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116472 Lamb Vacuum Motor

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Our brand new (not rebuilt) lamb 116472 motor, which replaces replaces 116472-13 and 116472-00, is a strong motor for it's size and use in many central vacuum brands and models. 116472 motor is a Lamb Ametek original motor.

  • Fan Stages - 2
  • Bottom Diameter - 5.7"
  • Voltage - 110-120
  • Hertz - 50-60
  • Height - 6.75"
  • Bolt Height - 2"
  • Waterlift - 106.7"
  • CFM - 112
  • AirWatts - 404
  • Amps - 10.7
What to note: Many motors have the number 6472 - it is actually a part number, so be sure your motor has the same measurements as this one. Also, the 119412 is similar except the lamb 116472 Ametek has a limited warranty since it spins faster and therefore has a shorter life, but the upside is it has higher CFM and waterlift specs.

What motors it replaces: 116474, 117073, 117795, and 119260 motors.

When to replace: The signs that a 116472 lamb Ametek motor needs to be replaced include: mini breaker popping, electrical smell, excessive blue sparks seen from motor top, you only hear a click, motor shuts down on its own but works later, or its life of 900-1,200 hours has been used up. (If you don't hear a click, then your relay most likely needs to be replaced and your motor may be fine). Five percent of the time, the mini breaker will go bad as well as the motor. If this happens, replace the motor and then evaluate the mini breaker.

How to replace: It is not difficult to replace the lamb 116472 motor. There are three bolts and a couple of wires. All of our customers are amazed at how easy it is. NOTE: There is no core trade-in. Used motors are thrown away or taken to a metal recycling center. Click here to read and print out our step-by-step motor replacement instructions.

Replacing motor brushes: The 116472 Ametek vacuum motor has carbon motor brushes that can be replaced. This should be done before a motor is "on its last legs." Read more about changing the motor brush on the detailed motor brush how-to page. If you are ready to replace your motor brushes, here is a link to the 116472 motor brush. You will need to buy two.
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Compatible with many popular brands

This includes: Beam, Nutone, Vacuflo, Kenmore and Eureka.

Also compatible with:

  • A

    • ACV
    • Air King
    • AirMaster
    • AirVac
    • AstroVac
  • B

    • Beam
    • Budd
  • C

    • CanaVac
    • CentraClean
    • Cyclo Vac
  • D

    • Dirt Devil
    • DuoVac
    • Dynovac
  • E

    • Eureka
  • F

    • Filtex
    • Flo-Master
    • Frigidaire
  • H

    • Hayden
    • Honeywell
    • Hoover
    • Husky
  • K

    • Kenmore
  • M

    • M & S
  • N

    • Nutone
  • P

    • PowerKing
  • S

    • Singer
    • Smart
    • Star
  • V

    • Vacu-Queen
    • Vacuflo
    • Vacumaid
    • Vent-a-Vac
  • W

    • Westinghouse
  • Z

    • Zenex

Note: This product may be incompatible with brands not listed. Please call our Customer Care Team at (800) 997-2278 for assistance.

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5 Stars
Oct 24 2022 11:49AM
Simple installation, works great!!

5 Stars
May 23 2022 6:40AM
Everything was delivered as advertised and I was pleasntly surprised by the fast delivery time.

5 Stars

May 3 2022 5:24PM
It worked out well. After installing of the new motor, the vacuum work as well as it ever has.

5 Stars

Nov 14 2021 5:59PM
New motor was delivered promptly. Was glad to find a replacement motor for an older system. Easily installed.

5 Stars

Sep 7 2021 5:17AM
Delivery was a day early Motor! Motor was easy to install and my system was bach working in a half hour.

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