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-07 Mean?

I am looking for a Lamb 6765-07 motor. What does the -07 stand for? Also do you ship to Canada?

Hi, actually this motor is found here http://builtinvacuum.com/parts/motor/116765.html. The -07 just means it has some type of terminals on the wire leads. When replacing the motor the best way to do it is to spice the wire into the existing wires with a wire nut.

116.27125202C Motor?

I have a kenmore Model 116 (116.27125202C) where the motor has blown the fuse and has a burnt shell. What motor fits this unit?

We don't have a cross reference for that but Kenmore usually only used these motors for their central vacs. http://builtinvacuum.com/help/kenmore/motor.html. Use the photo and details so find a match or give us a call.

116207 Motor Replacement?

I use an 116207 motor in my hydro hoist to lift my boat . The motor is only two years old & making a squeal when it starts uo & when I shut it off. Do youthink I need a new motor & can you give me prices ? Could I increase power of motor. Jerry Orlan our2ndchance@aol.com

Hello, if water is involved with the motor then we can't help you. If not then we do sell two replacements for the motor. Please read on the stats and measurements of both to be sure it fits and works with the electronics involved. http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=206G,209

116207-00 Vacuum Motor Replacement

Is this the same motor as Model 116207-00. This number is from 1987.

We show the 119412 motor as the replacement because is is the same height. But if you can fit the 116472 you will have more power. It is 1/4 higher but the same bolt height. Here are both motors. Note that the 116472 is over 10 amps so be sure the minibreaker is over 10 amps.

116467-00 Replacement Motor



1164700080C Replacement Motor

I am looking for a central vacuum motor for a Kenmore model 1164700080c the only numbers I can find on the motor are 6258-00 and 290793F also 3157371 can you tell me which motor to order

The correct replacement motor for this is part #209. The first motor listed here http://builtinvacuum.com/help/kenmore/motor.html

116472 Lamb Central Vacuum Motor

We have an Aerus Centralux. After a few moments of running it shuts off and on repeatedly. Someone suggested it needs a new circuit board. Any Ideas? Alan Stratford

What you are describing are the common signs of a motor that is dieing. This normally happens after 6-10 years of use. You may also notice that if you jolt the unit, it will turn on for a moment. If the problem was the circuit board, more than likely, the unit would not turn on at all. We suggest replacing the motor.

116472 vs 116765

have an 11 year old beam 199f. really looks like 116765 instead of 116472. Possible? How to be sure? Thanks

Hi, great question. The 116765 is nearly 8 inches tall compared to less then 7 inches on the 116472. You can see them here http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=199,209. That should solve this mystery.


can u tell me if there is a difference between the 116472 and the 116472-13? it is in a vonschrader upholstery m/c.

If your vacuum suctions water, you will need the -13 model.

116474 Motor Replacement with 116472 or 119413?

Looking for motor for our Vacu-maid unit. It is a 1988 model P-110 bought in Canada. The motor says 60288FE and 647400 on it. Can you please confirm the right motor for this since I do not want it to be shipped and have too send it back. The hieght from bottom to top is 7inch. So it I don't know if the 116472 is right? Thanks, Tom Gnutel

Hello, the height is not a problem on either motor. The 119413 is a bit weaker and the 116472 is a bit stronger but is just over 10 amps. Your electronics should be set at 10 amps so there may be an issue.

116754 Motor Replacement?

I am in need of vacuum motor for an EDIC Five Star Carpet Extractor (model 401TR-D). On top of the motor unit is stamped (A096347035 020802K, probably means nothing). EDIC fact sheet says: 106" water lift, 115V, 5.7, reverse fan. EDIC part #G00520-L or Lamb #116754-13. Is the 116472 (#209) the motor I need? How about the 119631 (#209C) or the 119412? Thanks

How many amps? The 116472 is the strongest of the ones you listed and would fit in its place. I would use it. It has 10.7 amps.

116754-13 Motor Replacement?

Yes i have a Galaxy machine 3000sx and it has a lamb vacuum motor that has a part # 116754-13 and im am having trouble finding the replacement motor for it can you help?

Hello, yes the 116472 is the replacement for 116754-13. It is plug and play! Both motors are made by Lamb Ametek.

116765-13 Motor Replacement?

I have an old carpet cleaning machine that uses a Lamb L2-1 120V 60Hz. The part number is 6765-13. I've seen several that look similar, but I'm concerned they wouldn't fit the mount holes or be the right height to allow for fitting of the vacuum hose under the hood of the machine. What say you? Joel in Baton Rouge, LA


You need the 116765-13 Motor. The -13 protects if from any water vapor for applications involving water pick up. We don't carry that motor but there are others that do.

117073-37 Replacement?

I need to replace a LAMB 117073-37* * Model 117037-37 has anodized fans, epoxy painted fan case, and patented Air Seal Bearing. What will be the correct replacement motor? Thank You Carlos Ungo

Sorry Carlos, we don't have that replacement.

117565 Replacement?

I'm looking to replace a Lamb 116465-00, 1991 vintage. Your site says the replacement is 117465. When I click on the details it takes me to 116472, on the previous page from this. Can you confirm the correct replacement part. Thanks. Gary

Trying to replicate the misguided click, but can't. The correct motor replacement is 117465 here http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=207. It is not 116472.

117795 Motor Replacement

I need a replacement motor for my 8yr old Vacuflo 460. motor # 117795-07. Thank you, Morris from Calgary, Canada

Hi, the 116472 is made by the same company and has basically the same power. It fits right in place of the 117795. You can buy it here http://builtinvacuum.com/search_products.html?search_string=117795

122033-00 Motor Replacement

Hi I have a kenmore central vac but none of the serial numbers on the motors match what is in your inventory could you please advise me as to the replacment motor for the 122033-00 ff5 e47185 is please thanks nick kelowna bc

Hi, actually you can compare the raw motor to the motors listed here to figure out the one you need. They only used the ones on this page for the older models. If you have a newer model then contact Sears of Canada. http://builtinvacuum.com/help/kenmore/motor.html

15 Year Old Motor Sparking/ Burning Smell

Vacuflo 260 - I believe the motor is bad. Its about 15 years old. Last time we used it it started sparking with a burning smell and blew off the outlet hose? Now it does not work at all. Please confirm motor I need - unless you think it may be the relay?? Thanks.

Hello, this is a typical sign that the motor needs to be replaced. Here is a link to the motor you will need, and it is not too difficult to change out the motor yourself.

6355-01 Motor Replacement?

Hi Im from the uk. I have a cyclovac e101. I beleive the motor has broken, as when i turn it on the motor starts but then trips the fuse in the electric MAIN POWER box. A uk dealer wasn't helpful as i inherited the system when a brought the house. And not installed by them. The motor number is 180499F / 6355-01 LAMB 240V 50/60HZ. I know you work on a different voltage but wondered if you could give me some advice.

We have that exact motor here http://builtinvacuum.com/search_products.html?search_string=6355. Please send us your address so we can get a quote for you.

6472-00 Replacement Motor

I have a Tytan 1800 canister that is at least nine years old. It had become very noisy and has now stopped running. I took it to a local repair shop where they looked at it and said that the motor is "cooked", but the board and relay are ok. The motor is a "Lamb 6472-00". Is "116472" the correct replacement motor? I can't find any references to the Tytan brand name here, but the picture and other info I have found lead me to believe that the "116472" would likely work. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Rod, Vancouver, Canada.

Hi Rod, yes you have found the correct motor for your vacuum. Way to go!

6472-00 Replacemnt

I have a Lamb motor with the following markings. 6472-00 and 170188FE. Would you know the correct replacement motor? John from Fonthill Ontario Canada

That is the same motor as 116472 and 116472-00. All are the same from the manufacturer, just the number scheme has been updated over time.

6472-07 Motor Replacement?

I have a Hoover S5671 unit. The motor LAMB is 6472-07. Is 116472 the right replacement? Peter from Montreal, QC

Peter, yes, this is the correct motor. Thanks for asking.

6600-007 Replacement Motor?

hi, the motor on my central vac needs replacing the only numbers on the old motor are 6600-007, which motor do i need to replace it as i cant find these numbers on any new ones , thanks Catherine


Actually we have 116311 as the replacement motor for 6600-007. It has worked for many customers. You can see it here http://www.builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=209C

AirVac 425 - Stronger Motor?

the numberon the motor is 6472-00 however the base has 700596F wich dosen't match up with any of the lamb numbers?? the hight of the unit is 6 7/8" ,diamiter 5 5/8". The rubber gasket is a cup like afair with raised compression like rings [2]. It is an AirVac AV425 Do you have a replacement motor unit with a lot more suction? This one has always been kind of feeble from day one Thanks for time..Sal DeRosa

Hello Sal, your unit takes this motor. It was made for this motor. The motor height, connection bolts, electronics, and discharge all work together and fit together. A stronger motor such as the 116765 is taller, pull more amps, and discharges higher up. Something you really should do is change the cloth filter. The motor and filter are all here under model 425 http://builtinvacuum.com/help/airvac.html#motors

AV410 Models Motor Replacement

I have a model AV410B Air Vac . I want to replace the burnt out motor, the markings on the motor are : 11 1290 and 3470-08 Which motor should I buy? Paul Tone Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Hi Paul, it is this motor you are asking about or the 115334. The numbers you give are internal part numbers for the vacuum, not the actual vacuum number. Please take a look at both motors for the 410 models and decide. One is 7.2 inches wide at the base and the other is 5.7 (the 116472 motor is). Thanks for asking and let us know if there is any confusion. http://builtinvacuum.com/help/airvac/motor.html

Bad Motor or MiniBreaker?

We have a VacuFlo 460 with 116472 motor. It is several years old. A few years ago it would run for a few minutes and shut off - pressing the "reset" button got it to come back on for a short time. The installer replaced the "reset" button switch and it has worked well for the last 5 years. Same problem has started again. The motor isn't "loud" and has great suction when working. Brushes look OK, is there a way to test the "reset" /relay switch??? How common is it for these to "fail" before the motor goes bad??? Thanks, Byron, Livonia

Hi Byron, it is unusual for the minibreaker to fail before the motor. It is heat sensitive so it is hard to test one without the other. Our guess would be that this time it is the motor. They only last for around 900 hours.

Bad Motor?

I have one of these systems in my home. When I lift the outlet's, the control box pops like it is sending a signal to the motor but that is all it will do. I think I have a bad motor. any suggestions?

If at the vacuum unit you hear a click when you try to start the vacuum then your motor is dead. If you don't hear a click you have a bad relay / circuit board.

Beam 183 Motor

I have beam model #183. It does not turn on any more but there is power running to the motor. I think i need a new motor but cant find one. Can you help?

Hello, we can help you get the exact motor you need. It is really simple to do over the phone. Please call us and ask for a technician.

Beam 192 Motor Replacement

I have a Beam central vacuum Model 192. What motor unit should I order ? Dennis

Hi Dennis, we don't have a cross reference for this model but it is not difficult to find the one you need. Take a look here and compare the two motors under the 189, 199 models with your motor. http://builtinvacuum.com/help/beam/motor.html Or call us when you are with the motor and with a couple of questions will determine which one you need.

Beam 199D

I have a 199D Beam Vac, need to replace motor. It is located or sits on topt of the unit. I'm linking it up with Lamb #116472, is that correct?. Thanks

Hello, that is usually the right motor for your unit but you will need to make sure that the motor you have is under 7 inches tall. There is a 116765 motor that is 8 tall and used sometimes in the 199 series.

Beam 353 Motor

I have a Beam 353 model central vacuum, serie 9411158, amp 11,hertz 50-60, volts 120. The motor is a "Lamb 6472-00". Is "116472" the correct replacement motor? Jean Quebec CA,

Yes, that is the same motor.

Beam Model 178 Motor

I would like to confirm 116472 as the correct replacement motor. From your picture and measurements, the 116472 appears to be the replacement for the Model 178 motor I am replacing. Tks, Norman Elkin, NC

Hello Norman, we don't have a cross reference but judging by the looks and measurements and other motors in that model range we think it is the motor you need.

Beam Motor to Canada


Usually you replace the motor, especially if you have had the vacuum for over 6 years. This is the correct motor replacement, then 116472. The shipping is detailed online when you but in your address only. Thank you for asking.

Beam Motor?

I have a 10 year old Beam Model 199F. It works fine now, but being that old, I think I should be prepared to replace the motor. The motor has a number on the blower housing. 520698F It looks just like the 116472 in your picture. Would that be the one? Would it be wise to also replace the circut board? If so, do you carry the board? Thanks, Arnold Rodgers Dunnellon, Florida

Hi Arnold, this is the motor you need for your vacuum. It is quite simple to replace and you don't need a circuit board at the same time.

Blue Sparking, Popping

I am Harry from Readington, N.J. I have an AirVac AV2500 that I assume was installed in my house when it was built (a little more than 10 years ago). Earlier this week, when I plugged the hose it into an upstairs wall inlet, the circuit breaker for the unit tripped. I emptied the canister, reset the circuit breaker, and turned on the unit using the toggle switch on the housing. Instead of the normal whine, the unit now growls. It does not provide any suction. I unscrewed the top housing of the unit, and turned the machine on again. There are many sparks coming from the central core, along with some pretty loud electrical popping noises (like small firecrackers). Do I need a new motor, or will changing the brushes suffice? Please let me know. Thanks.

Hi, we highly recommend a new motor. They are designed to last about that long. Brushes may or may not help and not for long. Please take a look at what others are saying about replacing their motor and let us know if you have any questions.

Breaker Location? Bad Low Voltage?

I have two questions for my Filtex Model FX100A, S/N A901078: 1. Where are the fuses located for the motor and what do I have to do to get to them? 2. My low voltage outlets are not working. I have done a continuity check and the wiring is good. After inspecting my hose connector, it does not have the metal band around the connector that goes into the outlets. Do I need a new hose connector to make my vacuum cleaner turn on and off from the floor outlets and can I replace the hose connector if this is what I need? Thanks very much for your help, Jack

Hello Jack, first the breakers are in the motor compartment on the bottom of the unit. Take the dirt bag out, remove from wall, turn upside down and access the area if the mini's need replacing or something. Second you should not need a metal banded hose end since you never needed it in the past. Remove the floor/wall plate and touch the wires together to see if the suction starts (you will not get electrocuted with the small low voltage wire). Also, where the on/off wire connects to the collection unit, try crossing those contacts. This will tell you what is going on. Let us know if you have more questions.

Burning Smell from Motor

Our system, Model 199D, is beginning to smell as if it were hot or a belt is burning. The unit sounds a little strange but runs well. It is about ten years old and is brown. What needs to be done? Is fire likely? What is expected to be the cost for repair? Is upgrading to a better unit in the same space available?

There is not a danger of fire in our experience. The smell is indeed telling you the motor is going bad. You can replace the motor (see this Beam page under 199 all models) or you can replace the entire unit. We suggest a two motor unit from MD Manufacturing (or course) such as the SilentMaster S2 or the ModernDay B2 . You can call us for pricing and information or contact a local dealer .

Burnt Smell

I have an electrolux central vac from 1989 that stopped working in the middle of using. Went to cellar and it smelled like an electrical fire. Do I assume it was the motor? If so, what part # for a replacement motor would I purchase? Thank you.

Yes, that is the sign you need a new motor....a burnt electrical smell.....the motor is fried. We don't see your model number anywhere so maybe you read it wrong? The motors they used are here http://builtinvacuum.com/help/electrolux/motor.html but you may not have a motor cross reference. Please take a look at the model number again on the unit.

Cloth Filter Bag

You don't show a bag with the same demention as the one I have. My airvac 425 has a 14" dia. 12"deep weighted bag, is there any way it can be cleaned?

Hello, we do have a high quality replacement cloth bag with those dimensions. Here it is http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=710B. And they should be replaced every four or five years.

Come with Reset Button?

Denise, Stratford Ontario We have a AV400 central vac which shuts off during use, I know we need motor # 116472 lamb Does this come with a new reset button, if not where can we get one.

Hi, the motor does not come with a minibreaker. We have 10 amp and 15 amp ones here if you need them. http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=250,251. Let us know if you have any more questions.

Dirt Devil 599 Central Vacuum Motor

We have a Dirt Devil 599E. The unit has begun to emit a burnt smell and trip the breaker with extended use. The reset button on the unit has also broken. Can we solve both problems if we replace the motor. If so, how do we tell what replacement motor to order? Scott, Atlanta

Sorry, we don't have a cross reference either, but if you reply with a photo of the motor we will be able to identify it for you. You may have to replace the minibreaker/circuit board as well. You don't know for sure until you get the new motor in.

Erratic Motor or Switch

Hi, I have an AirVac AV410B. The turn on switch seems to have gone bad. It doesn't turn off even when the switch is "off" and power to the unit is erratic. I have to unplug it to turn it off. Bad switch? If so, where could I get a new one?? Thanks, Matthew , Santa Fe, NM

It could be a couple things and over time it will be more evident. Please use this guide for finding the issue www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html

Eureka CV497B Replacement Motor

I have an older model Eureka The BOSS Ironsides central vacuum (model no. CV497B) with a burnt out motor I need to replace. It was an Ametek Lamb, 3 stage 5.7" bypass motor. I can't find the specs or serial number for a replacement motor. Even Eureka Customer Service couldn't tell me. Any help in tracking down a serial number for a replacement motor would be helpful. Also, is rebuilding the motor more cost effective than purchasing a new one? Richard

Rebuilding a motor costs almost as much as a new motor and extends the life an average of one year. Replacing the motor is your best option. We have no information on model CV397B, but we may have the motor that you need. Compare your existing motor to the ones we offer for Eureka systems at http://builtinvacuum.com/help/eureka/motor.html#motor Since that vacuum line is produced by Beam, you can also look at what they use in thier systems for comparison at http://builtinvacuum.com/help/beam/motor.html#filter Compare the listed dimensions and power amperage to your existing.

Excessive Blue Sparking

What are the causes for the excessive blue sparking other then the brushes? What do you look for to determine if it's the armature or the brushes? Thanks again.

Hi, the sparking is natural but if the sparking is wraping around the entire armature then that is a symptom of a problem. The most common cause is the motor is old and beginning to fail. The armature is blackened, pitted, scared with build up. The brushes may still have life (are longer than 3/16 inch) but the armature, sometimes spurred on by a not so tight bearing, is being damaged. It is true that the motor may just need new brushes if one or both are less than 3/16 inch long (the black carbon is 3/4 inches long when new) and the armature is pretty much completely smooth and the bearing solid. Hope that gives you some direction. Want to measure the brushes? Here is some help to remove them: http://builtinvacuum.com/motorbrush.html.

Fasco Control Box Replacement?


Sorry, we are not familiar with that part, but you can use one of our circuit boards to replace all the components. If you have a single motor use the #235S, if two motors the #235M here http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=235S,235M

Grinding Noise

Hi, I have a Kenmore 116.4053280. The motor runs when turned on , but there is a metal to metal grinding noise. Could it be motor bearings?

Hi, yes, that is the bearings going out. It is best to replace the motor now before it overheats and potentially hurts the electrics in the motor. The replacement motors are here http://builtinvacuum.com/help/kenmore/motor.html

How to Send Photo

I need a address to send the pic of the motor

You can attach a photo to this communication interface http://builtinvacuum.com/faq/index.html

Kenmore Warranty Motor

I have a Kenmore central vac that was purchased in june of 2004. It tells me that my motor is warrantied for 10 years. model# S10734430 serial # 104192228700 My motor is making a winning noise that we cant stand anymore. Sounds like bearings are gone. Can you send me what motor model it needs and possibly new motor under warranty

Kemore no longer makes central vacs but may still honor their warranty. Our website is devoted to folks who can't get any service from them any longer. Please call Sears.

Lamb Ametek Vacuum Motor 117073 Replacement

I would like to confirm 116472 as the correct replacement motor. From your picture, the 116472 appears identical to the Model 260 motor I am replacing. In the owner's manual the motor is listed as LAMB #117073-00. Thanks, Peter Rush, NY

Hello Peter, yes, this is the correct replacement and a little more powerful too!


Dear sir, What is the reason for frequent armature failure, what is the life of vacuum motor, shall we get the armature separately, where we can get the same. thanks and regards K.padmakumar RootsMulticlean ltd, cochin.682036 Kerala India

Hello, after the motor is used for around 800 hours it should just be replaced. If the failure happens way before that then the motor should be considered for warranty.

Lots of Sparking

hi, I have beam pu-353a central vacume. it smells lately. I removed the central top cover and noticed that one of the brush contact throwing lot of sparks.Do you think I need the brush replaced? I assume if the armature is bad then both brush should spark a lot. Please help.

Hi, 99% of the time the motor needs to be replaced. The unit is at least 5 years old, right? You can see if the armature is clean and bearing solid, then maybe a new brush or two will do the trick. We suggest a new motor, though.

Low Suction

We have an Electrolux E130A motor that we inherited with the house we just bought. House was vacant for a year or so. The suction out of the wall sockets is very low. But the motor seems to be working okay and is putting out a lot of exhaust air. How can I tell what is the cause of low suction? I have also checked to make sure that all the wall socket flaps are closed. Thanks. Alma - SLC

Hi Alman, please use this guide to find the exact issue with the suction www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html and let us know if you have any more questions.

More Amps, Taller Motor

I have a Beam 189D which was installed in 1998 The motor has become quite noisy and the suction is diminished. The following is stamped on the motor: 6472-00, LAMB USA L2-3, 120V 60Hz. Other numbers on the unit are 780997F and 1 (or L)-03. I have removed the , motor and it appears to be identical to your picture of the 116472, to include the orange-colored brush holders. My questions: the amperage is not stated on the motor itself but a sticker on the outside of the vacuum canister states 10.0 amps. 1. Is this a problem as the 116472 has an amperage of 10.7? 2. The height of my motor is exactly 7 inches as opposed to the 6.75 inches shown for the 116472. Is this a problem? Thank you for your response, John in New Mexico.

Hi, the 116472 is the correct replacement motor. The issues you describe are not a problem. The number on the motor directly references this as the replacement.

Motor Always Runs

We have a Broan CV20 about 7 years old the motor turns on as soon as you plug hose in. I took the top off and unpluged the low voltage line, unpluged the on off switch and the mini breaker and the motor still turns on when I plug the unit in. What do I need to fix it the relay or what? And where can I get it? Please include part # Thank You Richard Parsons Cameron WV

Hi Richard, you did unplug the low voltage wire from the home right? Then the relay will need to be replaced and you may be able to use this one. Take a look at the first wiring link in the description http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=242.

Motor Brush for 6472-00 Ametek Motor

I have an older Beam 167 unit and the unit started smelling a bit but still worked. After taking it apart I found the brushes are in need of replacing. Current motor is the Lamb 6472-00 and I read here that the 116472 is the replacement but can I get motor brushes to replace instead of the hole motor assembly? Thx

Hi, yes, the motor brush you need is right here http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=210R. Please first check to see if the motor has used up its life. Push on the center of the motor. If the shaft can move in any direction (besides spin solidly) then replace the motor, the new brushes will wear out fast because the bearing is just about shot.

Motor High Pitched - Replace?

I have a Eureka Power Line Central vac that is extremely noisy (high pitch sound)should I replace the motor? If so, which one should I order to replace a Lamb 6472-00? Bernard West Palm Beach FL

Hello Bernard, you can replace the motor to stop the sound, or you can wait for the motor to die. Use our motor chart for Eureka to find the correct motor for your model.

Motor On - No Suction

We have Beam 192 unit. When we plug the hose into the outlet, the motor turns on but no suction. Has the motor gone bad? Thanks Shiraz Edmonton

Shiraz, please use this guide to find the real issue. If the motor is on then something is stopping the suction www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html.

Motor or Motor Brushes?

Good Afternoon. I have a Beam model 183 that just stopped working, with a little bit of smoke coming out of the top of the unit. Is this likely requiring a motor replacement, or will changing the brushes suffice. Thanks. Richard from Guelph, Ontario.

It is best to change the motor, not the motor brushes, in this case. Motor brushes are preventative maintenance at half life.

Motor or Relay Bad?

kim-saginaw,i have a vacuflo model 260.is there a way to determine if the motor or the relay is bad.the vacuum will not turn on

Hi Kim, when you try to turn it on, do you hear the vacuum unit click? Then relay is okay, replace the motor. No click? Replace the relay.

Motor or Unit Replacement?

hello i have a air vac sistem cleaning and today i had to push the reset button,it worked but a burn smell comes from the unit. The model is av425,if i have to replace the motor,whitch motor will be . Is it worth it???it has 15 years or better to get a new one. Thanks patricia,boca raton

The reference chart for your model and motor are here http://builtinvacuum.com/help/airvac/motor.html. Many homeowners prefer to replace the motor. However your filtration may encourage you to buy a disposable bag type. The filter in yours has decreased performance over the years. We have some replacements available if your diameter is the same, but if you bought a new unit you'd have better filtration, in our opinion. A new unit would also be stronger. The recommendation is for a SilentMaster S44 or FloMaster M85 available through our dealers.

Motor Unit Stay On

As sson as you plug in the main system it goes on by itself. If you push the switch on the handle of the tube there is a click but does not shut off the main unit. Is the motor bad or is it the mother board?

Sounds like the circuit board is bad. Try disconnecting the wires that come in to the area next to the pipe and see if it still stays on. Look for a manual on/off on the unit itself too. It needs to stay off. If when the low voltage wire is disconnected and it still stays on then it is the board, otherwise it is a short in the wire in the home somewhere.

No Suction

I have astro-vac model 0190l9290 mark -1,the motor works but it's not vaccuming & collecting the dirt. we replaced the old bag with a new one...can u help me please

Please use this systematic approach to discovering the real issue at www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html.

Not Sure of Model

i need to replace a vaccuum motor but dont have model # all i find at the motor is this# a096347009 092098 4475 27 1395 tell me please what kind the motor i need

Hi, these numbers don't help your or MD find the correct motor. Please send us a digital photo of the vacuum unit and motor and we'll be able to tell right away. Thank you.

Nutone Lower Motor Upgrade? NO!

I only need to replace one of the motors (lower) in my Nutone CV450 Your ad says (If you want a stronger motor that will fit in its place, order the 116472). My question is: Do I have to replace both upper and lower motors at the same time. Will the vacuum work promptly with one motor stronger they the other?

Great question. Glad you asked. The answer is no, on the Nutone units with motors in series such as yours, you must not upgrade any motor. It will upset the delicate balance and destroy both motors.

On and Off - Overheating?

I have a beam central vac model #192 after a few minutes running(15 min) it will stop and will start up again in aprox. 2 min then will turn off agin in 1 min. if I wait 10 min then I can finish vacuming is the motor in need of replaceing it seems to be over heating thank you very much

Hello, yes, it sounds like a typical expiring motor.

One Year Failure?

I had my central vac motor replaced 06/08/06, it is the Lamb 116472. After I vacuumed today 11/09/07 it has the burning motor smell, isn't that a bit of a short life? Do I need to replace the motor already? If I do is there an alternative to the Lamb or do I need to order that replacement? Thanks Kristina Chandler AZ

Hello Kristina, sounds like a good probability the motor has a warranty issue. Please call us for a new motor and a Return Number to have it checked out. We will issue you credit on the new motor if we find the motor failed by manufacturer flaw.

Ran Sealed, Ruined Motor

We have a Beam central vacuumm that is six months old. Our daughter accidentally left the kickplate open in the kitchen, and it ran for no more than 3 hours before we came home and discovered it. It seems the motor is completely fried. Is there not supposed to be some type of safety set that stops it from overheating? Any suggestions? Is this likely to be under warranty? Thanks

Hi, the minibreaker should have popped out, usually, and turned the machine off. Also, recently, a part was made that can go into the piping that lets air in when the system is sealed. For warranty please do an internet search for Beam Vacuum and find their .com website.

Relay or Motor Bad?

I have a beam 199d serial # 940103807 lately it doesnt always turn on whether it be from the switch or the wall switch. I dont think it is the motor can it be a relay ? Thanks

If the relay is bad the motor would always stay on OR when you tried turning it on there would NOT be a click. But if there is a click and the motor doesn't start then the motor is bad. The motor may turn on sometimes and not others and may shut off after being on for a while...all symptoms of a bad motor. Good news is we have the replacement and it is not difficult to change it.

Replace Lamb 117073-07 Motor?

I have a 20 year old Vacuflo - Model 260. I need to replace the motor. The rest of the unit is in great shape. The photo of the 116472 Lamb motor looks like the same motor I need, however the number on my motor is 7073-07. Is his the correct replacement?

Yes, the 117073-07 is inactive and the 116472 is the correct replacement motor. Thank you for asking.

Replace Motor Brush to Stop Tripping?

I have a model 189 and the circuit breaker trips after 1-2 seconds. will replacing the brushes fix this???

With that older model it sounds like it is time for a new motor. Motor brushes may or may not work and will only be a quick stop gap.

Replace Motor Brushes?

I have a vacuflo model 260. One of the brush holders has overheated and melted. Can I get replacement brushes and holders for this unit?

If your motor looks exactly like this one http://builtinvacuum.com/parts/motor/116472.html then the motor brushes you can use are here, http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=210R

Replace Motor or Brushes?

I have a Beam 353 model central vacuum and it does not start, I even tried to turn it on by the manual switch on the unit. It did not work. i also tried to rest and all those things did not help. I crossed the low voltage DC line and i hear that relay is clicking. What would you suggest? Do i need to replace the motor or should i change the brushes? My guess is that i need to replace the brushes. Please advise me. Thanks, Saeed

The motor is most likely bad based on what you have said. Our recommendation is a new motor. They last for 800-1000 hours and then are made to be replaced. Brushes are good if the bearing is not loose. If the center shaft has any play then certainly replace the motor.

Replacement Motor

I have a lamb 120 vac 60hz motor from a vacuum that is bad. I'm trying to find a replacement motor. Here are the numbers that I can see on the motor 6566-00 and 070692f. Any help is greatly appreciated. Steve Nampa

That motor number is out of production. We have no direct reference for the current replacement of that motor number. Our central vacuum motors are listed by brand at http://builtinvacuum.com/help/index.html Just click on the brand name of your central vacuum, then on Motors, they are listed by model number.

Replacement Motor 116119

frank st.john's nl. canada,where can i find replacement motor for sears central vac. lamb motor #16119-00.

You can find the motor 116119 on the motor page here, http://builtinvacuum.com/parts/vacuum-motors.html

Starts when Tapped

Hello. I have a Beam Classic III Central Vacuum model 199F. I think the motor has a bad spot. It will not START up sometmes unless I tap the top of it. Suggestions?

Hi, that is a classic sign that the motor is going/gone bad. It requires a pretty simple motor change and this is the correct one.

Stopping, Smelling

Today the motor stopped while operation on my 192 model. I reset the breaker & it can be started again but I see some spark from the top with something smelling. (After a few seconds it stopped again) Suspect it's the carbon brush worn out... If so, is it possible to replace that part ? Or, do I need to replace the whole motor ? Please let me know what's the cost ? Thanks ! Chan, BC Canada

Hello, it is the motor. It is worn out. Since the motor is older on your model it should be completely replaced. New motor brushes are not the cure, they will wear out very fast because the commutator is worn and the armature is most likely not perfectly wobble free. We have great shipping to Canada....

The right motor?

I have a VAC-QUEEN V1000 manufacatured by Health-Mor Inc. Cleveland serial V04366, that started to emit grinding noises and throw sparks. I have removed the motor and found small pieces of brass falling out of the fan housing. I believe the replacement part is 116472 but the overall height of mine is 7" as opposed to 6.75" on your part. The markings on mine are "7100-00 LAMB 120VAC 60HZ and serperately what looks like 27494F Other than that it looks identical to your part and should fit. Is this the right replacement motor? JIM Mississauga Ontario Canada

Hello Jim, yes this is the correct motor for your central vacuum. You can purchase it here.

Tripping Panel Breaker

Hello- I have the Beam 189C. It keeps tripping the ground fault circuit it is on. Sounds more like a motor than a circuit board/relay. Could you comment on this issue and make a reccommendation for repairs. Thanks.

Yes, that would most likely be the motor. The mini breaker on the unit is not doing its job by engaging before the panel breaker does. You probably have the original motor and it is used up. Replacing the motor is key here and should solve all the issues. It is not difficult to replace.

Tytan Central Vacuum Parts

I have a Tytan 3600 central vacuum. There seems to be a total lack of information for this make on the internet. Do you know did the company go out of business or were they bought out by a competitor? Also interested to know if you have ever heard of anyone installing outlet mufflers in series to provide increased sound dampening and would this work? Paul White Rock BC

Hi, that is probably a re-label of something like a Hayden or older AirStream which Hayden bought out decades ago. They have a 3600 model so that is what triggered the possible match. Is the filter a long pleated paper cylinder? Installing dual mufflers may not help. Some central vacs are noisy from the motor compartment, not the exhaust. You can try but chances are it will not help.

Tytan Central Vacuum Parts?

Electrical burn smell motor I have a TYTAN 3600 central vacumm. It has been 10 years. I cleaned the house for whole day. I found there was electrical burn smell filled in my garage when I stopped using this morning. The vacumm still runs well. If it is safe to use again or need to have a replacement. Where to find the motor. can I set up by myself. Thanks Serina,Vancouver Canada

Your motor is about to stop working. You should replace it now so that the overheating doesn't ruin any other parts of the vacuum. Not being familiar with the Tytan vacuum, we don't know where to send you for a motor. You can send a photo to us of the unit and motor and we can figure it out if you'd like.

Vacuflo 17 Motor

we have an hp vacuflo system model #17 power unit No. 5704..will this motor replace this unit, without any changes? thank you for your assistance. Laurie for Hank

Yes, we show this motor goes in without any modifications. Just remove the old motor and this new one will fit right into place!

Vacuflo 260 Motor

Hi, I have a vacuflow 260 which was working great no noises ect. Wife used it this afternoon now it doesn't work just a click in the unit when the contacts are closed on the hose connection... coudl the motor die that fast? Thanks, Robby

Motors can just stop working once they are done. Once the internal components have worn out, it is common for them to just stop. You can find your replacement at http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=209,221,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Vacuflo+17,+260,+460,+760

Vacuflo 260 Motor Replacement

We have a model VacuFlo 260, SN 040Z 185, 120VAC, 50-60 hz single phase, 10 amp, 3-wire hookup. There are four numbers on the unit. 6472 7073 07 041196F 1-02. The unit began to make a funny noise and smells hot. The unit is 11 years old. I believe we need a new motor. Which motor do we need? Tom Grant Van Buren, AR 72956

Vacuflo 260 Motor.

Have a "Vacuflo" model 260, ser# 020Z878, 120/10.0 Amps With following numbers on motor, 650294F and 6472. Also 707300 Lamb. Can you give me a price for replacement motor, including shipping?? T. Denny

You need the 116472 motor: http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=209,221,how2mtr The cost is around $170.00 and shipping around $8.99 (prices subject to change).

VacuFlo 460 Motor

Harvey Crestwood, I need a motor for my Vacuflo 460 system ser #002pp174. The motor is a lamb with number 119500 and 420696F on it. What motor should I order? Do I need a new ring too, the old one looks good but will the size be different?

Hello Harvey, that is interesting. 119500 is a Lamb number sequence but Lamb doesn't show that number. Would you mind sending a photo of the motor itself?

Vacuflo 460 Motor and Electric Kit

Couple of questions; I have a VacuFlo 460 and need to replace the motor. Number on the motor is 017PP041. Can you recommend the replacement and is there an upgrade with respect to power? In addition, we purchased the home as a resale. Previous owner left central vac equipment which did not include an electric power head. Inlets look like they are "standard", they do not appear as the propriatory Vacuflo heads. ID of inlet is 1.5", will the electric power head kits you have on your site work proprly? I belive I would require the tupe that plug independantly with the 8' cord? Thanks, Bill, Plymouth,MA.

Bill, we do show this motor as a replacement motor for your Vacuflo 460. Also, be sure to reach up from the bottom and clean your screen regularly. It sounds like you have standard inlets which will work with any of the electric kits and all of them have the option for a corded hose end, which is what you'll need. Enjoy your new home and the vacuum!

Vacuflo 460 Replacement Motor

We need a new motor for our Vacuflo 460. Can you confirm model number?

You can find Vacuflo replacment motors listed by model number here, http://builtinvacuum.com/help/vacuflo-dirt-devil/motor.html#motor

Vacuflo with Low Suction

VacuFlo 260 Motor Hello- we have a VaculFlo 260- nearly 6 years old- and it has lost a lot of suction- unless we rev the motor by placing open fingers on the hose end. I believe we need a new motor...BUT- the only number we can find is a serial # 070Z097. We need to verify which motor we need to purchase. Can you please help me? Daria in Beaufort, S.C.

Usually motors do not loose suction but simply stop working when they are retired. Have you scraped the screen off within the main vacuum? Remove the bottom and reach up into the unit and you'll see a screen that collects hair, etc. Spent some time getting that really clean and you'll be back in business. If it is clean then your hose or pipes have a clog. Use solution #3 here to fix that www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html.

What Motor Do I Need?

I have an Centralux E130A system. Which is the correct replacement motor ? The Lamb 116472 P/N 209 or the 119631 P/N 209C ? Chris, Mountain Lakes, NJ

Hello Chris, if your motor tapers down then you will need part number 209C (119631 Lamb Vacuum Motor). However, if it is completely flat then you will need part number 209(116472 Lamb Central Vacuum Motor).