HAH Stand Alone Mounting Box HS4000

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Hide-A-Hose is usually installed in the wall, but it can be installed on the surface of the wall, or on the floor, ceiling, or on a counter. Use this box instead of a HS4000 rough-in plate. Pipe or a HAH 90 attaches to it and the HS4000 trim kit fits inside of it. The box with pipe connector is 12 inches long, 6-1/2 inches wide, and 5 inches tall. Central vac pipe fits into the connector. You will need minimum of 24 inches of depth if you lay this down in a cabinet. That is 12 inches for the box and 12 inches for the HAH sweep 90. Connect the 90 to the connector with the smallest piece of pipe possible.

Note* Hide-A-Hose Inc offers a manufacturer warranty for up to 5 years on their products. More information regarding the specifics of their policy is available on the Hide-A-Hose website at the following link: Hide-A-Hose Warranty

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