Basic Hose for Square Inlets

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High quality crushproof hose fits into older style Nutone inlet valves that are just under 1.5 inches in diameter. The inlet is about a 3.5" square. The hose is lighter weight than the bulky style, is durable, and less damaging on baseboards and furniture legs. The accessory end of the hose is smooth (friction fitting) without a button lock nipple. An upgrade to this hose that can fit these Nutone inlets is the Low Voltage hose which has an on/off button for the suction and a comfortable hose handle that also allows the hose to swivel 360-degrees so it rarely kinks. Use with any wands friction fit wands.
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This includes: andutone.

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    • Nutone

Note: This product may be incompatible with brands not listed. Please call our Customer Care Team at (800) 997-2278 for assistance.

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5 Stars
Feb 1 2019 6:50PM
I ordered this replacement hose on 1/8/19 with shipment expected in February. I was thrilled to receive it on 1/15/19 with the gasket and motor I ordered. It works as expected. Erica was helpful with ordering.

5 Stars
Dec 12 2018 7:14PM
Wish I had purchased this sooner to replace old hose. The increased suction from the new hose was impressive

5 Stars

Aug 16 2018 5:32AM
Simple is bettet!! No switches to break, no longer a heavy handle... what a joy!

5 Stars

Dec 29 2017 10:36AM
So glad to find this replacement hose for my dad's 50 year old system. Suction is so much better, it fits and works perfectly. Site support was awesome. Thank you!!!!!

4 Stars
May 27 2017 1:45PM
I was delighted to be able to get this new hose for the older central vacuum system in my house. The length is excellent and the suction is considerably greater than with the original hose. The lighter weight of the hose is great, but it does kink and twist easily (I noted a suggestion for this in another review). The hose did fall off of the wand once so it may not be quite so tight as the original. I can't say enough for the customer service help that I received--the person was very knowledgeable, patient and, thank goodness, paid great attention to detail. The help was extraordinary. Shipping was extremely prompt. Thank you.

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