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115334 Lamb Vacuum Motor Q&A

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115334-W Motor Replacement

I have a Sears Central Vac with LAMB motor part # 115334-W. Is this the same part with or without -W? George Heston

Yes, this is exactly the motor you will need.

Affixing Exhaust to Extension

To allow easier removal when required,I slip the exhaust pipe into the motor port and secure by wrapping tape around it. Worked fine for years, but now I cannot find tape adquate for the heat generated by the motor. Rubber plumbing couplings secured by hose clamps would work but do not seem to be available in the right size. Is there a better method or item available? George Greenville,SC

Understanding what you are after here, it is okay not to glue or tape this connection at all. If anything, we have seen a short screw put into the plastic fitting and through the metal horn to hold it all in place.

AirStream Motor

Hello..I have an older 1980's( Airstream )Prestige Edition central vacuum,model #FASF334B serial#08937173,the motor is making a lot of noise and smells like burnt wiring,do you have this in stock and at what cost?? Thanks..Fred M.

AirStream was bought by Hayden in the 1980's and sold under that name. I think you have the second model on this page Taking a look at your motor you can make the match and get the correct one.

AirStream Motor?

Hi I have an "Airstream" central vacuum, model ASD119-135, Amps:12. Trying to find a replacement motor. No one seems to recognize the mode. The vacum is about 20 years old. Paul from Barrire, Ontario, Can.

Airstream was bought by Hayden years ago. Go go the Hayden page and see if the motors there look like yours. That will be the one you need.

AstroVac P110 Motor

I have an Astro vac Model # P110 and it is not in your list what motor can I replace it with?

Hello, you have one of only a few AstroVac P-110 Vacuums. The way to find your replacement motor is simply by comparing measurements and look of the motors you see on the website. You can call us with your motor in front of you and we would be glad to walk you through it.

Bad Relay?

I have the Zenex 275, motor doesn't go on, I pushed the reset button and still nothing, it is pluged into a live outlet. no clicking sound just dead. Not sure how to check relay thanks, Harvey, Rockville centre NY

Certainly sounds like the relay is bad. Have your electrician replace all the components with a simple circuit board here. It is quite easy to retrofit and the instructions are simply the large photograph of the board found here,

Beam Central Vac Motor for Model 294

Hello, I have Beam Cent. Vac. model No. 294. It worked for very long years and now I think needs a new motor. It works and then stops and after some hours it may again work. I am told that it needs a new motor. If I open the top cover of the vacuum, the motor is loaded with 3 springs, the motor No. on it is LAMB 116119-00, 115 VAC, 50/60 HZ. Is the motor available and what is the price. Is it available in Canada. I will appreciate your early response on my e mail ASAP as I really want the vac. to run. Thanks very much. Syed, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

We have the 116119 motor for Beam Central Vacuum model 294. Here is the motor,220,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Beam+294

Beam Model 100 Motor?

Hi, I've got an old Beam built-in model 100, 12A, 115V. The motor is starting to go, and am thinking about replacing it, or buying a new unit altogether. Looks like the price of a motor will be about half, or less, so that sounds good. However, I do not see my model or your list. What is the appropriate motor to use? mk

The 12 amp model 100 has the correct specs for using the 115334 motor. Please use a visual comparison to make sure. Thanks.

Beam Model 254 Motor

I need a motor for an old Model # 254 Beam.

Not exactly sure of the motor but others near that model took this timeless motor,220,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Beam. Check the dimensions of your motor against the motors listed for the correct replacement.

Bearing is Grinding?

My Mother-in-law's AstroVac MK-X is making noise like the bearings on the motor are going out. I took it apart to clean it and the entire housing above the white cone was full of dog hair and dust. I have cleaned it out but noticed a loose metal ring between the metal screen and the top of the can beneath the motor. Where should that be placed? I am going to put it back together and run the motor to see if it sounds better, but will probably end up replacing the motor. Any suggestions?

Don't know about the ring but your guess is correct about the motor. After their 800 hours, or so, of use they are finished and need replacing - which is not hard to do. The sound you hear is the bearing going out. Also, you'll need to keep the screen cleaned on a regular basis though so you get good suction and the motor gets enough air.

Blue Sparks, Slap to Work

Hello i have a sears central vac system its 22 years old my motor is showing blue sparks and you have to bang it to go on do i need a new motor or just new brushes

We highly suggest a new motor. Brushes are for the half life of the motor. By now your bearings are compromised. You can get access into the middle of the motor by taking the one screw off and remove the shroud. Push on the motor's middle shaft. If it is not solid then replace the motor. If the brushes have scared the armature then replace the motor. Hope that helps. Let us know if you have more questions.

Broan V17 Motor

I have a Broan model V17 serial # 16536. Which motor fits my unit? Is it 115334 Lamb central vac. motor? Roger

Most likely yes. If it looks anything like it, it is the one.

Budd Model 0704 Motor?

I have Budd central vacuum system. The motor is making very loud noise and burning smell came out of the motor. It looks like the motor is dead. There is a label on the motor saying "BUDD CENTRAL CLEANING SYSTEM, Model Number:0704, Serial Number:249381, Volts:120, CY:60, AMPS:12.3". The motor looks very much like "115334 Lamb Central Vacuum Motor" in your catalog. But I am not 100% sure, since there is no motor model # on the motor. Thanks.

The 12.3 amps gives it away. Motors only until recently had their motor number on them. Here is the list of motors in Budd

Change Blower to Vacuum

I use the 115334 in my manufacturing plant as a blower. Is there something that can be done to wire the motor as a vacuum? This motor has only one port unlike the 116472-29 that we also use that has two ports. Thanks for your help. Jim

This motor can be used as a vacuum if installed in a different application. As you can see the suction takes place on the wide flat side of the motor. In a central vacuum this side is in a sealed chamber with a filter and a port for connecting a hose.

Cleaning The Motor Screen Behind The Filter

how best to clean the screen on a regular basis ? must motor be removed aech time? Keith St.Cath ON

The best way is to just use a small brush, such as an old toothbrush, and clear off whenever the vacuum is emptied and the filter cleaned.

Click but No Suction


Since you hear a click you know that power is making it to the motor but the motor is not alive. Replacing the motor(s) is quite easy to do and you can look on our Filtex page to find the right one.

Clicking, Replace Motor?

Hi I have an old (don't know how old) Vacuflo 26 in a house new to me. Worked then stopped with relay clicking. Have taken in for repair twice but nothing could be found and it worked for a while after reinstall. 3rd time I took apart myself and I see some wear on the rotor/armature. It is working again but the stator part of the motor (donut or ring which armature spins inside of) does not seem to be secure under the top cover of the motor. Even with removing the 2 bolts on the cover, I can not remove the cover because the armature is connected to it. Is this normal for the stator to have movement? Motor is working but I can see it moving and hitting the armature sometimes. Should I just buy a new motor or even a new system? Don't know anything about central vac -seems low end. Chris VT

Yes, replace the motor with,220,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Vacuflo+26. It is a good motor, one of the industries all time best. If you want to change the unit out we suggest a replacement bag type like the ModernDay or SilentMaster. We make these units and they are really strong models, assembled in the USA, and are completely metal (most all new ones today are plastic). We sell through dealers or a phone call to us for sales help. We have models as low as mid-$500s.

Decibel Rating

what are decibels on this motor

That rating depends on what machine it is running inside of. They are very loud.

Decreased Sealed Suction

I have a Vacu-Maid P-325 unit that is 13 years old and only has 800 hours of use. The "H20 Lift" is 60/100. Four years ago the H20 Lift was 75/100. Do you think I can just have the motor brushes replaced, or do I need new motors? I have had the unit serviced every 3-4 years. What is the normal life expectancy on this model? Thanks very much for your help. I appreciate it. Robert Newtown, PA

Waterlift is effected easily by the smallest air leak in any seam, seal, or faceplate on the wall. It may look like the motor looses suction power but that is not always the case as a system ages. The motor will be good for around 900 hours then the bearing and/or armature will go out. We suggest using it until that time. If the brushes are at 3/16" then you can replace them to help the motor last longer. But it will not help the loss of suction.

Delayed Starting

I have an Vacuflow model 26, I can use it for anywhere from 2 minutes to 15 minutes but if I turn it off it will not restart for at least 3 hours. Was told I needed a new motor. My husband says it might have something to do with a heat sensing fuse??

That is an older Vacuflo, so chances are you need a new motor. 5% of the time the heat sensing minibreaker does go bad but we have seen that the motor replacement is what this machine needs.


Hi there- We have an Omar vacuum that is seven years old that suddenly started shooting sparks, an electrical "light show, from the motor. Looks to be toast. Is it a simple motor replacement and is that something that a handyman husband can handle or can it possibly be something else wrong? We have been told there is a 5 year warranty (of course) on the motor.

Yes, you will be surprised to find that it takes less than an hour to replace the motor and it does sound like that is all you need.

Dynavac 7000PP?

I have a Mastercraft Industries Daynavac 7000PP central vacuum. What motor I should get? Is it equivalent to the Dynavac 7000?

We think it does fit. It is a very widely used motor. Please do a simple visual comparison with your motor so see if it is a match.

Electrolux Model 4580 Motor Will Not Turn On

I have an Electrolux Central Vacuum model 4580 that is about 7 years old and the reset button will not reset. It has always been kept clean. The motor started and then suddenly quit after about 2 seconds and now will not restart. There is power going to the breaker but not to the motor. What do we need to do to fix this problem? Thanks in advance. Larry in San Jose

Do you hear a click when you try to start the vacuum? If so you need a new motor (easy to replace). If not then you may need a new circuit board (also easy). Check our troubleshooting flow chart to narrow down the problem at

Extractor Motor Compatible?

I have a very old 1980 Carpet extractor (Wet VAc) that carries a solution tank and a recovery tank. Anyway My Vacuum motor burnt out, it seems to have the same measurements as the Model #201 110v and the amp, lift,looks like it could work. My only concern is will any moisture affect the motor ? Matthew Sale Fla.

We strongly discourage using our motors with any application that involves moisture. All of these motors are designed for everyday use in the home, not as a wet/dry vacuum. The internal components are not protected from the moisture and it will damage the motor. You should contact the manufacturer for a proper replacement.

Full Speed Then Slows Down

The problem I'm having is it runs for about ten seconds at normal speed then slows down. I've checked for and removed any obstructins but it still does it. Is this a sign the motor is going and needs to be replaced or is there something else I should check?

This is typical of the vacuum motor coming to the end of its life. Replace it with the one listed in the brand specific page. It is not difficult to replace.

Fuse or Motor?

I have a Vacu-Maid Model P-125. The vacuum was working fine one day, but the next use the machine would not even turn on. There is a fuse on the side of the vacuum (15Amp 32Volt. W28-XQ1A-15) This fuse seems to be stuck in 1 position, will not switch up or down. Could a replacement fuse be the answer? How can I decide whether its a fuse or a motor?

If the fuse can't be pushed in then it is fine. When you try to start the unit from indoors, do you hear a click at the unit? If you do then the motor is fried and needs to be replaced. It is not difficult to replace the motor.

Hoover S5671 Motor Upgrade

I have a Hoover S5671; h2o lift 106, cfm 112, airwatts 404. I purchased it from a home that never had it connected so it is practically new. It works fine but I would like to have a little more suction. Is it possible to change the motor to a higher output and if so which one would you suggest? Thanks, Maurice, Stoneville NC

For this system, that is the highest power motor that is recommended for dimensions and power limits of the unit.

Horsepower Rating?

how many horse power is the 115334 motor

We strongly suggest judging a vacuum motor by it suction and air movement over horsepower. The horsepower for this motor is just under 2.

How to Disassemble

how is the motor disassembled to replace the lower bearing

We don't do this ourselves so we don't give that information, sorry. The timing of the motor gets all messed up when disassembling. Plus, if the motor has used up its 800 or so hours, then it is made to be replaced. A lot more than the bearing is worn out. With the time and effort involved in rebuilding a motor, it's worth it to just replace.

Install Stronger Motor?

I just purchased a 2700 sz ft home. I took my vacuflo central vacuum system with me. The power unit is a model 26.I purchased the unit brand new in the early 80's. My question is can I put a model 117507 motor in it. The power unit is barely cutting it in the new house as far as suction . I figure the motor is old and probably should be replaced.Is there another motor that is even better. Thanks

That is not recommended. Though the amps are about equal the 7507 is 2.5 inches taller and the the bolt connection is one inch higher. You should consider a new vacuum, the amount of time and modification will not be worth the effort it would require.

Kenmore 116.40260 11-5441 Motor Replacement?

I have Kenmore 116.40260 which uses the 115441 Metek motor, is this the correct replacement? Our vac is making grinding noises, I opened up the motor housing (after unplugging unit) and found small ball bearings in the housing - I am guessing it is toast. Just want to make sure this is the correct unit. Any other parts I should install while motor is out besides gasket? Thanks

Yes, this is the correct replacement motor and you should have no trouble installing it into the Kenmore. Many others have been very pleased with the process. Motor is in stock and ready to ship and no other parts required!

Kenmore 116.4053280 Motor

I have a kenmore model 116.4053280. Is this the correct motor? Thanks

This could very well be the motor. If it looks like it and is the same height (6 ) than it is.

Kenmore 11640540 Motor

i have the model 11640540 central vac from kenmore looks like the 115334 120v 60hz 11amp does that sound right?

Yes, that was a very common motor and if it basically compares than it is the one.

Kenmore Model 116.40531 Motor With No Power

I have a Kenmore central air vac, on wall bracket shows model #116.40531m in motor shows 700333, part #115440. Problem began with no suction. I cleaned the filter, still no suction. Breaker not tripped, mini breaker reset button not clicking or doing anything and a hum coming from the relay box but nothing else happening. Manual turn-on button on relay box clicks when pushing it but still nothing. Is the motor shot? Thanks, Maya

Yes, the motor is dead, thanks for the detailed notes you wrote. The 115334 motor is the correct replacement. Enjoy!

Kenmore Motor 11640523

Need to replace motor for Kenmore Built-In Vacuum Cleaning System Model #11640523. Will the 115334 work?

Yes, we show this is the exact motor replacement. If you have any concerns or if it is not the right motor we will pay for the return.

Kenmore Motor 569184 and Brush 568980

Do you have replacement brushes for a Sears Model# 11640523 or Motor Part# 569184 or Sears Brushes Part# 568980? Thank you, Eddie Moss Point, MS

Yes, we have the exact replacement motor and the replacement carbon brush assemblies here,210.

Kenmore Part 569184 Motor Replacement

Does this motor replace part# 569184 (732090) for Kenmore inhouse vacuum model 1164053280 ? My motor numbers look like 715334, elsewhere on motor I can make out the number 334W. Thank you, Bob Ford

Yes, the 115334 motor here is the exact replacement. Thank you for asking.

Kenmore Sears Motor 700333?

I have a Kenmore vac system 116.40522. The motor is shot and Sears does not show the model #. It's an older model. Is their a replacement motor available? Motor Part# 700333

Using our Kenmore motors section, we have customers use the photos and a measurement or two to find the exact replacement. It is quite easy to do because the motors on this page are all different and only one will match yours. Let us know if you have more questions.

Kenmore Unit Bearing vs Motor

I have a Kenmore system with an Ametek #115440 motor. I need new bearing for the motor. Are they available? Thanks, David Coyne

Bearing may be findable for central vacuum motors but they were designed to be replaced completely after their 800, or so, hours are used up. Rebuilding may get you more hours of use but is not worth the hassle compared to installing a new motor. In our experience, you'll be working on the motor agian in just a few months.

Larger Motor Replacement?

A couple questions 1) I have a Zenex 275 Central Vacuum unit. The motor appears shot. Is it possible to replace the existing motor with a 3 stage motor versus a 2 stage or will the 3 stage not work/fit? 2) Any feedback on the replacing the Zenex with a Nutone VX550? Mark Marlborough

It is not possible to replace it with a taller more powerful motor, sorry. The VX550 is just about as powerful but is not getting good reviews with its motor, filtration, and all plastic design. We suggest ModernDay K or SilentMaster S44.

Low Hum, Click - Starts Sometimes

motor runs fine then next day motor does not work ,hear the click and nothing works ,next day motor works. this has been happening 3 or 4 time. I Hear a low hum noise from the motor.thanks tom doylestown pa

The low hum is completely normal. It is the transformers rivets vibrating. However, the motor is going bad. Depending on some variables the electricity can or cannot make it through the motor brushes on to the armature. So you get some failure. This is normal for a motor as it fails. We suggest replacing the motor. It is not difficult.

M&S VM-110 Motor?

M&S Model VM110. I believe the bearings are going. Funny noise and lots of blue sparks. Is this serviceable or replaceable. Thanks. Terry Cook

AirVac and M&S merged at one point so you will see the 110 model under both names. The 115334 motor is still the correct replacement motor. Your motor is shot and should be replaced. The only service for it is replacing the motor brushes but that is done at about the 500 hour mark and you are probably near 1,000. Replacing the motor is quite easy and worth every penny.

Minibreaker Popping

I have a Vacumaid 125. It stops after about 3 minutes & unit breaker pops. Unit restarts after resetting breaker & waiting about 5 minutes. Unit is 6 years old & was used very little. How can I tell if it is the motor or the circuit board? Are motor #115334 (part #201) & circuit board (part #235S)the correct items for this unit? Yes, screen is clean. Thanks for your time & help.

According to the 115334 can be the right motor and often is. The 235S circuit board can be used but your unit probably has a stand alone relay and transformer. The symptoms you are describing are typically that of a dying motor and rarely that of a dying minibreaker (from overheating). You can bypass the minibreaker and see what happens.

More Powerful Motor?

Our Model 26 works, the brushes, etc., don't appear to be worn, but after 20 some years we've become unhappy with the suction power. Is it possible to put a more powerful motor in this VacuFlo 26? It sure couldn't be any longer as the cover mounts tight against the motor to hold it in place (as you know) Thanks, Dan

There is not a different motor after all these years. The original replacement motor is still an industry favorite. Replacing it and cleaning the screen below it should give you the power you have lost over the years. Also, a newer hose will deliver a lot more power. Older ones get tiny holes that equate to loss of suction and their airflow characteristics are poor. But if you want to replace the unit you can. There is no end to the possibilities. The latest units have incredible suction and run at 15 amps. The best of these is the SilentMaster S44 which you can see here, Please call us for more information.

More Powerful Motor?

I have a Vacumaid p125 that needs a new motor. What is the most powerful motor I can replace this with?

Replacing the original motor surprises a lot of customers with its power. Your vacuum is made for one motor, there is not a more powerful one that would fit in or work with it's electronics.

More Powerful Than Original?

Does this replacement motor provide more power/suction than the original motor? That's what I need, is more suction power.

It will feel more powerful because it is brand new. It is a very good and popular motor in many central vacuums. Be sure you have your filtration cleaned well or replaced and see if you have a screen just below the motor that is clogged.

Motor Brush needed

I have a nutone modle 350 1970s vintage, does this modle have replacement brushes for the motor, Dick from Manchester ct

We have brushes for the 115334 motor, but that motor should be replaced. Motors can use brushes at their half life but after decades and 900 hours of use or so, brushes will not help you.

Motor Brushes

I have a Fasco Model 851 and I would like to replace the brushes. Do you have them available?

We have motor brushes for the 115334 motor here. If the motor has used its 800 or so hours then you should replace the 115334 motor itself.

Motor Price and In Stock?

I have a Kenmore central vac model # S107 34226. The motor is 12 Amps. Do you have this in stock? And if so how much is it?

Yes this motor is in stock, see here for pricing and ordering

Motor Will Not Start

My canister was overfull and the motor cut out. I emptied it and cleaned the screen but still have no power. Is there a "reset" button on this?

On central vacuums there is a minibreaker that pops when the motor overheats (usually meaning it is on its last stage of life, but in your case may have starved for air - not good). Find and press in your minibreaker on the canister. If it still doesn't work, when you turn it on listen for a click. If you hear a click then your motor is dead. If you don't hear a click your canister is not getting 110 volts or your relay is bad.

Motor Wiring Diagram

I just purchased a "LAMB115334 2 stage 7.2 motor from you. Do you have a wiring diagram for the istallation. I am assuming that the green wire attached to the "original" blue wire but I am not sure. Thanks, David

The wiring is on one hand very simple and on the other varies with colors on different models. The green on the new motor is the ground. The white and black hook up to where the other two wires where. If the last motor had two black wires you can use the white and black on the new motor in any configuration. The motors are non polorized so you really can't mess it up!

Motor Works when Tapped

i have a fasco, says 851 no other numbers and it will only run when you tap the motor, all motor says 354 on top, what motor do i need, once it gets going it runs, is it the motor, thanx art

That is a sign you need new motor(s). Take a look at our Fasco Vacuum Motor chart. There are two models with 851 in it and is seems you'd have the first one listed. That is the large motor one compared to the TWO smaller motored unit.

Nader Flex Division, Nader Manufacturing Central Vacuum

I have a Flex Division, Nader Manufacturing Central Vacuum and need a replacement motor.

Flex Central Vacuums by Nader used many of these 115334 motors. You may see that number on the motor itself or if the motor looks like yours and has the same measurements be assured it is the same one.

Need a Gasket?

I am about to order a Lamb 115334 motor for my old 70's Nutone model 350. I took the old motor out and there was no existing gasket. Should I buy and install a gasket anyways?

If there was no gasket you don't need one. If there was an older thicker gasket use it. If there was a thin gasket you can replace it with the one we sell.

Noise Change and Smell

I have a Galaxie GA 100 which is about 15 years old, motor was replaced by previous owner about 6 years ago. I has started to make a distinctly different noise when on (louder, higher pitch) with a strange smell, perhaps like something burning. It still still works however and nothing seems clogged. Does it need a new motor or could it be something else? thanks

That is the motor going bad. Use the machine until it quits and then you can change the motor out. It is not difficult to do. Thanks for asking.

Nutone 350C Motor Options

I have a Nutone 350C (old model from the 70's). The bearings have gone and I need to replace the motor. Other than the 7.2" 115334, are there any other motors I can use? Can I use a 5.7" motor or a 7.2 inch three stage motor? If I can what do have in stock?

You really should stick with that motor, and we have it in stock now. If you tried a 3 stage version of it, it may not fit, plus your electronics are set up for this motors amperage.

Nutone Model 350 Motor Comes On Sporadically

I have a circa 70's Nutone 350 that is sputtering. I am rather confident that the motor (part# 63127)is what needs replacing. Do you know if this is the correct replacement part? I have read some of the questions above about starting and stopping and low suction power, but mine also seems to have the extraordinary power of knowing when I have guests coming and then not working at all. Please Help!!! Thank you.

Yes, the odd timing is not a personal thing, the motor is just lapsing back into its inevitable departure - and at the wrong times for you it sounds like! The 115334 is the motor you need. Good thing we have it in stock and ready to ship out!

Omar BV34SV Motor Replacement

Here is the model number on the Omar vacuum with the sparking motor- Model BV34SV / Volts 120 / Serial C-9476 / AMPS 14 / LR 41804 Motor: Ametek Lamb 747812. Ok, what do we replace it with? Many thanks, Lori

Omar Vacuum Making Whining Sound And Burning Smell

my 16 year old Omar built-in vacuum motor has started whining. I no longer has vacuum, smells of something burning. What isn't working? Can I fix it? Bekki, Corvallis, Oregon

The sound and smell is coming from the motor, time to replace it. This is a fairly simple process and can be done by you. The correct motor for your vacuum can be found here,

Parts Available?

Dan from Vancouver Wash. I have a vacu-maid unit that the impeller /lower stage came unscrewed and wore the hole out of round are these availble for replacement I have not seen a lot of answers about these parts for the motors

The only parts available are the motor brushes. The fan shroud cover is swedged on and probably moved. The motor fans wore a hole in it.

Patton Fasco 115334 Motor Under Warranty?

I purchased a Patton central vac model number CVS130 new about 4 years ago. The motor just burned up, is this covered under warranty and what is the correct replacement motor?

The Patton is actually a Fasco Central Vacuum and they are out of business. Nevertheless, the motor, electronics, and filtration can all be replaced. The motor is the easiest. Please visit our Fasco Help Page to visually compare your motor with a new one.

Pullman 105 Motor?

I have an older Pullman central vac. B1V 105 SSN#4677 Will replacement motor 116765 or 115334 work with unit. I've read one is two stage and one is three stage. The three stage moves less air but more torque. I need more info on why I should be concerned about torque.

Please measure the height of your motor. If six inches then it takes the wider 115334. If eight then the 116765. They are both good, strong motors and your unit is made for one OR the other. Therefore torque is not the concern but the proper replacement.

Pullman BIV 105 Replacement Parts

I have a Pullman, BIV 105, serial is B 8320, for future reference, which motor/relay/transformer is my requirement? Works, but you never know, just found you have these parts, which I was thinking unavailable. Thanks Alvin Altamont, IL 62411

You can find all these part under "Motors and Filtration" at the following link. You will also find all the options you have for hose, tool, and accessory replacments and upgrades.

Pullman Vacuum

our pullman central vac# 105 died. we believe the motor burned up as smoke was exiting from the motor housing on top of the unit. Is the 115334 motor the correct replacement for the 105 model? thanx, art calverton ny

Yes, the 115334 motor is correct for your Pullman. It is an older unit so the motor would need replacing, though it is odd for smoke to appear. A dead motor can get real hot and produce that electrical smell.

Quieter Ideas, Fixes Minibreaker?

We have an AirVac 110 that is 25 years old. We know we need a #115334 to replace it. It has been a very reliable motor, we have never had to have it serviced. It is loud, though, and your remarks to questions say that the relacement motors are still noisy. Could we wrap the top of the canister where the motor is with insulation so that it is not so noisy in our garage? (Of course, I would leave the top vent open and not wrap the bottom where the the canister empties.) But, would this overheat the motor? Also, if we replace the motor does that fix the breaker? Where is the breaker located? Thank you for your service.

Hello, do you have a muffler on the unit? Buy one from the website and put it on, it helps. You can wrap the unit, keeping all vents open. The minibreaker should stop popping out with the new motor. Put the new motor in, don't wrap the unit, see if the minibreaker is okay after vacuuming for 15-20 minutes. If so, wrap the unit. If it pops after that then unwrap the unit, it may be getting too hot. Try operating again with it unwrapped to find out. Let us know how it goes, your feed back with help others.

Relay Clicks, Sparks, Motor Dead

I have a 12 year old Astro-Vac Model MK-X. The relay is clicking with some small sparking. I can smell electrical burning and the motor is not turning over. Do I need to replace the motor or is this a relay or transformer problem?

You will only need to replace the motor itself. The relay is working as it should. Thank you.

Removing Motor Brushes

Hi, I need to replace brushes on a 1155334 Ametex lamb motor. I tried to access and unlock the bolt holding these brushes, but they too tight. am i in the worse case scenario and need to remove the top cover of the motor ?? if yes, what i need to do and how i should proceed. Thanks, Don , Rockville Maryland

You don't want to take apart the motor from the top or bottom. That will mess up the "timing" of the motor. You'll need to loosen the screw. See the instructions here

Replace 116525 Lamb Motor

What is the right motor for me.I have ametek/lamb 116525-00 220vac 50/60hz(it is dead)

The Lamb motor 115334 is the correct replacement for 116525-00.

Replace Motor or Unit?

I have a Lamb Ametek 115472. The motor makes a loud noise and I smell smoke coming from the motor. Does this motor needs to be replace or can it be repair? If I need to replace this motor, can you recomment a unit with equal or better suction power than my original unit.

Yes, it is time for a motor or new unit. The 115334 motor has been a solid performer in our industry for years. There are new, stronger, more efficient motors now that do a great job. They are smaller, spin faster, and cost less. Testing has proven them durable with a long life span. Our SilentMaster S44, ModernDay K, and FloMaster M85 all have this type of motor and prices start at around $499. Please visit our dealer locator online for a complete estimate through a local seller. This is usually something you can easily put in yourself - just like a new motor. If you have more questions please let us know.

Replace the Motor or Unit?

I've been told by the local vac repair store that the original lamb ametek motor #115334 in my Vacuflo model 26 is not worth repairing; apparently there is a groove in the armature. The initial symptom was the unit would not start, but when I cleaned the contact points in the relay, it worked for about 2 weeks, then would not start again. After cleaning the points again, I got it working once more. They of course recommend against buying a replacement motor, and instead, recommend I buy a new $600 unit from them. Would the purchase of a new replacement motor be the most prudent course of action considering the relative costs? How many years of service might I expect from the new motor? Should I also replace the motor relay and motor gasket at the same time? Thanks. Peter. Victoria

Hi Peter, as a motor goes bad, cleaning the armature and fiddling with the motor help get the last bit of life out of it. In fact, just slapping the vacuum unit will get it to work again many times! We sell a lot of these motors to Vacuflo 26 owners. This motor is a workhorse and prevalent in many vacuums. You only need to replace it and the gasket (since your gasket is a simple little cushion type). Save yourself the money! Even sending it from the States to you is a fantastic deal! Then you can enjoy another 900 hours or so of vacuuming bliss.

Same Motor as Elsewhere?

Hi, can tell me if this motor is the same one on

Yes, we stock the 115334 motor and have been working with Lamb Ametek for 50 years. We are motor experts. While the motor at is the same, you can take comfort in knowing your purchase from MD is backed by a solid company with excellent service.

Sears Cyclone Motor

I have a 1972 sears cyclone 600 model #20.40521. It needs a new motor will the 115334 be what I am looking for?

This is the correct and direct replacement motor.

Sears Kenmore 116.40524 Motor Replacement?

I have a sears vacuum system. the model #is 116.40524. Will this motor fix my vacuum? Thanks

Yes, the 115334 motor is the replacement for you.

Sears Kenmore Central Vacuum Motor Replacement?

My Sears Central Vac motor is shot. The motor number is 732090 and the system model number is 116.4053280. What is the corrct replacement motor? thanks, d.zimmerman

We show this is the replacment. You can do a visual check to make sure. If it looks anything like it and has the same height, then it is it.,220,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Kenmore+Systems.

Seems to Run but Still Bad?

I have a P125 Vacu Maid that will not run. I took the lid off and the wires to the motor are burnt. The motor seems to run fine when I hook it up to direct current. Which is bad, the motor or the starting mechanism? Thanks for your help.

Many times the motor will run because it was moved around a bit when you worked on the unit. Try running it for 15 minutes to see if it stays on, if you smell burnnig, or if you see long blue sparks. The motor is most likely bad.

Stronger Motor?

I have an Omar Model BV34SV/2 SN C-9733 central vac attempting to support 4200 sq ft. It appears to be working fine, but has never seemed powerful enough. Should I replace the motor or go to the next larger size unit that requires 30 amp circuitry?

Central vacuums including yours are made for a particular motor and are not ready for taller more powerful motors. We suggest moving up the next unit which is doesn't have to be 30 amps. Vacuum motors are being more efficient and strong. One of the lastest motors is in the SilentMaster Model S44. It has 650 air watts! 40% more power!

Suction is Low

I have a ten year old Astro-Vac mod MK-X that runs well but just doesn't have much pickup power. I have thoroughly cleaned the internals but can't get any improvement. Is there a replacement motor/parts that will improve performance and still not require major piping reconfiguration?

No matter the age of the motor it will basically work at 100% efficency until it croaks. You most likely have a clog, probably in the hose. Use our step-by-step trouble shooting guide. Also, on some vacuum models, without a bag, you must make sure you clean the filtration or screen up inside the unit at the very top under the motor.

Suction Stopped

I have the 116 405 3280. I was vacuuming and the suction stopped. There is no clicking or high pitched sound so I know that the motor is running normally. I checked the fittings for a blockage and could not find anything. There is no suction even 1 foot from the cannister. Any suggestions?

Please use this guide for trouble-shooting

Testing Motor With Low Voltage Circuit

I have a vacu-maid 125 that shuts off after approx 1 minute. Will I test the motor by shorting the low voltage pins the same as you indicated for Budd Model 0704? Short contacts and not the wires?

You can test it with the contacts inside the 1.5" diameter hole (if they are there and a few have a single contact) or you can close the circuit by crossing the wires behind the faceplate or at the low voltage connection at the unit itself.

Thank You MD!

Just wanted to say thanks. The motor (Lamb 115334)for my old Kenmore Central Vacuum system that I just installed seems to be stronger than the original. Your help is greatly appreciated. David

You are welcome!

Trade In?

I just replaced the 115334 motor, is there a trade-in for the old one, or do I just trash it? Pete Daly Edmonds, WA

Glad you have your new motor in place. You can put your old motor in the trash, there is nothing on them worth reusing. Thanks.

Vacu-Matic Central Vacuum Questions

I have an 80's vintage "VACU-MATIC" system with an AMATEK model 115937 motor. The entire system looks and operates like new. The system has a filter below the motor and the exhaust is vented into an udeveloped part of the house. Questions: 1. is this set up big enough for a 3,800 sqft home and, 2. Can i remove the filter and plumb the exhaust to the exterior of the home (easy to do)? /R Steve

If your Vacu-Matic Central Vacuum is fine for your home size. If the unit has an exhaust port you can plumb it out, but keep the run less than 15 feet to avoid back pressure.

Vacuflo 26 Motor Replacement

This would be a replacement motor for an old Vacuflo 26. (at least 15 years, probably 20 or more, original motor). It has recently gotten noisy: whining when it runs. The screen is clean, suction and exhaust are strong, so it must be the bearings? (Exhaust is running hot; never noticed if it was like that before; is this normal?) The motor is the 115334. Suction is good, no problem there. Can I run it carefully/briefly until I replace? (Will noise get worse; and if so, will it overheat, or fail, suddenly)? Dave, Yorktown Heights N

Hello Dave, keep using your motor until it completely dies or you can't stand the noise. All will be well 99.99% of the time. Replacing the motor on your unit, you will use the same rubber mounts.

Vacuflo 26 Replacement Motor

my central vac. is hp vacuflo, model 26 power unit no. 4950., serial no. 206A730, 120 vac 50/60hz., 11 amp. h.p.production, from Louisville, Ohio. now it makes noise and is not that powerful. do i need to replace the motor and where to buy and how to install. thank you. r. khan

Yes, you need to replace the motor. Good news is it is quite simple to do. Here is the motor and instructions. Also read the reviews for encouragement.

VacuFlo Model 26 Gasket Needed?

I have an HP vacuflow model 26 and I took the top off the unit to see if there any problems and I discovered that there was a circular foam rubber ring with a circular hole in the middle that looked as though before it has perished into many small pieces acted a some kind of filter. I cleaned all the debris out and put the top back on and the unit now works fine. The question is - does the foam ring need replacing? and what was its purpose

On any central vacuum, there should be some sort of material so the metal of the motor is not touching the metal of the vacuum. On some models, larger thicker gaskets are present. Usually these gaskets can be reused over many decades. The real issue that that there is no vacuum leak. So if you can use no gasket or a new gasket(s) you will be fine.

VacuFlo Model 26 Mini Breaker Trips

This is a follow up question regarding my VacuFlo Model 26, serial # 44A307. I'm beginning to believe the motor is not bad after all but a relay and/or transformer issue. Thank you for the troubleshooting link. The motor does come on, but there is a buzzing sound and after 10 seconds the mini breaker "trips" and shuts the unit down. This is an older unit with out circuit boards. What do you recommend?

With the mini breaker tripping, that is a sign of the motor going bad. Rarely does it mean that the mini breaker is bad, and with the age we can safely assume that it's reached the end of it's life.

Vacuflo Model 26 Replacement?

I have a very old VacuFlo Model 26, serial # 44A307. The motor is mounted on the top of the unit. It appears to have some kind of short in the unit. Will this motor replace the top mounted motor on this unit?

Yes, this is the motor you need. First use the trouble shooting chart to know if the motor is bad

VacuMaid 325 Motor?

Which motor model do I need, to replace the one I have in the vacu maid model 325? Thank you Gene

The 115334 motor is the correct motor for you vacuum.

VacuMaid Model 125 Motor Quits, Minibreaker Doesn't Pop

I have a vacu-maid model 125 which is 24 years old. Recently, the motor will not restart after regular, light, or heavy use. The reset button does not pop, so evidently, the motor is not getting hot. I have always kept the cannister clean. I just unplug the unit and re-plug, and the motor will start and operate normally until shutdown, after which it may restart or not. I suspect a relay, old motor or both. When running, the vacuum seems fine. thanks, doug , tyler, texas

It is most likely only the motor. When a relay goes bad it is shot completely. With the age and symptoms the new motor will solve your problems. It is quite easy to replace!

Vacumaid P125 Motors

I have a P 125, how can I tell if I need a 115334, 117478 or a 117549-12 motor. TD,Boston

Vacumaid Model P125 has two different motor options. Motor #115334 is 6" tall while Motor #117478 is 7.75" tall. Please measure the motor you currently have to determine which replacement motor you need. Please click here once you are ready to purchase the motor.

Vacumaid P325 Motor Stays On

I have a vacumaid p325 motor. The bottom motor does not shut off unless you pull the circuit breaker while the top motor works as it is supposed to. It has just started doing this, any help would be much appreciated.

You have a bad relay in your unit that is not shutting off the motor. A new relay can be found here,

Vacumaid P90 Replacement Motor

I have a Vacu-Maid P90 and it lost suction power. Also noted burning smewll in motor. Would I be able to replace the motor myslef and is a replacement motor available.

The burning smell is the motor, time to replace it. The replacement motor is in stock and ready to ship.


I wanted to buy a new replacement motor from you, what is the length of warranty on them? If I install the motor myself, will warranty be viable as well? Rose, NYC

The warranty is six years when you install it yourself. If it goes bad after six years we can evaluate it for any manufacturing defects. Basically, we are standing behind the motor. We have been selling them for 50 years and know when the motor fails from old age, abuse (intended or not), or manufacturer's defect. We are very fair regarding the warranty.

Whirlpool Central Vac SCV-60LC Motor?

Hello! The motor in my Whirlpool Central Vac model #SCV-60LC is on its last throws of existence. One interesting feature of this vacuum is that there is no traditional on/off switch at the vacuum ports. I presume that there is a vacuum-sensing switch in the unit that senses when you open and shut the port doors. Two questions: 1. Do you know the motor i need to order? 2. Will i need to hardwire an on/off switch at each port to accomidate the new motor? Thanks! Mike- Monroe, WI

Wow! That is the first we heard of that model but that is okay because the same motors where used in many models. It is now a matching game (that is easy to win). Does the 115334 motor look and measure up to your motor? Then that is it. If you need help please call and we'll help you find the right motor. Nevertheless, the new motor will not affect the way the wall ports close the contact points to turn the motor on. That will not be affected with a new motor.

Will Not Stay On

My Budd Model 0704 central vac system shuts down every few minutes, even with the filter screen completely clean. Is this likely to be a faulty cutoff switch or an indication of a dying motor?

Typically that is a dieing motor. To check, disconnect the low voltage wire connected to the unit and use another piece of wire to short the contacts. Leave it shorted and see if the motor still cuts out. If so, replace your motor.

Zenex 275 Motor?

My 14 year-old Zenex 275 just quit during operation. Inspection revealed the canister to be quite full (I'm blaming my wife for that). The canister seemed warm to the touch up top. After emptying, the unit still fails to work. I have power to the unit and hit the reset switch - I don't think it ever tripped. I by-passed the relay and took power directly to the motor with no result. Any chance this is something else or am I looking for a new motor? Thanks. Great web site, by the way. Mike, Madison, CT

Thanks for the compliment on our website. We have worked very hard for each and every central vacuum owner. Sounds like you need a motor. When it is all connected do you hear a click when trying to start it? Then it is the motor for sure. The motors do just fail like that after there 800 or so hours of use.