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116119 Lamb Vacuum Motor Q&A

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116119 Replacement Bearings And Armature Available?


Due to the construction of vacuum motors, they are extremely difficult rebuild. The parts can be even harder to find. We highly recommend installing a new motor. In our experience, a rebuilt motor will go out agian in only 6-8 months and you're back in the same situation.

Beam 294 Motor

This is Marty from Maryland. I have a Beam's Best in house vacuum, model number 294 that won't start. It is 28 years old and made a werid grinding noise the last time I used it. Now it is completly silent when I plug in the hose and does not come on. I think I may need to instull a new motor but want to make sure. What else could it be? What are your thoughts and what is the little white button on the side of the vacuum? If I do need to replace the motor can you tell me the link to the correct replacement motor to buy? Do I have to use a Beam motor? I'd be grateful for our expertist. Thanks.

The grinding sound was the bearings finally going out in the motor. It will need to be replaced. You can find the correct motor here,,220,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Beam+204,+294 The white button is the reset button.

Beaumark Central Vacuum Parts

Hi, I have an older Beaumark Central Cleaning unit model # 97450, serial #6252 that needs a new motor. There is another stamped number on the ID plate,19029. It was made by Beam. What motor replacement or more powerful upgrade motor can I use.

Glad you found us! The motor you have in your machine is the best for the design and components of that machine. Buying a new motor may give you more power, but for a lot more power you'd need to upgrade to a new machine. We recommend the Flo-Master M85 for around $500. It has 650 airwatts! Contact a dealer near you for sales. Also, to let you know, our complete attachment kits are compatible with your system.

Black & Decker 821 Motor?

Hi, I have a Black & Decker model #821(not #820), will this motor(116119) fit? Dan from Stony Brook, NY

If the photo and measurements line up with your vacuum motor then you found the correct replacement. Looking through the customer interaction it appears to be the right one. Please let us know when you get it....thanks.

Brushes Available?

Steven Anderson St. Charles Mo. Can I just replace the brushes on the motor. The armatures still looks good. Seem wasteful to replace whole motor. Thanks

Yes you can buy the brushes here but we suggest a new motor if it has 800 to 1000 hours on it.

Change Motor Brushes or Motor?

I have a 24 year old 353 with a motor that wont start. Occaisionaly you can get it to turn on but the brushes seem very dirty/worn and more sparks from the commontator then normal. It probably has 300 to 400 hours on it. Will new brushes fix this problem? Are replacement relays available too. I suspect that the relay is also going bad.

The relay is fine. It is the motor that is acting up. With that many years on it don't you think it would be safe to say the vacuum may have twice as many hours on it then suspected? The symptoms point to it. We recommend a new motor, not new brushes. Push on the center shaft of the motor. If it moves then the bearings are going to go bad soon. A new motor would be wise, or a new complete unit such as SilentMaster.

Exhaust to Outside or Filter Exhaust

I have a Kenmore 116.4053482 central vacuum system. Does it need to be vented to the outside or can I install an external dust filter without harming the unit? charlie Denver

You can always vent a central vacuum to the outdoors IF there is a round exhaust port on the unit. If there are two then run two lines. It is always best to exhaust the unit then filter it. If the filter is let go too long it will damage the motor as dust builds up and restricts air flow. Filters for the exhaust can be found here,

Fasco Model 852SV Motor Replacement

Dan from TN. need new replacement motor for older vacuum cleaner unit Fasco Industries model 852-SV Ser. 103619. Does the 116119 Lamb Vacuum Motor do this or what do you reccomend? Thanks.

Yes, motor number 116119 is the correct replacement for Fasco #852-SV.

For Moving Water?

Hi im looking for a vac to draw water into a tank for water reclaiming, is this the vacuum that i need?

This motor is not built to stand up to any moisture enviroments. You need a motor with -13 at the end of the number. That indicates sealed bearings to withstand moisture.

Getting Noisy

George from Flushing, NY My Kenmore 116.4053482 has become extremely noisy. I do not know if the noise is actually the motor, or perhaps some part of the blower blade system, but the noise seems to be more at thte top of the motor-blower assembly. What is the likely problem? What is the remedy?

The noise could be the bearings dying or the balance on the fan blades is off. Either way, the motor has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced.

How to Replace Motor on Kenmore - Video

How hard would it be for me to change a motor myself on a Sears 116.4053482 central unit? Thanks, Leroy

We have a video here on the basics of changing the motor. It is quite easy regardless of the motor or model.

How to Test a Motor

If I want to test the motor to see if works (out of the vacuum), what wires do I use? (110v)..or is there a manual that I can download? Thanks.

We recommend that an electrician test the motor by putting 110 leads directly to the black wires or black and white wires off the motor. The motors are non-polarized so positive and negative do not matter. The motor should start right away at full speed.

Kenmore - Add Muffler

I have a Kenmore Central Vacuum that since new sounds like a jet, even so loud my neihbours next door can hear it in their house with my garage door shut, very very noisey. Is there something not connected in the top bell housing, I have yet to take the machine apart

Assuming your vacuum looks something like this one, you can soften the noise by adding a muffler using these three parts,507EX,503.

Kenmore 116.4053481 Motor

The motor in my Kenmore central vacuum 116.4053481 is dead. You offer Lamb motor 116119, but my parts list calls for motor 732172. Your motor looks the same, so I am supposing that this is a new number or such. Is your motor the same, less powerful, or stronger? Is there a more powerful motor that will fit my vacuum? Thanks a heap, Jon H Allen

This motor would be the exact replacement and the only replacement. It will fit right in and will feel a bit stronger because it is brand new.

Kenmore 116.4053482 Vacuum Motor

I have model number 116.4053482 will the 116119 motor work with that model?

The 116119 is the correct motor for your system.

Lamb 16119-00

My motor housing says (very quietly, I might add) Lamb 16119-00. The only thing I have found so far is a 116119-00, but I can't find where that missing '1' was ever on my motor?

Yes, the 116119 motor on the website would be the exact replacement. It is in stock ready to ship today!

Low Suction at Unit?

What cause the low suction in the central vacuun units? Very low suction right at the inlet of the central units when it is disconnected from all pipes but at the exaust has a very strong air blow. Could it be a leak in the motor units itself?

When you test the suction at the unit, you need to cover any intakes that where disconnected. If the suction is still low then the hose as the clog, most likely. Take the filters out of the unit, look for other filters beyond the initial one and test again. Let us know what you find.

Motor Brush Groove on Armature

My Nutone vac wouldn't start so I hooked it up directly to power. The motor(116119-00) won't start by itself but if I spin the fan it will go. I removed the brushes and there is a groove on the armature. Is any groove too much? Is it worth trying new brushes or is the motor done.

The bottom line is you need a new motor. The armature is not repairable, the motor has probably given its 800+ hours of service, and it is used up.

Motor Okay - Quits when in Canister

I'm having the same problem, the motor works for about 10-15 minutes and then shuts off. When you try to start it you hear a clicking noise. I tested the motor as you described, and it fired right up. All the wires are firmly connected. I was thinking ... could it be a bad breaker on the unit? When you depress it, it has no recoil or any action to it.

If the motor runs for a longer period outside the vacuum then there is a faulty minibreaker or the motor is overheating from blocked filtration or blocked exhaust.

Motor Shuts Off, Starts Later

I have a brand new kenmore central vaccum that was installed into my home by an electrician, but the central vac is not exhausted to the outside and it was installed 6 inchs from an inside corner wall. My question is my vaccum only runs for five minutes then quits and once it sits for a short period it will run for another 5 minutes? I don't know where to start to look for the problem. Thanks!!!!!

You have identified the most probable problem! You need to get the exhaust to point out away from the wall. Use these to do so,507EX,503

Nutone 353 Motor

I have a Nutone Model #353. The site says the motor for this model is 117507-00; however, I took the motor out and it says 116119-00 on it. Whicj is the correct motor to buy? Also the reset butoon doesn't have any resistance when pushed; should this alos be replaced. I am replacing the motor because it won't turn on at all. Thank you.

Hi, on our Nutone Motor Chart we list both motors for that model. Both fit, they are interchangeable. The 116119 is all metal, more expensive, and traditionally lasts longer. Thank you.

Nutone 353 Replacement Motor

I have a NUTONE 353 central vacuum system circa 1984 which has the all metal motor number 116119-00. Believe it or not, the original motor just died. I guess I got my money's worth. I have received several SKU numbers for replacement motors including: 117507 (which replaces 116119), 117465 (which replaces 116465), 115334, and one made by Lamb Ametek Electrolux Beam that uses the original 116119 part number but also has a Electrolux Beam part number of 140240. Do any or all of these fit and what is the best one to bring my antique back to life? - Bob Ericksen, Sag Harbor, NY

Normaly, we suggest staying with the same motor, the 116119. That is an all metal motor, sturdy construction, and will last a long time (as you know!).

Nutone CV353 Motor?

have a 17 year old 353 with a motor that wont start. Occaisionaly you can get it to turn on but the brushes seem very dirty/worn and more sparks. where can I buy a new one?

This is the correct motor for your model. We have a less expensive one that is not all metal. It is the 117507. In the USA and Canada you can order the motor through us but outside of that you will need to look locally.

Nutone CV400C Replacement Motor

Question I have a Nutone CV400C motor #820988FE P2 Tube 894 do you have a replacement motor. Harry, Ontario, Canada

The motor for your cyclonic unit can be found here,,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Nutone+CV+400 It uses the same motors as the CV400, the extra "C" is for the cyclonic version.

Replace Top Cooling Fan, Bearings, Armature On Motor

I have this motor and I am looking for a replacement part. I'm not sure what it is called but its a 3" tin fan that sits on top of the motor. The tin fan is pressed on a fat washer however mine has separated.

You are looking for the cooling fan. Unfortunately we don't carry replacement parts for the motors. They are designed to run for about 800 hours total, then to be replaced.

Replace with this Larger Motor?

Would it be possible to replace our old Vacu-Maid Motor P225 with the three stage Motor #116119 or one similar? Thank you in advance for any help. Glen Eckman

We don't recommend it. Stresses the electronics and may not fit height and the bolt arms are higher.

Troublshooting Power Issues


This could be an issue with the relay, or a short in the low voltage wires in the home. Follow our troubleshooting guide to locate the issue at

Two vs. Three Stage Motors

what is/are? the bennefits of three stage central vacum motors as opposed to two stage? looking into purchasing a unit,however trying to make comparisons,product by product is proving quite frustrating.can you please help clarify the decision making process thanks lawrie

Great question and we understand the frustration. The 3-stage motor has more torque, or sealed suction and less actual air movement than the 2-stage motors. You need both though for a vacuum to work. The more recent motors have the high sealed suction (waterlift measurement) and are only 2-stage. They spin faster. They also have the air volume. These motors may have had a shorter lift at one time but that are now made well and have great specifications. We use them in our USA made, all steel construction units such as SilentMaster S44, ModernDay K, and FloMaster M85. These are the new vacuums and having them made the "old-fashioned" way in the USA will give you the durability you expect in a built-in appliance. Please call us for more information.

Unit Will Not Turn Off

My central vac will only start and shut off by unplugging the cord from the electrical outlet. Would this be a relay problem? Can it be repaired? Thanks - T. Knight

Please use to trouble shoot the system. It is really easy to do.

Vacumaid P225 Mini-Breaker and Motor

I have a model P225 vacuum motor (Vacu-Maid). It runs for about ten (10) minutes and the internal circuit breaker trips. When resetting the breaker it doesn't have much spring action. If I direct a fan at the motor it runs without tripping. It's my impression that a new circuit breaker is needed. What is the model number for a new ciruit breaker? (I don't know if it's attached to a circuit board?) What is the model number for a new replacement motor? William, Pensacola, FL

This link is for the breaker and motor. The older units didn't have a circuit board.,201VF