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116210-50 Motor Replacement

my motor is a Ameetek Lamb 116210-50 will the 116210-85 work?

The -85 has a different bottom on it and will not work. You need the 119412. http://builtinvacuum.com/parts/motor/119412.html

170491F and 6616-00 Motor Replacement

Hi, I have an older NuTone central vac system CV450. I need to replace the top motor,but the numbers do not match yours. Stamped on the motor is 170491F and 6616-00. It is a Lamb motor. Which motor can I replace it with? Do you have them in stock. Annemarie, New Paltz, NY

The motor you are looking for is this one in question. Thanks for the cross reference. http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=202N,723,how2mtr. The motor is in stock and ready to go!

Breaker Tripping - Replace Motor and Board?

Nutone CV-450(15 years old) - had been on for a few minutes,stopped, than worked again for the past few months. Today, it stopped working - total silent. I am planning to replace the motors. Do i need to replace other parts like relay, circuit board? Thank you.

You should only need to replace the motors. Rarely does the board need to be replaced and only know after you replace the motors - the breaker will still trip. If that is the case you'll need to retrofit this board in http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=235M

CV 450W Motor Running But No Suction

Tom, Venice, Fl. I have a ten year old CV450W where the motor runs but no suction at the unit or the outlets. What do I need to do? Thanks.

If the motor is running but there is no airflow, there can be only two causes. Either there is something blocking the airflow such as a clogged filter, or there is no vacuum seal and so the air is leaking in from other areas. Check your filters and be sure that all the gaskets are sealed.

CV450 Motor Fit CV450W?

My name is Jennifer Kuty from Bridgeton, New Jersey 08302. I have a Nutone CV-450W it needs a new motor. Will your CV 450 fit a CV-450W? Thanks.

Yes, they use the same motor for both models.

CV750 Motors?

I have a cv750 lost some power couple of years ago now no power cut wires to top unit , wired direct to 120 current , still nothing. Must be botth motors correct ???what numbers would I need? Thanks Phil , Rochester, ny

Lots of Sparks and Thrown Breakers

My nutone cv 450w keeps throwing breakers, which electrician said was ok, as well as the outlet. Now when turn on...sparks fly from top and neither motor runs. Disconnected the top motor and reconnected and tries to start but sparks fly again...and shuts down. When only connected lower moter...nothing happens. Do I need to replace both motors or something else?

You need to replace a motor or two. The sparks are an indication that the motor is shorting out and throwing spikes. From your description it sounds like you need both motors. You can find the motors here http://builtinvacuum.com/help/nutone/motor.html

Motor Brush Removal

Hi- I have a Nutone 450 and need to replace the brushes. I can't get the darned things out. What's the secret? Thanks Bill, East Tennessee

Once the top plastic cover on the motor has been removed you will see a small metal bracket that holds the brush in place. Remove the screws from the sides and the brush will come right out.

Nutone 2-Motor, Same Brushes?


If the other motor has the numbers 6210 in it then it takes the same brushes. If it has 6336 then use these http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=211

Nutone 391 Motors

My nutone is a CV450C model 391, 12.5 amp. 115-120 volt. what motor do I need to order, it is the main motor. will your 116472 do the trick?? please advise, I do not want to order the wrong one. thanks Richard Wolynec

The Nutone CV450C takes two motors and the top one is different from the bottom. You can find both replacments here, http://builtinvacuum.com/help/nutone/motor.html#filter Just scroll down to your model number.

Nutone 450 High Pitch Noise in Motor

My Nutone 450 model has a high squeal when you shut it off. Does that mean that the motor is about to go? This unit is only 6 years old. Thanks Trudy

Motors last about 800 hours and then expire in a variety of ways. If the bearing is going first then it can make a screeching noise. You should take the filtration end off and the filter and try it that way to see if it is the motor.

Nutone 450 Motor Test

My Nutone CV 450 power unit stopped working. To check if the motors are bad I attach an electric cord to the leads on each motor and plugged it in. Both motors did not work. Am I testing these motors correctly and is it possible that both went bad at the same time. Thank You, PETER B

Yes, connecting 110 volts directly to the black or black and white leads in any fashion will make good motors spin. Both motors can go bad at the same time, though it is not common. Usually one motor has gone bad, but the other is still working. You just don't notice until both have died.

Nutone 750 Top Motor

Need top motor for cv 750 (sparks when running). Is the 116210-85 lamb vacuum motor the one?

The 116210-85 is the exact replacement. Motor is in stock and ready to ship!

Nutone CV-450 Motor Replacements

I have a CV-450 model n. My lower motor is bad but I am going to replace both. The number on the upper motor is 300691F and the lower motor is 350491F. Will the motors you have listed replace these? Thanks, J

Nutone CV-450W Motor Noise

I have a twelve year old Nutone CV-450W thats making motor noise. Is there only one motor located on the top of the unit? Is motor replacement something a novice could do? What part number is the replacement motor or motors? Thanks, Robert Evans, Frankfort, Illinois

At that age, it's most likely the motors going out. Your unit has two motors on top of each other. Replacement is fairly simple process of removing the motor and connecting the wires of the new motor in exactly the same place. You can find the correct replacement motor, listed by unit model number, here along with pricing http://builtinvacuum.com/help/nutone/motor.html#motor

Nutone CV450

I need to replace both motors in my CV-450, do I need the 119412 and 116210-68

Nutone CV450 Black and White Wires

On a new bottom motor on a nutone 450 does it make any difference which one of the wires go to the black or white wire when connecting them to the new motor?

It doesn't matter which wires are hooked up where, it will not affect the performance of motor or damage anything.

Nutone CV450 How To Test Motor

We have a Nutone CV450. The unit runs for a few minutes and then the 15 Amp breaker in the house trips. Is it most likely the motor drawing too much current? How do I determine which motor is the problem. Thanks

Open the motor compartment and turn on the vacuum. If one of the motors is sparking, that's the bad one. If not, then disconnect one motor at a time to see which one is not turning on.

Nutone CV450 Motor Making Screeching Sound

My Nutone Model 450 CW central vac unit has a screeching sound that goes on and off. Is it a bearing and which motor do I replace? George

The noise is the bearing going bad, but on which motor is difficult to say. If you open the motor compartment and listen for it you will be able to tell. Plus if one motor has more blue sparking than the other it is bad motor.

Nutone CV450 New Brushes or Motors

Re: Nutone CV-450 (15 years old). 1) I have a relay that is occasionally sticking "on", causing the top motor to not shut off. Do you carry a replacement? 2) Also, do you carry brushes for the original motors? And, if so, is it worth replacing them on these 15-year old motors (or should I wait till the bearings fail and replace the motors)? Thanks!

On that old of a system you really will not get any more helpful life from new brushes. It's best to just replace the motors. You can find the replacement relay here, http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=242 In the description are the wiring diagrams for any system, just click the one that fits yours.

Nutone CV450 Replace Both Motors?

I have a Nutone CV450 that must have a bad motor. It will run briefly when the breaker on the side of the unit is reset, but it smells bad and blows the breaker after a few seconds. Should a person replace both motors, or just the one that is bad? My unit is about 15 years old.

With that age it is best to replace both motors. If you want to replace the other when it goes, you can but that is most likely only a months away.

Nutone CV450 Replaced Brushes but Motor Bad Again

Robert in Kingston, WA. Hi, I have a CV450 Nutone. Recently, several months ago, I had the brushes replaced by a dealer. Now I can only run it for 5 to 10 minutes before it loses suction and starts to make an ungodly noise, like its going to blow up. Is it done? Do I need new motors?

Changing the brushes in an older motor will give it little to moderate new life. We try to make this clear on the website but we understand it is hard to judge the hours on a machine. Motors are pretty much done after 800 hours. Brushes can be replaced around 500. After that the rest of the motor is beginning to go bad. The bearings on yours are shot. A new motor will have to put in. If you have two motors we suggest both be replaced. The link to the motors, and instructions are found here http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=202N,221,206G,723,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Nutone+CV+450,+750

Nutone CV450 Turns Off

I have a nutone cv-450 that I installed in 1990. After :05 use it stops. I reset it and it will go on but only for :05. what do you think? Thanks Rich, Highland Mills, NY

You most likely have a motor going bad that needs to be replaced. Follow our troubleshooting guide to narrow down the issue at http://builtinvacuum.com/education/troubleshoot.html

Nutone CV450Visually Checking Motor

I have a 15 year old CV-450 Nutone Central Vac System. I believe one of the motors is going bad. I want to check the blue sparking to see which motor needs to be replaced. Do I need to disassemble the entire unit housing in order to view the motors? Is there an easy way? Thanks. Dave Hanson

You should be able to remove the part of the vacuum unit where the motors are located and sneak a peek. The blue arching will be noticeable without taking anything off the actual motor. See if you can look in from the bottom/top, where the thinner part of the motor is.

Nutone CV450W Motors

CV 450W botton motor making noise some times and smell burn do you have a motor replacemt? Is the same upper model? Tank you. henao3808878@bellsouth.net

We do carry replacements. The upper and lower motor are different, both are listed here by model number http://builtinvacuum.com/help/nutone/motor.html#motor

Nutone CV450W Replacement Motors

I have CV-450W. Top motor #171197F and bottom motor 101197F. What are the replacement motors? Thanks, Phil Punta Gorda, FL

You can find Nutone replacement motors listed by model number here, http://builtinvacuum.com/help/nutone/motor.html#motor

Nutone CV450W Runs All the Time

my nutone CV450W can only be shut off by unpluging the unit in the garage.I unhooked the low voltage wires to the unit and it still runs..is it a bad relay??

Since you correctly removed the low voltage wire and it still ran, you are looking at a bad relay. You can find the replacement relay here, http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=242

Nutone CV450W Wall Inlets Not Working

Hi, I have a Nutone CV 450W, today when I plugged in the house in any of the outlets in the house, it wouldn't start running. How do I figure out what is wrong?

Please start by following the steps here http://builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html. It will give you the issue and some solutions. Let us know if you have any questions.

Nutone CV750 Tripped Breaker, Not Starting

Hi, our CV-750 stopped working after tripping the breaker. No smell of burnt out motors. Can you please tell me how to check the PC board and the reset breaker. Thank you, Pete from Bethany CT

After you push the breaker on the unit back in, the unit will start. Check the house breaker as well. If the unit clicks but will not start then the motors need replacement. If no click then the relay or board needs replacement, assuming there is voltage where the unit is plugged in. If you need more help please contact us.

Nutone Top Motor - Easy to Replace?

On the model CV450, is it easy to replace the top motor without replacing the bottom motor? Thanks!

Yes, it is quite simple.

Nutone Wiring

I have a cv450 that I just bought a new top motor for but am unsure where the wires go on the circuit board.

Please call us so we can walk you through the wiring on this model.

Popping 15 amp Minibreaker

Hi I replaced 1 of my motors a while ago and now it seams to be popping the circuit breaker. The motors seam to be drawing 14.8 amps with no load the breaker is rated at 15 seams a little close to me could the new motor draw more and how should i proceed the unit is 15 or so years old... ThankS Joe

We haven't had any issues with this motor on a 15 amp breaker. We suggest replacing the minibreaker / circuit board. Sometimes when a motor goes bad it ruins the thermal abilities of the minibreaker.

Replaced Motor but No Suction at Inlets

I've replaced both motors in my Nutone CV450. I have suction at the unit, but none from any of the wall outlets. Please help! Julie, St. Louis, MO

Most likely you have a clog. Follow our troubleshooting guide here to locate the issue, http://builtinvacuum.com/education/troubleshoot.html

Replacement Parts For Motors

I have a Ametec-Lamb motor from a Nutone vac system. Can I get parts for the motor? I need the top bearing and housing. Thanks Mark Teske Pontica, Il.

We don't carry the internal components of the motors. Modern vacuum motors are not designed to be rebuilt and after their average life of 900 hours, everything is pretty much worn out. Some companies do sell the parts, but the cost to rebuild is the same as a new one, but doesn't last as long. It's best to just replace the motor.

Second Motor Bad? Or Circuit Board?

CV 450W - Replaced top motor and reset switch. Unit still keeps shutting off after barely 30 mins. Was told if the circuit board was bad the unit wouldn't work at all. Is that true? Checked bottom motor when we put new motor in and it was running fine. How do I know if the bottom motor is bad? Could the new motor be bad?

If the board was bad then the unit would not start at all. It has to be the second motor. It runs fine when tested for a moment but you need to test it to see if it runs for 15 minutes. Mostly likely it will not, it will just stop.

Trouble Shooting

The vacuum runs but I can't shut it off with the unit switch. Where can I buy a replacement relay board if you think a bad relay is the cause? I am a do-it-yourself person and would like to buy all my potential repair parts. I also would like to get a repair manual. Can you help?

It may be your low voltage wire is shorted. Use the www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html guide to determine it.

VacuFlo 360 Vacuum Motor?

The motor in my Vacuflo Model 360, s/n 311x 400, needs replaced. Is this Lamb 116210-85 a suitable replacement? Robert Proudfit Chandler, TX.

Our records show the replacement to be 117507. You can find the motor here to compare to your current one, http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=203,220,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Vacuflo+360

What is a Complete Motor?

is the 116210-85 a complete motor assembly including the volute and inlet suction wheel?

Yes, this brand new motor is a complete motor with all the parts and replaces the existing motor in every way.