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PetVac Shed Eliminator Suction Kit

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Combine central vacuum suction and professional tools to groom your pet with NO MESS. It is specially made to fit 99% of central vacuum systems via a uniquely designed hose and airflow bleeder valve. Connect the hose to your longer central vacuum hose and cleanly groom your pets! It works great even on the hairiest of our favorite animal friends, such as Retrievers, Shepherds, Collies, Huskies, and Shih Tzus, and others.

Shed Eliminator
The Shed Eliminator is a hybrid between a professional pet de-shedding comb and a vacuum accessory. Normally, pet hair is safely removed using a comb like this but where does it all go? On you, the floor, and into the air. The vacuum design of the Shed Eliminator means you don't have to worry about spreading pet hair around. It is all vacuumed up.

The Small Pet and Lint Brush
Sometimes, you may not need the functionality of a de-shedding comb. The Small Pet Brush is safe to use just about anywhere, including your pets' soft underbelly. With the Lint Brush, featuring two lint removing edges on the underside, accompanied by a wide air channel, you'll completely remove pet hair from any upholstered surface.

The Hose
The 15 foot PetVac Hose is designed to be used with your standard central vacuum hose. It features an airflow bleeder valve that makes combing and vacuuming easier by relieving some of the pressure. Plug this hose into your central vacuum hose and open the bleed valve. Most animals won't even know a vacuum is running, because most of the sound is at the bleeder valve. The hose will not fit some odd shaped Electrolux, Beam, or Hoover central vacuum hoses, so purchase a Basic Hose to use the kit.

Safe and Compatible
The Shed Eliminator blade may look sharp, but its shape and functionality are very safe and are the standard among professional de-shedding combs. Shed Eliminator comes with a medium sized comb blade (small and large replacement blades sold separately). It fits hoses with a round connection just over one inch diameter.

For EXTRA COMBING BLADES type in Grooming Tool Blade in the search bar at the top of the webpage.

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Latest Top Reviews

5 Stars

May 1 2020 5:52AM
does a nice job on removing excess hair from our Golden Retrievers. Go Slow! like most dogs, they don't like vacuums. :-)

5 Stars

Feb 6 2020 5:30AM
Works great! My lab does not mind getting brushed as long as he doesn?t hear the sound of the vac, so this works for both of us.

4 Stars

Aug 7 2019 5:56AM
I would have given a 5 star but it doesn't fit the shark but using a small length of PVC pipe as an adapter worked well. Make sure suction is low or it grabs the dogs skin and creates panic, use cautiously and they eventually with patients allow grooming, huge decrease in hair everywhere (Have two Siberian Huskies) Tip: just use the rubber massage attachment until they settle for a few weeks as the brush can be a bit aggressive to begin with because of the added suction. If you have patience highly recommend this tool.

5 Stars
Jul 16 2019 7:38AM
Am very happy with the quality of the product. The tubing is sturdy, durable, soft and pliable. The length is satisfactory. The brushes are sturdy and very high quality as well. I am using it to vacuum my kitties too. They love the shedding tool., however the suction when using that tool is quite strong so I do lessen the air flow when using it. I also use both brushes without the vacuum. The silicone round brush is great for getting of any mess from fabrics around the house. Shipping was fast.

5 Stars
Jun 18 2019 5:18AM
Great product. Has helped a lot with the maintenance of my yellow labs shedding

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