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115334 Lamb Vacuum Motor Q&A

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115334-W Motor Replacement

I have a Sears Central Vac with LAMB motor part # 115334-W. Is this the same part with or without -W? George Heston

Yes, this is exactly the motor you will need.

Affixing Exhaust to Extension

To allow easier removal when required,I slip the exhaust pipe into the motor port and secure by wrapping tape around it. Worked fine for years, but now I cannot find tape adquate for the heat generated by the motor. Rubber plumbing couplings secured by hose clamps would work but do not seem to be available in the right size. Is there a better method or item available? George Greenville,SC

Understanding what you are after here, it is okay not to glue or tape this connection at all. If anything, we have seen a short screw put into the plastic fitting and through the metal horn to hold it all in place.

AirStream Motor

Hello..I have an older 1980's( Airstream )Prestige Edition central vacuum,model #FASF334B serial#08937173,the motor is making a lot of noise and smells like burnt wiring,do you have this in stock and at what cost?? Thanks..Fred M.

AirStream was bought by Hayden in the 1980's and sold under that name. I think you have the second model on this page Taking a look at your motor you can make the match and get the correct one.

AirStream Motor?

Hi I have an "Airstream" central vacuum, model ASD119-135, Amps:12. Trying to find a replacement motor. No one seems to recognize the mode. The vacum is about 20 years old. Paul from Barrire, Ontario, Can.

Airstream was bought by Hayden years ago. Go go the Hayden page and see if the motors there look like yours. That will be the one you need.

AstroVac P110 Motor

I have an Astro vac Model # P110 and it is not in your list what motor can I replace it with?

Hello, you have one of only a few AstroVac P-110 Vacuums. The way to find your replacement motor is simply by comparing measurements and look of the motors you see on the website. You can call us with your motor in front of you and we would be glad to walk you through it.

Bad Relay?

I have the Zenex 275, motor doesn't go on, I pushed the reset button and still nothing, it is pluged into a live outlet. no clicking sound just dead. Not sure how to check relay thanks, Harvey, Rockville centre NY

Certainly sounds like the relay is bad. Have your electrician replace all the components with a simple circuit board here. It is quite easy to retrofit and the instructions are simply the large photograph of the board found here,

Beam Central Vac Motor for Model 294

Hello, I have Beam Cent. Vac. model No. 294. It worked for very long years and now I think needs a new motor. It works and then stops and after some hours it may again work. I am told that it needs a new motor. If I open the top cover of the vacuum, the motor is loaded with 3 springs, the motor No. on it is LAMB 116119-00, 115 VAC, 50/60 HZ. Is the motor available and what is the price. Is it available in Canada. I will appreciate your early response on my e mail ASAP as I really want the vac. to run. Thanks very much. Syed, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

We have the 116119 motor for Beam Central Vacuum model 294. Here is the motor,220,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Beam+294

Beam Model 100 Motor?

Hi, I've got an old Beam built-in model 100, 12A, 115V. The motor is starting to go, and am thinking about replacing it, or buying a new unit altogether. Looks like the price of a motor will be about half, or less, so that sounds good. However, I do not see my model or your list. What is the appropriate motor to use? mk

The 12 amp model 100 has the correct specs for using the 115334 motor. Please use a visual comparison to make sure. Thanks.

Beam Model 254 Motor

I need a motor for an old Model # 254 Beam.

Not exactly sure of the motor but others near that model took this timeless motor,220,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Beam. Check the dimensions of your motor against the motors listed for the correct replacement.

Bearing is Grinding?

My Mother-in-law's AstroVac MK-X is making noise like the bearings on the motor are going out. I took it apart to clean it and the entire housing above the white cone was full of dog hair and dust. I have cleaned it out but noticed a loose metal ring between the metal screen and the top of the can beneath the motor. Where should that be placed? I am going to put it back together and run the motor to see if it sounds better, but will probably end up replacing the motor. Any suggestions?

Don't know about the ring but your guess is correct about the motor. After their 800 hours, or so, of use they are finished and need replacing - which is not hard to do. The sound you hear is the bearing going out. Also, you'll need to keep the screen cleaned on a regular basis though so you get good suction and the motor gets enough air.

Blue Sparks, Slap to Work

Hello i have a sears central vac system its 22 years old my motor is showing blue sparks and you have to bang it to go on do i need a new motor or just new brushes

We highly suggest a new motor. Brushes are for the half life of the motor. By now your bearings are compromised. You can get access into the middle of the motor by taking the one screw off and remove the shroud. Push on the motor's middle shaft. If it is not solid then replace the motor. If the brushes have scared the armature then replace the motor. Hope that helps. Let us know if you have more questions.

Broan V17 Motor

I have a Broan model V17 serial # 16536. Which motor fits my unit? Is it 115334 Lamb central vac. motor? Roger

Most likely yes. If it looks anything like it, it is the one.

Budd Model 0704 Motor?

I have Budd central vacuum system. The motor is making very loud noise and burning smell came out of the motor. It looks like the motor is dead. There is a label on the motor saying "BUDD CENTRAL CLEANING SYSTEM, Model Number:0704, Serial Number:249381, Volts:120, CY:60, AMPS:12.3". The motor looks very much like "115334 Lamb Central Vacuum Motor" in your catalog. But I am not 100% sure, since there is no motor model # on the motor. Thanks.

The 12.3 amps gives it away. Motors only until recently had their motor number on them. Here is the list of motors in Budd

Change Blower to Vacuum

I use the 115334 in my manufacturing plant as a blower. Is there something that can be done to wire the motor as a vacuum? This motor has only one port unlike the 116472-29 that we also use that has two ports. Thanks for your help. Jim

This motor can be used as a vacuum if installed in a different application. As you can see the suction takes place on the wide flat side of the motor. In a central vacuum this side is in a sealed chamber with a filter and a port for connecting a hose.

Cleaning The Motor Screen Behind The Filter

how best to clean the screen on a regular basis ? must motor be removed aech time? Keith St.Cath ON

The best way is to just use a small brush, such as an old toothbrush, and clear off whenever the vacuum is emptied and the filter cleaned.

Click but No Suction


Since you hear a click you know that power is making it to the motor but the motor is not alive. Replacing the motor(s) is quite easy to do and you can look on our Filtex page to find the right one.

Clicking, Replace Motor?

Hi I have an old (don't know how old) Vacuflo 26 in a house new to me. Worked then stopped with relay clicking. Have taken in for repair twice but nothing could be found and it worked for a while after reinstall. 3rd time I took apart myself and I see some wear on the rotor/armature. It is working again but the stator part of the motor (donut or ring which armature spins inside of) does not seem to be secure under the top cover of the motor. Even with removing the 2 bolts on the cover, I can not remove the cover because the armature is connected to it. Is this normal for the stator to have movement? Motor is working but I can see it moving and hitting the armature sometimes. Should I just buy a new motor or even a new system? Don't know anything about central vac -seems low end. Chris VT

Yes, replace the motor with,220,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Vacuflo+26. It is a good motor, one of the industries all time best. If you want to change the unit out we suggest a replacement bag type like the ModernDay or SilentMaster. We make these units and they are really strong models, assembled in the USA, and are completely metal (most all new ones today are plastic). We sell through dealers or a phone call to us for sales help. We have models as low as mid-$500s.

Decibel Rating

what are decibels on this motor

That rating depends on what machine it is running inside of. They are very loud.

Decreased Sealed Suction

I have a Vacu-Maid P-325 unit that is 13 years old and only has 800 hours of use. The "H20 Lift" is 60/100. Four years ago the H20 Lift was 75/100. Do you think I can just have the motor brushes replaced, or do I need new motors? I have had the unit serviced every 3-4 years. What is the normal life expectancy on this model? Thanks very much for your help. I appreciate it. Robert Newtown, PA

Waterlift is effected easily by the smallest air leak in any seam, seal, or faceplate on the wall. It may look like the motor looses suction power but that is not always the case as a system ages. The motor will be good for around 900 hours then the bearing and/or armature will go out. We suggest using it until that time. If the brushes are at 3/16" then you can replace them to help the motor last longer. But it will not help the loss of suction.

Delayed Starting

I have an Vacuflow model 26, I can use it for anywhere from 2 minutes to 15 minutes but if I turn it off it will not restart for at least 3 hours. Was told I needed a new motor. My husband says it might have something to do with a heat sensing fuse??

That is an older Vacuflo, so chances are you need a new motor. 5% of the time the heat sensing minibreaker does go bad but we have seen that the motor replacement is what this machine needs.


Hi there- We have an Omar vacuum that is seven years old that suddenly started shooting sparks, an electrical "light show, from the motor. Looks to be toast. Is it a simple motor replacement and is that something that a handyman husband can handle or can it possibly be something else wrong? We have been told there is a 5 year warranty (of course) on the motor.

Yes, you will be surprised to find that it takes less than an hour to replace the motor and it does sound like that is all you need.

Dynavac 7000PP?

I have a Mastercraft Industries Daynavac 7000PP central vacuum. What motor I should get? Is it equivalent to the Dynavac 7000?

We think it does fit. It is a very widely used motor. Please do a simple visual comparison with your motor so see if it is a match.

Electrolux Model 4580 Motor Will Not Turn On

I have an Electrolux Central Vacuum model 4580 that is about 7 years old and the reset button will not reset. It has always been kept clean. The motor started and then suddenly quit after about 2 seconds and now will not restart. There is power going to the breaker but not to the motor. What do we need to do to fix this problem? Thanks in advance. Larry in San Jose

Do you hear a click when you try to start the vacuum? If so you need a new motor (easy to replace). If not then you may need a new circuit board (also easy). Check our troubleshooting flow chart to narrow down the problem at

Extractor Motor Compatible?

I have a very old 1980 Carpet extractor (Wet VAc) that carries a solution tank and a recovery tank. Anyway My Vacuum motor burnt out, it seems to have the same measurements as the Model #201 110v and the amp, lift,looks like it could work. My only concern is will any moisture affect the motor ? Matthew Sale Fla.

We strongly discourage using our motors with any application that involves moisture. All of these motors are designed for everyday use in the home, not as a wet/dry vacuum. The internal components are not protected from the moisture and it will damage the motor. You should contact the manufacturer for a proper replacement.

Full Speed Then Slows Down

The problem I'm having is it runs for about ten seconds at normal speed then slows down. I've checked for and removed any obstructins but it still does it. Is this a sign the motor is going and needs to be replaced or is there something else I should check?

This is typical of the vacuum motor coming to the end of its life. Replace it with the one listed in the brand specific page. It is not difficult to replace.