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Motor Brush (115330, 115334, 115937, 115950, 115962, 116119) Q&A

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Uneven Wear?

hi... i am ordering 2 new brushes for my 116119 Lamb Motor, in a Beam 294 power unit. Motor needs a whack to start. i took motor out and inspected brushes, and found 1 brush worn down to only 1/16" left, and the other has 5/16" left. never seen that much difference. the bearings in the motor seem fine, there is no play. do you think this uneven wear in indicative of another problem? thank you for this wonderful website. we bought our new house with central vac a year ago, and i have no experience with them. your website information on motor replacement and repair was exactly what i needed.


Typically, when your motor needs a whack to start, it indicates a new motor is needed as the current motor is on its way out. Uneven wear is common and what matters is the condition of the armature where the brushes touch. If worn the new brushes will go bad soon. If there is play in the bearing they will go bad sooner.

116119 Motor Brushes

I have located the motor #on my Sears Kenmore central vacuum purchased in Canada.The # is 116119.00 apparently mfd by LAMB Do you have brushes for this model? and what would the total cost be to purchase and ship to Ontario Ca. Thank you Gordon Sedgewick

Yes, we do have 116119 Lamb Ametek motor brushes available. Please add them to your cart, and it will calculate the total cost to Canada including: shipping, brokerage fees, and HST.

Kenmore 116.4053280 Brush?

I have a Kenmore 116.4053280. The brushes need to be replaced, but I don't know how to remove them. Also, do you carry the brushes for this model?

Here are the instructions . We recommend replacing the motor after it has used the 900 or so hours it is rated for regardless of new brushes.,210

Brush for 116103?

I have a lamb 116103-00, the brushes are 2 seperate one's in brass housing,leads are twisted around each other and spot welded at top,have not seen brushes like that before,it appears that there was fatigue in and broke causing the motor to stop..what are the correct brushes to replace them...thanks....Don Brown,Salina Kansas

Hi, our cross reference shows this brush as the replacement. It always comes in the case

Lamb motor brush 115440

We have a Lamb 115440, what is the part # for the brushes in the motor. Jeanie Clearwater, Florida

Jeanie sorry but we do not carry the brushes for Lamb 115440 motor. You may want to consider replacing the motor by going to our website and look up the model of your central vacuum by brand

Kenmore Motor 569184 and Brush 568980

Do you have replacement brushes for a Sears Model# 11640523 or Motor Part# 569184 or Sears Brushes Part# 568980? Thank you, Eddie Moss Point, MS

Yes, we have the exact replacement motor and the replacement carbon brush assemblies here,210.

Fit Dust Care Central Vacuum?

Hi, I have a Dust Care Central Vac System purchased in 1986. It is model # BE2. The motor brushes are worn down, and I wondered if the motor brush (Part 210) will work for this motor? Thanks from Greg in Awendaw.

The correct motor brush for your system should look like this A quick comparison to your current brush will confirm.

Fit Nutone 353 Motor?

Will this brush fit a NuTone model 353? They look identical, Frank Lombardo

The motor brush Motor Brush (5330, 5334, 5937, 5950, 5962, 6119) may fit your vacuum if the motor you have looks like one of these in the list. They all start with a 11 and can be found here for comparison:

In Australia

do you have an outlet in australia for these brushes and lamb products

Please try

Motor Brushes Wearing Out Fast

i recently replaced motor brushes (part # 210) and after less than a week the are copletely worn out again. tried a new set again and same thing is happening; lots of sparks and smell and brushes again are almost gone. have the feeling that springs in the 4 new brushes i bought from you last month, are pressing carbon too hard onto the rotating surface. am i using the wrong brushes for motor 116119? i bought the same part number brushes more than a year ago and they lasted me a full year. what has changed?? please advise how to solve the problem. thanks jim van ess

You have the correct motor brushes. You can replace them once towards the motor's last leg and get a year or so more. Motors only last 800 hours or so and then they are no good. The communtator will eat up the brushes, the bearing isn't solid and the play rips into the brushes as well. Please replace the motor and after 500 hours check the brushes.