Pre-inlet Valve Separator (replaces 115PS & PF)

Pre-inlet Valve Separator (replaces 115PS & PF)

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Connect this separator between your hose and inlet to separate debris and liquid before it enters the piping system. Plug your hose into the front of the can and simply connect the 3-foot hose (included) to your inlet valve. Includes a float to prevent overfilling and tipping concerns. This separator does not contain a motor. It is compatible with all central vacuums.

Consider using a Stretch Hose instead the regular hose if the job is dirty. To clean either hose, suction up a gallon or so of water. To dry the inside of the hose plug it directly into the wall inlet and let air run through it for 15 minutes or so.

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5 Stars
Oct 24 2013 1:31AM
Well built. Makes your whole house vacuum system more versatile.

5 Stars

Oct 30 2006 5:18PM
Good product - makes a wet vac out of your central vac. Make sure you empty it frequently though, the "float" that shuts it off when it's full of liquid sometimes sticks with dirt/sand and you end up pulling liquid all the way to your vacuum unit... Other than those "extreme" water situations, it separates air/water perfectly and was a great purchase for the garage.

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