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Motor Brush (116765, 117939) Q&A

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When to Replace, Do-it-Yourself

I have an airvac zx6000 gold, the amber light came on (after 9 years) indicating half-life of the brushes. a) can I wait a few more years to replace them? and b) I see Motor Brush (motors 11-6765, 7939) on your site, looks like these should be for my motor - are they consumer-replaceable? (I usually make my own repairs to things.) Thanks.

Motors go bad when the brush/communtator connection goes bad, or when the bearings go bad. You can wait until the motor burns out or you can check the brushes soon. The lead is 3/4" long when new. If any of them are down to 3/8" you should replace those ones because if they wear down they damage the communtator they touch. And yes, you can replace them yourself. There are how-to instructions available to click from on the motor brush part online.

Carbon Brush Wire

How is this the copper wire attached to a carbon brush, the one I have appears to have been glued

The wire on this brush is attached to a small metal spade that locks into a slot on the side of the brush between the plastic outer shell and the metal casing around the carbon. Slide the metal spade with the wire attached into the slot on the new brush and press into place.

Hoover S5673 Replacement Motor Brushes

I hav a Hoover Central Vocuum model S5673. The brush with number 5673. What motor brush I need. Steve Toronto

If the brushes are for the original Hoover motor, you will need to contact the manufacturer. If the motor in the unit is an original Ametek motor, you can use these

11-6947 Brush?

I have a Eureka model vacuum which has a lamb electric motor 120 volts, 7.5 amps. The motor has two blue Mfg.number stampings 6947-49/694700. The motor brushes have a carbon,metal and plastic white covering composition and the motor metal wire slat that is slid between the metal and plastic casing. Similar to Part# 210S. Can you advise me Which brushes are required for this motor. Thank you H.J.W.

Sorry, we don't have a cross reference for that motor brush and it is not safe to go by looks or how the slat fits in. The brushes change color and style, so you need a cross reference.

Fasco Brush?

I have a Fasco motor Model 8525VDM on a Mastervac II and need new brushes for the motor can you help me

Here is the motor brush, but we highly recommend replacing these old motors. They are done after 800 plus hours of use.,205

Electrolux Compatible?

I have an Electrolux 1590 and the motor is labeled SA 6600-0001. It is not the original motor but I think it is from Electrolux. The brushes from this motor have a copper sleeve around the carbon brush that I had to pull out of an opening in the plastic motor casing. I cut the plastic sleeve off of this brush and though the two look very similar the new brush (both casing & carbon) is just a little wider than the brush from the motor. Do I have the wrong brush? Thanks for any help you can give - Rich from Valparaiso, IN

Sorry, that is the original motor (a different vendor then Lamb Ametek) and we do not have the parts you need, and don't know where to get them. Sorry. We do have an excellent Lamb replacement motor though.

Lamb 6765-00 Brushes?

I have a Kenmore central vacuum Model#34806 Serial # 940428561 The only marking on the motor is Lamb 6765-00 . Can you tell me which brushes are required for this motor.Thanks Jerry Vancouver BC

Hi, these are the correct brushes for 6765-00 motors. We recommend replacing the motor, however, if it has had over 800 hours of use.

119678 Motor Brush

i have a Beam 2775EA which has a Lamb electric motor No 119678-00 which carbon brushes do i require,reguards Paul Caldwell N Ireland.

Hi, we do not carry the brush for that motor.

6765-07 Brush

One of the above questions was about a lamb 6765-07 probably out of a Hoover like mine. That motor going by the the model# is in fact a 116765. The bushes should therefore be 210S

Yes, thank you, the brush is for all 11-6765 type motors.

Attaching Wire

How do I attach the wire from the motor to the brush housing? The old brushes seem to have the wire crimped to the metal sleeve holding the brush. Do I have to solder or weld the wire to the new brush sleeve? Michael Pittsford, NY

Yes, on some new brushes the connection will be different and may require soldering. Older and newer ones changed for whatever reason. Some had a long thin metal tongue that slid between the carbon and the metal. Other had a flange to slip right on to. When replacing you may have to get creative....

676507 Motor Brush?

My motor is #676507. The part numbered 210X looks closer to my needs than the 210S. What do I need? Thanks Norm

Probably not anything we have, we don't have a cross reference for this.

How is Wire Attached?

How is the wire connected to this brush? I could rewire the motor leads to fit your electrical connection. Thanx

It is not too clean but on a lot of Ametek motors the wire is attached to a 1/2 inch long, thin, metal slat that is slid between the carbon and the metal casing.

Spade Connector?

It looks like that is the brush I require. Does it have a spade lug on the side?

Please only use these for the motor numbers they are intended for. This brush doesn't have a spade.