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115330 Lamb Vacuum Motor Q&A

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Motor Replacement

I need to replace Lamb motor #115330. I see no bolts or scews. How dose it come out? Do I need to order anything else for the instalation?

The motor will be held in place by hooks or springs. Once they are released, the motor will come out. All you will need for the repair will be a couple of wire crimps and a motor gasket if needed.

Filtex TC600L Motor

Dear Sir, I need to replace one of the two motors on my Filtex Power Cleaning System, Model Number TC-600L Serial Number 11-6558. Thank You, George Brain.

Hello, you can buy the motor from us here The 115330 is the correct motor if your unit is 110 volts (usually a large cord end on these two large motor systems).

What are Fan Stages?

hi what is the difference between a 1 2 and 3 stage motor? phil loveland co.

The number of disks of fan blads. A single disk of blades is one stage. The more stages the harder the suction but the less air moves through the motor.

For Central Vac Int?

hi- we have a central vac international with model # for motor 115330, we were told motor 117508 was the motor that we needed, It seems different is this motor compatible. The motor we have is a 1990 motor.

The top of these motors is different. Please compare with your current motor to determine which one you have. Thanks.

Return Policy

Hi, I was wondering if I make a vacuum motor purches and for some reason I am not happy or is not the right product,what is your return policy for that product and also the shipping cost? Ali,moorpark

You have 30 days to return the motor for a full product refund (not including the shipping which starts at $8.99 for ground and is more for overnight or 3-day). Thanks for asking!

Filtex TC600 Motor Replacement

On replacing a motor on the tc-600; If you remove the top plate and the body around the motor, is it bolted to the bottom where the tube is from the vacuum container ? I'm trying to remove the motor and it feels like it is still attached to the bottom plate. Any help ? Thx.

There are bolts holding the shell that contains the motor, but there are not bolts actually holding the motor in place. There are gaskets that trap it in and that you must use on the new motor. Pretty simple when it comes to central vacuum motor replacement!

Available? Price?

I have a 12 year old motor model 115330. Please advise if available and price and also where available. Thanks

Yes, this motor is in stock and ready to ship today! Click here for price and to order

Pullman 102

I recently purchased a home that has pullman model B1V-102 central vac. I am not sure if I need to replace the filter or bag (if it has one) can I purchase. I also need to replace a hose is there a specific one for this unit. Is there a site I can download some maintance information on it.

You have all your options for hoses and accessories since your in-home vacuum ports are industry standard. We highly recommend an electric kit with a corded hose if you have any carpet. About the unit, it has a center weighted cloth filter, that can be cleaned by shaking it after you put a trash bag up over the unit. We have replacements that are 14" diameter. To remove, grap the top side and pull in. It flexes and drops out. That is basically all the maintenance!

Throws Breaker

i have a filtex unit with a tc-600l motor 110-120 volt one of the motors keeps throughing the breaker switch after being on for about 15 sec. , do i need to replace it?

Yes, the age of the unit and that symptom equate to needing a new motor. We suggest replacing both because the second is usually not far from doing the same.

Sears Shop Vac Model 758.17960

I have a 20 year old 32 gallon roll-around wet/dry Sears Shop Vac Model 758.17960 with a series vacuum motor part number 25996 that died. It was invaluable for picking up oak leaves, etc. It was a 12 amp, 120 volt, 6.0+ amp series motor with brushes. Sears no longer stocks it. Is there any hope for finding a vacuum motor to replace the old one? Thanks Jack.

Using the descriptions of the motors on our site you very well may find what you need. We have helped many vacuum customers who have Sears.

Filtex TC600L Motor?

we have a filtex tc600l 110-120v 21.5amp serial 117644 in Oakley Ca. is this the right replacement motor? thanks eric

CV 150 L11

I have 30-yr. old central vac system w/ a motor # of CV 150 L11. It is a 115 volt (13 watt) motor, and I'm not sure if there is still a replacement available. A rebuilt motor would be fine. Thanks very much! Bob Hagge

Please have the motor in front of you along with a tape measure and then give us a call. We'd be glad to find the right motor for you.

Filtex TC600L Motors

I have a Filtex motor with model TC-600L,110-120 VOLT and 21.5 AMP. Do you have any replacement for this motor ? AB Moorpark, CA

Our cross reference shows that this motor is indeed the one you need. Do you think otherwise? Please let us know. Here is the link from the Filtex page for TC600L motors,722L,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Filtex+TC-600L

Pullman BIV-99 Motor?

I'm looking at the motor 115330 as a replacement motor for my biv-99 but mine sits on the top and has two snap clamps to hold it in place.Would this be the correct replacement? Thank You

Yes, the clamps on the vacuum are made to fit the motor you have which should be the 115330 motor. This is the same motor.



Would you please send us an email with a photo of this motor. We also are interested in finding out exactly what it is. Thanks!

BIV-102 Motor

Will this motor fit in a Pullman Vacuum Cleaner Model BIV-102? It is a ball bearing motor, no oiling required. It is 115 volts, 0.60 cycles, 13 Amps, and 2HP Electriical Input?

This the correct motor and is the same as the specifications you give as well as ball bearing and no oiling required.

115962 Replacement?

Is this compatible to the 115962 model? which motot would best replace this one?

Yes, the Lamb Ametek 115330 is the replacement. It is also a bit more powerful too!

Lamb Ametek 116137 Replacement?

I have a LAMB 116137 motor. I cannot find this model listed. Can you give me replacement model?

The Lamb Ametek 11-6137 is a 3-stage motor, so this one is not the replacement since it is 2-stage. Very close though! We don't have a replacement as of this time for the motor, sorry.