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What is 2-Stage?

What is meant by a "2 stage" vacuum motor? robert eastend

It means there are two rotating fans. You can see them in this cutaway photo of a motor. http://builtinvacuum.com/education/motor.html.

Changing Motor Brushes Often

I have this kind of motor, how I am going to correct the problem of changing brushes frequently, I changed the brushes twice already in a month. Do I have to order new motor since mine is just 2 years old? Mr. Confused Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada

Is the motor constantly on? If not, then you probably need to get this looked at under warranty.

Rebuild or Replace

I have a Filtex vacuum. One motor quit working. It is 20 years old but has operated very well. Can the motor be rebuilt or do I need to buy a new motor? Thanks Jim

These motors should be replaced, they are not made for rebuilding and the parts are not readily available. Those that figure out how to rebuild end up calling us months after needing a new motor.