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Motor Making Grinding Sound

Bearings shot? Our vacuum motor started making noises like it had gravel in it, so I removed the motor (Ametek 116311-01). There is no side-to-side or vertical play in the main shaft. The brushes still have 1/2 inch left. The armature contact area is darkened but otherwise smooth and not scratched or sunken in. The shaft turns relatively easily but seems to briefly tighten up after a few rotations, and the drum does make a bit of hollow rubbing sort of sound. Could the bearings be worn out and if so can they be replaced? Thanks, Dale from Campbell River

That sound in the drum is the fan blade. The blade has either bent and is rubbing the side, or may be disintegrated inside. Time to replace the motor.

Clean Armature?

I have a 116310 blower thats sparking on brushes and around armature somewhat, (runs) and will blow fuse if left on. Took apart, brushes have 1/2-3/4 left. armature looks dirty. Can this be repaired by cleaning ? Otherwise motor looks new (2002), no burned parts-

Try cleaning the armature off with alcohol and sand it smooth as can be.

Do Motor Brushes Go Bad?

I have 4 Ametek 116457 motors that run but spark an extreme amount where the brushes contact the armature. I cleaned the armature but when I tested the motor it was the 4th of Jul. The brushes have a good amount left but do they go bad over time?

As the motor brushes wear down, they can damage the armature of the motor. This damage leaves small gaps between the brush carbon and the armature of the motor, this is what is causing the sparks. Once you have reached this point, the motor will need to be replaced.

Motor and Brush Available

Shawnigan 116311-01 motor Hi Can you tell me if you can replace the brushes on these motors if you know its the brushed that are gone? Or do you have to replace the whole motor? thank you Mary

We have the motor and the brushes here http://builtinvacuum.com/search_products.html?search_string=6311. If the motor has been used for 900 hours or so then replace the motor. The brushes, if failing early will only have 1/4 inch of carbon left on them but the motor and armautre will be in good shape.

Motor Bad?

after disassembling my unit to get to the motor (due to unusual load noise), should the fan blades turn freely if not how do I tell if I need a new motor Thanks Ken Waurika, Ok

Yes they should spin freely and have no movement side to side. Put 110 volts to it to test it. It may work for a bit since it has been handled but let it run for a while to see. The positive/negative wire can be used either way, motor is not polorized. Air comes in the base of it so be sure to let the air in while testing.

Replace Lamb Ametek 116457 Motor?

My husband has a barber shop and has a vaccum with an Ametet Motor, Model # 116457-00. I looked at the pictures you have but did not even see a replacement motor for this number. Can you help me? Martha Simpson West Memphis, AR

Yes this is a great replacement for your 116457 motor. It is a bit more powerful and fits right in. Enjoy!

Constant Buzzing

Rob Seymour I replaced the burnt out motor with the 116311 and it appears to work fine. I now hear a buzzing whent the unit is not in use, but plugged in. I have been told that something is catching and that causes continued electrical flow even though the vacuum is not running. What can I do to fix this problem?? thanks, Rob

This is caused by the transformer. It is converting electricity to the 24 volts that run to each inlet at all times around the home. Nothing has changed for the worse...the rivits on the transformer are old, loose, and vibrating. No worries.

Electronics Okay? Test.

Rob Seymour. How do I tell if I also need the switch mechanism that is mounted on the bracket that holds the motor? The unit smelled funny (like hockey skates being sharpened)a couple of times and would also hum when not in use (but plugged in). Then eventually just made a funny noise and quit (scaring the hell out of my wife). Thanks P.S. This is an extremely helpful website. I was able to find exactly what I needed so far.

Test that mechanism by turning the vacuum on as you would usually do. If you hear a click then it is still good, which it typically is. The motor is what you smelled.

Replace 116212 Motor

I need to replace a AMETEK universal vacuum motor model # 116212-00 9.1 amp 91" not listed on your web page.

We have two possible replacements. Your 116212 pulls 8.7 amps, 90" waterlift, 107 CFM, 311 Airwatts. http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=209P,202G

Looks Like My Motor

I have an unlabeled Lamb motor (2 actually, but only one is fried. A warning label on it is marked 20-8097 REV F. The "Lamb" word is part of the casting, and both motors are marked with 510501F in blue ink. The motor was rated at 2.5 Peak H.P., and runs on 110V. I don't have any other info., but this looks like the closest replacement. Any help? I also need brushes for them.

Those numbers are for the individual parts that make up the motor only. You can find the correct replacement for your system here, http://builtinvacuum.com/help/index.html Just select the brand name of your system.

Replacement Motor For Lamb 115748


We don't have any information on that number, it may be out of production. You can find the current version to fit your system at http://builtinvacuum.com/help/index.html Just choose the brand name of your central vacuum unit, then look under Replacement Motors.