Center Weighted Cloth Filter 11.5-inches Wide

Small Inverted Cloth Bag

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Replacement inverted cloth filter for 11-1/2" diameter central vacuums features Gor-Tex type material. Flexible sewn-in compression rim snaps filter into place and the weighted center keeps the bag in the proper up position while cleaning and down position when turned off.

Filter is about 12 inches tall and it is highly recommended to use a Mesh Filter to keep the replacement cloth filter from going up into the motor suction hole.

Replaces cloth filter with the number 110330 imprinted on it. Fits Nutone CV30. Also see the 11-1/4" and 14" Inverted Filters. To remove filter, grab a top side and pull to center (or use screw driver to create a gap). Outer rim flexes in and the filter falls down. Sold individually.
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Compatible with many popular brands

This includes: andutone.

Also compatible with:

  • N

    • Nutone

Note: This product may be incompatible with brands not listed. Please call our Customer Care Team at (800) 997-2278 for assistance.

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Latest Top Reviews

5 Stars
Dec 6 2012 7:58AM
Works well and fits like a charm.

5 Stars

Oct 8 2012 9:03AM
The help for measuring the exterior of the Beam was great ...

5 Stars

May 16 2011 6:45AM
We replaced the dual stage bag in our 15yo Beam unit (way overdue) and it works perfect. We have our old suction performance back! Installation was trivial, it arrived while I was out of town and my wife replaced it. :^)

4 Stars
Jun 16 2008 9:05AM
The ring did not fit the Beam Vaccuum cylinder perfectly. Had to remove the ring from the old bag and remove the ring from the new bag and sew the old ring into the new bag. Works fine now.

4 Stars

Apr 2 2007 5:00AM
It would be good to have some instructions included on how to install this. It turned out that I could "fold" the steel band in such a way that it was pretty easy, but it took 10 minutes of expermenting to figure that out. The bag is a perfect fit, though.

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