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10 amp Mini Breaker Q&A

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Clean Master A10 Central Vacuum Parts

I am searching for replacement parts for a Clean Master Model A10. The unit was installed in 1963. The motor seems fine but the switch control won't kick the motor on. Can you give me any advice on were I may be able to locate parts for this unit. Or can you purchase just a differant unit without all of the hook-ups. I don't want to have to replace all the ducts already available. Thank you for your time. Lu Ringler, Johnstown, PA


Wow, you have an ancient one! Another issue to discuss first was the trigger at the valve. Was it a push on to turn on and push again to turn off? Or was it always engaged and on until the hose was removed? The first, latching relay, type is obsolete so you have to install new wall plates. If not then lets focus on the unit. Use this guide to see what is wrong with it Let me know if you have more questions. We have some parts to help get it fixed such as a motor and circuit board. You can always replace the entire unit hooking it back up to the original pipe and wire. We recommend the FloMaster M85 available through dealers or direct when a dealer is not servicing.

Minibreaker for Motor 115334?

Robert, Marlboro Which mininbeaker is compatable with Budd system...Motor 115334, relay #242, Transformer #230. Tks.

Mini-Breaker for Filtex?

RE: Filtex TS 300 canister vac. Need to replace an MP-1600 mini-breaker. I think its 10 Amps. Cost / shipping = ?? Thanks, Mike Prospect Hts, IL

Hello Mike, typically this new breaker replaces all the 10 amp individual ones in central vacs. Take a look here at what we mean

For Vacuflo

I have a VacuFlo model 17 which mini breaker should I purchase?

If you have stand alone mini breakers then you want one that is above the amps given on the unit's specification plate. If the breaker is on a circuit board then you have to replace the entire board.