead of delivery. I installed it using the instructions from MD, very simple and straightforward. I had no way to attach the green wire so I just left it alone, attached the black wires and installed the CV back on the wall. Kept my fingers crossed and inserted my hose into the outlet and it worked. I?m glad I was able to save my old unit. Thx MD Central for providing the parts for DIY?ers.

5 Stars

Jan 28 2021 5:43AM
My CV has never worked this well.

5 Stars

Nov 24 2020 12:14PM
I bought two of these 116336 Lamb Vacuum Motors to replace the two burned out motors in a Filtex TS-300L. They were not hard to replace, the wires attached were long enough to connect to each relay box easily, but not so long that they needed to be cut. I reused the old rubber "bumpers"(?) on top and bottom of each motor and the fiberglass "gasket" that sat on top of the motor. I did not need the plastic exhaust connectors that I purchased, but luckily they were cheap. I have no electrical wiring experience and the instructions from this site were sufficient to help me replace both motors myself. The vacuum runs great now.

5 Stars
Sep 26 2020 9:46AM
Excellent customer service

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