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116765 Lamb Central Vacuum Motor Q&A

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-00 vs -13 Difference in Vacuum Motors Numbers

What's the difference between the -00 and the -13 motor? Are these motors interchangeable for a central vacuum? Is one better than another, or stronger or more durable?

The difference between -00 and -13 is -13 has an epoxy coating that keeps water vapor from getting into the armature. It is only needed for vacuums that involve water pick up such as carpet cleaner extractors. Otherwise, they are the same motor all the way around and completely interchangeable for central vacuum systems. That said, central vacuums most often use the -00 motor. Buy the 116765 Motor or the 116765-13 Motor

10 amp or 13.5 amp?

From Vancouver, BC. 15-year old Beam PE371. Motor runs but sounds much higher pitch as usual, and seconds later fuse (15A) pops out. Is the motor bad or it's the other electrical pieces near by ? I've taken the motor off (very easy), and do find '6765-00' on it. However, the CV body is stamped '120V, 10A, 60Hz', whereas your website indicats 116765 is 13.5A. So is this replacement motor compatible, or I have to change out some other electrical components ? Thanks.

As long as your minibreaker is over 13 amps you can use this replacement motor. It is the exact replacement for 6765 so it is strange that you see 10 amp on the canister - that may have been a mistake. The sound is the bearing going bad and it is overheating thus popping the minibreaker. Time to replace the motor.

116.4803080C Motor

I wanted to replace the motor for my central vacuum cleaner Kenmore Model # 116.4803080C. What is the right type or model do I used? (120 VAC motor and 8 inches height) thanks, fred


We can't find a reference for that one. Please send us a digital photo of the motor and we will know right away, thanks.

116472 or 116765

OK I am some what confused. I have a 1990's vintage Beam model 199D. I have seen references for both the motors. Both refer to the 199 model but not explicitly to the 199D. If I have the correct motor I know I can replace it. Please clarify. Matt in Seattle


Please measure the height of your motor. The 116765 is taller at about 8 compared to under 7 for the 116472. That will tell you which one you have.

116565 Motor Replacement?

Hello, I have an Electrolux model 1590 that needs a new motor. The old motor is a Lamb model 116565-13. I think the -13 means wet pick-up, but the website says the replacement motor is the 116765. What is the difference between the 116565 and the 116765, Ed from Everson, PA.


The 116565 motor is still available but customers want more power...about 25% more power! The motor fits right in place of the 116565. You have the choice. Thank you for the question.

116765 or Tapered Motor for Electrolux 1590

I have a Electrolux 1590. It is about 15 years old and needs a new motor. Should I be ordering the 116765 which says for the 1590 or the 119631 which says for some 1590's. How do I tell without taking it apart to look for tapered bottom - whatever that is. Thanks Murray


Measure the height of the motor. If around 7 inches then you take the tapered motor but if around 8 inches then the taller 116765. It is usually always the 116765 for the 1590 models.

116765-13 Motor Replacement?

I have an old carpet cleaning machine that uses a Lamb L2-1 120V 60Hz. The part number is 6765-13. I've seen several that look similar, but I'm concerned they wouldn't fit the mount holes or be the right height to allow for fitting of the vacuum hose under the hood of the machine. What say you? Joel in Baton Rouge, LA


You need the 116765-13 Motor. The -13 protects if from any water vapor for applications involving water pick up. We don't carry that motor but there are others that do.

160397F Replacement Motor?

I have a Beam Unit Model 2100. It is about 14 yrs old. The Motor states 160397F. Is the part # 116765 the replacement unit? Also, Does the motor come with the blower section attached to it as shown in the picture? Thanks, John

Yes and Yes. It is the replacement and it comes with the blower.

2 vs 3 Stage Motors

Re my question "Springs not Bolts" above - but what model do I need?? Can I go to a two stage as I gather they have more suck? (mine is now a three stage)

3-Stage motors have more suction and less airflow - good for non-electric carpet brushes and large homes with single motor vacuums because the suction is what maintains quality airflow over long distances. The 2-stage motors have more airflow and are good for electric brushes and but are not good when used with only one. Two 2-stage motors is much better because it doubles the airflow and makes up for less suction. You can't double the suction by adding another motor, only the airflow.

220-240 Volt Version

i need this kind of motor in 220v, do you have this thanks

Yes, the larger voltage version of this motor is

50 Hz Available?

Can I get 116765 & 115334 in 50 Hz. Fred, Kingston, Jamaica.

Both motors run at 50 and 60 Hz.

6765-00 Motor Replacement?

motor is off of an elektra "the boss" c.v. two part #'s 6765-00 lamb and a 290796f. what would your replacement motor # be. thx

The 116765 motor here is the exact replacement. The motor is in stock and ready to ship!

Adaptor needed

I have a 1590A and the 116765 appears to be the correct replacement. Do you have the adaptor on the outlet side of motor/blower asy ? Bob. Bradford, Vt.

Hello, yes we do have the adaptor you are looking for. It is called a Motor Exhaust Coupling, and can be found here.

AirVac ZX6000 Motor?

Hi we have a AirVac zx6000 about 6 yrs old. The motor is making a loud noise as if something is lose and the suction is low. If we need to replace the motor which one do you recommend and how complicated is it?

Hi, you do need to replace the motor and it is not difficult. Here is the motor and instructions.,221,722L,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+MandS+FX3000. If you need any help let us know at 800-997-2278.

AV600 Motor?

What would be the replacement motor for the AV600? Thanks

Hi, that is what our cross reference shows, it is the 116765 motor. If your motor measures different then please call us and we will show you the correct motor. Thank you.

Beam 189 Replacement Motor

Hello, I have a Beam model #189. There is no suction, the system is completely cleaned out. The motor seems to be sparking and making odd noises. Is it shot? What model/type of motor can I/do I need to replace it with? The motor is on the top of the unit. Thank You Andy from Rochester, NY

Hello Andy, you will want to look at both of these motors and measure the height of yours to see which it is.

Beam 191, and 656500 on Motor

I have a Beam Model 191 central vac. I need to replace the motor (8"H x 5.75'W approx.)115V. I can't determine which one to order. Could you please help me out. The only numbers on the motor are 170888FE and 656500. Thanks

The correct replacement is the 116765 Lamb Ametek motor, which you can view/purchase HERE.

Beam 197 Motor

It seems that I have a Beam 197, and thats all that I see as a model number. One day the whole unit just went dead. I can't get anything. My handyman said I need a new motor. What one would I get? How much? The unit is about 17 years old. Thanks, Diane in SLC


That is a model that most likely takes the 116765 motor, if not then the 116472. At Parts and Motors for Beam Vacuum page click on the motor link to measure the height and width to compare to yours. Your motor does need to be replaced if all you hear is a click at the unit when you try to engage the suction. Motors are not too difficult to replace and we have them in stock.

Beam 199 Models 13 amp

Hello, I have Model 199D 120v 12amp motor. Which motor do I need. The motor you say will replace this one is 13amp? will this work corectly with 15amp breaker? I would think, but...

All 13 amp units take the 116765 motor. The 15 amp minibreaker is correct for this motor.

Beam 199D With Low Suction

Hi, I have a Beam 199d system with very low suction. How can I improve the suction short of installing a totally new unit? Ron Escondido, CA

If the suction is less powerful than it used to be, first check all the filters to be sure they are clear. Also, check the metal screen (located just before the motor) that can get clogged as well and lessen the air flow. If they are all clear, the motor may be having issues and might need to be replaced.

Beam 199ED Motor?

Good morning, I have a Beam central since 1996, model n° 199ED. I don't find the part number of motor to changed it because his rotor is in short circuit. Can you give me the good reference. Can I put motor with more power for more suction, and who is it. This is the differents numbers that i find on the motor: on stator, color white 17101 on turbine, color green 7123 00 lamb 240v 50/60HZ on turbine, color green 85 01 96F Thank you for your help. Salutations J.P. Billet

Hello J.P., thanks for the detailed question. That 199 model actually takes the 117123 motor here:,221,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Beam+199ED We will update this on the website. Thanks!

Beam 199F Motor Will Not Turn On

I have a Beam 199F. The unit stopped working. When I pressed the manual switch, I don't hear any click at all. I tapped on the motor and it started and was able to use the vacuum for a couple of days. Now it died on me again and I can't start the motor any more. Is the motor bad? Thanks, Bill, Clarksburg

Yes, the motor is bad and needs to be replaced. You can view/purchase the replacement motor HERE.

Beam 2100 Motor?

I have a Beam Serenity 2100 12.0 Amps vaacum and need a new motor. Please advise on the model that I need to replace it. Do yuo suggest to also exchange the gasket? Thank you

Hello, we show this motor as the replacement and you may or may not need the gasket. It is there so metal is not touching metal. Have you seen your motor? It looks exactly like this one, right? The plastic holders on the side may be a different color but that is normal.

Beam 2100A Motor and Parts

I have a Beam 2100A. Which motor and circuit board do I need for replacement. Are there any other parts I should be thinking about replacing? Filter?

Hi, here is the motor and recommended board,221,235S,how2mtr&qty The board is the same high quality, only less money and without "idiot" lights, if your model had them. The filter should be replaced as well. There are two diameter bags here, please measure the diameter of your unit,711B

Beam Enviro Smart Central Vac 391

I have a Beam Enviro Smart central vac and i need a replacemnet motor. The model number is 371 G but i can only find a 371 on your site, are they the same?

Yes, the same motor goes into both 391 and 391G (as well as any other version of 391).