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116765 Lamb Central Vacuum Motor Q&A

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-00 vs -13 Difference in Vacuum Motors Numbers

What's the difference between the -00 and the -13 motor? Are these motors interchangeable for a central vacuum? Is one better than another, or stronger or more durable?

The difference between -00 and -13 is -13 has an epoxy coating that keeps water vapor from getting into the armature. It is only needed for vacuums that involve water pick up such as carpet cleaner extractors. Otherwise, they are the same motor all the way around and completely interchangeable for central vacuum systems. That said, central vacuums most often use the -00 motor. Buy the 116765 Motor or the 116765-13 Motor

10 amp or 13.5 amp?

From Vancouver, BC. 15-year old Beam PE371. Motor runs but sounds much higher pitch as usual, and seconds later fuse (15A) pops out. Is the motor bad or it's the other electrical pieces near by ? I've taken the motor off (very easy), and do find '6765-00' on it. However, the CV body is stamped '120V, 10A, 60Hz', whereas your website indicats 116765 is 13.5A. So is this replacement motor compatible, or I have to change out some other electrical components ? Thanks.

As long as your minibreaker is over 13 amps you can use this replacement motor. It is the exact replacement for 6765 so it is strange that you see 10 amp on the canister - that may have been a mistake. The sound is the bearing going bad and it is overheating thus popping the minibreaker. Time to replace the motor.

116.4803080C Motor

I wanted to replace the motor for my central vacuum cleaner Kenmore Model # 116.4803080C. What is the right type or model do I used? (120 VAC motor and 8 inches height) thanks, fred


We can't find a reference for that one. Please send us a digital photo of the motor and we will know right away, thanks.

116472 or 116765

OK I am some what confused. I have a 1990's vintage Beam model 199D. I have seen references for both the motors. Both refer to the 199 model but not explicitly to the 199D. If I have the correct motor I know I can replace it. Please clarify. Matt in Seattle


Please measure the height of your motor. The 116765 is taller at about 8 compared to under 7 for the 116472. That will tell you which one you have.

116565 Motor Replacement?

Hello, I have an Electrolux model 1590 that needs a new motor. The old motor is a Lamb model 116565-13. I think the -13 means wet pick-up, but the website says the replacement motor is the 116765. What is the difference between the 116565 and the 116765, Ed from Everson, PA.


The 116565 motor is still available but customers want more power...about 25% more power! The motor fits right in place of the 116565. You have the choice. Thank you for the question.

116765 or Tapered Motor for Electrolux 1590

I have a Electrolux 1590. It is about 15 years old and needs a new motor. Should I be ordering the 116765 which says for the 1590 or the 119631 which says for some 1590's. How do I tell without taking it apart to look for tapered bottom - whatever that is. Thanks Murray


Measure the height of the motor. If around 7 inches then you take the tapered motor but if around 8 inches then the taller 116765. It is usually always the 116765 for the 1590 models.

116765-13 Motor Replacement?

I have an old carpet cleaning machine that uses a Lamb L2-1 120V 60Hz. The part number is 6765-13. I've seen several that look similar, but I'm concerned they wouldn't fit the mount holes or be the right height to allow for fitting of the vacuum hose under the hood of the machine. What say you? Joel in Baton Rouge, LA


You need the 116765-13 Motor. The -13 protects if from any water vapor for applications involving water pick up. We don't carry that motor but there are others that do.

160397F Replacement Motor?

I have a Beam Unit Model 2100. It is about 14 yrs old. The Motor states 160397F. Is the part # 116765 the replacement unit? Also, Does the motor come with the blower section attached to it as shown in the picture? Thanks, John

Yes and Yes. It is the replacement and it comes with the blower.

2 vs 3 Stage Motors

Re my question "Springs not Bolts" above - but what model do I need?? Can I go to a two stage as I gather they have more suck? (mine is now a three stage)

3-Stage motors have more suction and less airflow - good for non-electric carpet brushes and large homes with single motor vacuums because the suction is what maintains quality airflow over long distances. The 2-stage motors have more airflow and are good for electric brushes and but are not good when used with only one. Two 2-stage motors is much better because it doubles the airflow and makes up for less suction. You can't double the suction by adding another motor, only the airflow.

220-240 Volt Version

i need this kind of motor in 220v, do you have this thanks

Yes, the larger voltage version of this motor is

50 Hz Available?

Can I get 116765 & 115334 in 50 Hz. Fred, Kingston, Jamaica.

Both motors run at 50 and 60 Hz.

6765-00 Motor Replacement?

motor is off of an elektra "the boss" c.v. two part #'s 6765-00 lamb and a 290796f. what would your replacement motor # be. thx

The 116765 motor here is the exact replacement. The motor is in stock and ready to ship!

Adaptor needed

I have a 1590A and the 116765 appears to be the correct replacement. Do you have the adaptor on the outlet side of motor/blower asy ? Bob. Bradford, Vt.

Hello, yes we do have the adaptor you are looking for. It is called a Motor Exhaust Coupling, and can be found here.

AirVac ZX6000 Motor?

Hi we have a AirVac zx6000 about 6 yrs old. The motor is making a loud noise as if something is lose and the suction is low. If we need to replace the motor which one do you recommend and how complicated is it?

Hi, you do need to replace the motor and it is not difficult. Here is the motor and instructions.,221,722L,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+MandS+FX3000. If you need any help let us know at 800-997-2278.

AV600 Motor?

What would be the replacement motor for the AV600? Thanks

Hi, that is what our cross reference shows, it is the 116765 motor. If your motor measures different then please call us and we will show you the correct motor. Thank you.

Beam 189 Replacement Motor

Hello, I have a Beam model #189. There is no suction, the system is completely cleaned out. The motor seems to be sparking and making odd noises. Is it shot? What model/type of motor can I/do I need to replace it with? The motor is on the top of the unit. Thank You Andy from Rochester, NY

Hello Andy, you will want to look at both of these motors and measure the height of yours to see which it is.

Beam 191, and 656500 on Motor

I have a Beam Model 191 central vac. I need to replace the motor (8"H x 5.75'W approx.)115V. I can't determine which one to order. Could you please help me out. The only numbers on the motor are 170888FE and 656500. Thanks

The correct replacement is the 116765 Lamb Ametek motor, which you can view/purchase HERE.

Beam 197 Motor

It seems that I have a Beam 197, and thats all that I see as a model number. One day the whole unit just went dead. I can't get anything. My handyman said I need a new motor. What one would I get? How much? The unit is about 17 years old. Thanks, Diane in SLC


That is a model that most likely takes the 116765 motor, if not then the 116472. At Parts and Motors for Beam Vacuum page click on the motor link to measure the height and width to compare to yours. Your motor does need to be replaced if all you hear is a click at the unit when you try to engage the suction. Motors are not too difficult to replace and we have them in stock.

Beam 199 Models 13 amp

Hello, I have Model 199D 120v 12amp motor. Which motor do I need. The motor you say will replace this one is 13amp? will this work corectly with 15amp breaker? I would think, but...

All 13 amp units take the 116765 motor. The 15 amp minibreaker is correct for this motor.

Beam 199D With Low Suction

Hi, I have a Beam 199d system with very low suction. How can I improve the suction short of installing a totally new unit? Ron Escondido, CA

If the suction is less powerful than it used to be, first check all the filters to be sure they are clear. Also, check the metal screen (located just before the motor) that can get clogged as well and lessen the air flow. If they are all clear, the motor may be having issues and might need to be replaced.

Beam 199ED Motor?

Good morning, I have a Beam central since 1996, model n° 199ED. I don't find the part number of motor to changed it because his rotor is in short circuit. Can you give me the good reference. Can I put motor with more power for more suction, and who is it. This is the differents numbers that i find on the motor: on stator, color white 17101 on turbine, color green 7123 00 lamb 240v 50/60HZ on turbine, color green 85 01 96F Thank you for your help. Salutations J.P. Billet

Hello J.P., thanks for the detailed question. That 199 model actually takes the 117123 motor here:,221,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Beam+199ED We will update this on the website. Thanks!

Beam 199F Motor Will Not Turn On

I have a Beam 199F. The unit stopped working. When I pressed the manual switch, I don't hear any click at all. I tapped on the motor and it started and was able to use the vacuum for a couple of days. Now it died on me again and I can't start the motor any more. Is the motor bad? Thanks, Bill, Clarksburg

Yes, the motor is bad and needs to be replaced. You can view/purchase the replacement motor HERE.

Beam 2100 Motor?

I have a Beam Serenity 2100 12.0 Amps vaacum and need a new motor. Please advise on the model that I need to replace it. Do yuo suggest to also exchange the gasket? Thank you

Hello, we show this motor as the replacement and you may or may not need the gasket. It is there so metal is not touching metal. Have you seen your motor? It looks exactly like this one, right? The plastic holders on the side may be a different color but that is normal.

Beam 2100A Motor and Parts

I have a Beam 2100A. Which motor and circuit board do I need for replacement. Are there any other parts I should be thinking about replacing? Filter?

Hi, here is the motor and recommended board,221,235S,how2mtr&qty The board is the same high quality, only less money and without "idiot" lights, if your model had them. The filter should be replaced as well. There are two diameter bags here, please measure the diameter of your unit,711B

Beam Enviro Smart Central Vac 391

I have a Beam Enviro Smart central vac and i need a replacemnet motor. The model number is 371 G but i can only find a 371 on your site, are they the same?

Yes, the same motor goes into both 391 and 391G (as well as any other version of 391).

Beam Motor Replacement

I have a Beam 199C that has very noisy bearings after running a short while. Are these bearings replaceable? Thanks, Mike from Orrington, Maine

Mike, at this time we do not know of anyone who replaces the beargings in a motor and I believe this would be due to the cost of labor and also finding someone who sells the bearings. We would recommend replacing the motor and also getting a one year warranty on the replacemnet motor.

Bearing Available?

My Lamb 6765-07 motor needs brushes and bearings. This unit is from an Electrolux 1590. Are these parts sold separately?

You can find the brushes here but not the bearing. These motors are made to last 800 hours and should then be replaced.

Blink Green Light, Power Cuts Out

We have an AirVAC ZX6000 central vac system installed in our NEW home (we've only been in for 1 year). The canister green light is blinking all of the time. When using the system it runs and cuts out. Wait .. and it will restart. Suction is very strong at all outlets. I have read thru the other posts about the "blinking green light" and have unplugged and replugged the main power cord as suggested to reset the circuit card. No change. When the power cord is plugged in the green light starts blinking rapidly and changes to slow. There appears to be no identifiable pattern of when it cuts out and how the system is being used. The system may have been running for some minutes or it may have just been turned on after a long time off ... ? Tom & Wendy, Charlotte, NC

Hello Tom and Wendy, the manufacturer doesn't support that unit any longer from what we understand. We suggest having an electrical person switch the circuit board to our #235S. Also, you need to make sure the motor is not going bad. Look for excessive blue sparking at the top of the motor. Let us know what you find.

Blinking Green Light

I have an Air Vac ZX6000 and the green light on the side keeps blinking. I've cleaned the bags, reset the unit, but still can't get the light to stop blinking. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

Hello, typically to solve this problem you would need to unplug the powercord from the unit that is in the wall and plug it back in to reset the circuit board. Please contact us if the problem is not solved.

Breaker Trips

Hi, We have the central vacuum cleaner model #1590. It is about 12 years old. When we turn it on it trips the breaker. We tried putting it onto another breaker it is still doing the same thing. So my huband unpugged the power unit and plugged in the power nozzel and it worked w/o trippping the breaker. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Cindy

Hi Cindy, if the unit is unplugged then you where vacuuming without suction even though it sounded like it was on. That was just the nozzle sound. The tripping breaker indicates you need a new motor (maybe a new breaker on the vacuum as well). Start with the motor and you can find the replacement here. It is easy to replace.

Breaking in a Motor?

Is there a break-in period for new motors. Mine is #116765 to replace an Electrolux 1590. Is there any reason to use it in short periods for some initial time? Thanks, Paul

Hello, there is no break-in period for a motor, but great question.

Brushes and Shipping

Hi , I'm looking for a set of carbon brushes for a 116765-00 motor. Please provide a price for the brushes and shipping to Ontario Canada

The brushes you need are here, you will need two. To find the exact shipping charge you need to begin Canada Checkout and put in your address. We have a highly technical system that gives you the best rates.

Brushes for Motor

I have an Electrolux 1590. I replaced the motor several years ago, the Amteck replacement motor has the number RO38G3480-15 on it. Do you have brushes that will fit? Thanks, Ron Eastsound, WA. The brushes in my motor have a connecting spade and also a slot that fits half way around the screw that holds the brush in place.

Hello Ron, yes the brushes have changed over the years. Truth is if you got your 800 hours out of the motor then it is ready to be replaced. We suggest replacing the motor right here

Carbon Dust - All Motors

I have been searching for an answer to the problem of the carbon dust emissions from our Electrolux Central Vac. Not only is it unhealthy, but it leaves a film on the walls,cabinets etc. in our laundry room where the unit is installed. I found your blog on "Eliminating Harmful Central Vacuum Carbon Dust Emissions" and was relieved to hear that this indeed is a problem with some motors. You then offered two solutions; one being the Silent Master Model SR. Will the Silent Master Model SR motor fit our Electrolux - Model no. 1590? If it will fit, is it available in Canada? Norma

The SR replacement is the entire unit (all brands that don't deal well with carbon dust, and most don't) and yes, you would hand the new unit on your wall and us the existing tubing and wire. This one of a kind vacuum motor has no carbon brushes and is longer lasting than tradition carbon brush motors in all central vacuums. It is expensive though. Yes, we can send it to Canada, please call us for more information, it is not available online.

Centralux E130A Bottom Canister Not Tight

This is almost an embarassing question. I have a Centralux E-130A system in the townhouse we are renting I emptied the tank after about 5 months and the seal and the side snaps was very tight when I took it off. I reattached the tank and the side tank grabbers are loose and the tank and lip won't form a tight seal. What am I doing wrong? -David Montreal

A missing gasket seal would cause a loose fit. Replacing the gasket seal and then setting the tank clamps should remedy the issue. Please contact Centralux directly at (800) 896-9756.

Circuit Board

The relay circut board transformer have burned. I do not know why. I need to replace these parts where can I buy them.

Clog in System?

I have a Beam model #189 and don't have any suction. The motor sounds normal and the can is clean along with the bag that hangs inside. I found that one cover in the house was slightly open but once closed the problem wasn't solved. I fear that a line may be plugged but would like your advice before climbing into the attic. Please help.


Hi, we have some helpful solutions here The hose may be clogged. If the pipes are clogged there are ways to free it up without cutting into the system (the last resort is to do that). Let us know if you have any other questions.

Dead Unit

I have a Hayden 3600 central vacuum. For a while the unit would cut out or off and on but would always start. The unit has set for several months and now nothing works. The unit is completely dead. Also I disconnected the two low voltage wires and now I don't know the correct order to reconnect. Any suggestions? Ed Vero Beach, Florida

The low voltage wires can go on either way, you can't mess them up. If the unit clicks when trying to start it from the home then the motor it bad. If it doesn't click then the circuit board is bad. Look up our Hayden help pages for more information on replacing.

Electrolux E130A Motor?

I have a model E 130 A electolux that needs a motor; what replacement part do I need. fred schierloh temperance, mi

Fred, the correct motor replacement is actually not the one in question, but right here,,730EXF,how2mtr Thanks for asking.

Electrolux 1580 Motor?

I have a Electrolux Model 1580 that was installed about 20 years ago. The motor has developed a whinning noise . Does this need a new motor? What is the replacement # and can I replace this myself? Is there any special wiring needed? Thanks Roland

Hello Roland, this is the motor you need and you can so it your self very easily. The motor is an exact replacement. The wiring is straightforward as well. If the wires ends are not the same connection types you can add connections to the wire ends or splice the new wire into the old with wire nuts. The sound your motor is making is the bearing going bad. Use it until it dies and have a motor ready to go in. Enjoy!

Electrolux 1580 New Motor Needed?

I have electrolux central vacuum model #1580 with volts 125, amp 13, hz60. The motor sounds a bit louder than usual and has no suction at all. Do i need to change the motor parts or can you tell me what's wrong with it? If i need to order the parts for it and can you ship it to Vancouver,Canada and pricing. SAM TAI Richmond,B.C. Canada

Hi Sam, test the suction by removing the intake pipe from the unit. If the suction is not there and you hear a click when you try to start the vacuum then replace the motor. If the motor is running, check the filter for a clog if you get no suction at the intake. We do not sell motor parts but the entire new motor and we have excellent Canada check-out options when you get to the shopping cart. Here is the motor,221,730EXF,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Electrolux+1580.

Electrolux 1584 Motor?

I have a Electrolux vaccuum #1584. The suddenly it stopped wotking, I turned it on from the Canister and saw sparks, may be the Motor is Gone. Can you quote me the exact cost of the Motor assembly and what ever else is needed, with Shipping cost and delivery time. Location is Brampton, ON Canada. Do you think that it's easy t replace this motor do you think some other part also needed to be replaced. Thanks, Farhan Brampton, ON Canada


The relay board is fine. It is the motor that needs replacing. See the replacement motors for Electrolux. There are really only two types and easily differentiated by their height. Choose the one with your motor height and put it in your cart to get the Postal and UPS freight quotes. It is quite easy to replace.

Electrolux 1590

Hello: I've got an Electrolux central vac model 1590. The motor is a 116765-07. What does the 07 mean, and which motor do you recommend as a replacement? Also the amps shown on the outside is 13.0, not the 13.5. Will that .5 make a difference ? thank you Les Erin Ont.


The correct replacement motor is the 116765. The -07 references the wire ends and has no bearing on the functionality of the motor. The .5 higher amps is a nonissue and all versions of the 116765 motor have this slight increase. We sell the -00 version which indicates the wire ends are bare, allowing customers the most flexibility when replacing the motor.

Electrolux 1590

I have an electrolux model 1590 motor. I need replacement. You suggest #116765. But that is 8 1/3 inches high. mine is only 8" high. It won't fit because I need to put the cover on top. Also your #119631 which you also recommend, seems to be a stronger motor than 116765 or the one I'm replacing. Does it matter and which is best? Thanks for as quick reply.

Actually the 6765 with its higher waterlift is more powerful. It is 8 inches tall. We have sold this motor for that unit for years and have had no trouble. If you run into any issues we'd be glad to help you find a solution.

Electrolux 1590 Board Upgrade?

My model 1590 motor has a sticking relay. The motor was replaced 3 years ago. I cleaned the contacts and it works again. I assume I should replace the circuit board. Is the Part # 235S the correct one? What is the ordering procedure? Thank you Claude

Yes, that is the correct board that can replace the electronics on your vacuum. Please use the wiring guide on the Electrolux motor page for instructions. Put one in your shopping cart and choose one of three checkout options. The last option is for our excellent shipping to Canada, if need be.

Electrolux 1590 Motor

I have an older electrolux 1590 (house is 17 years old). Today the motor had a burning smell. When I lifted the cover, I could actually see fire in the top part of the motor. obviously I need a new one, but the motor has several numbers on it, none of which i see here--039G, then 348011 under it, then 032290 next to it. The actual motor has these numbers: 447563, then under it 1090193. Is this the motor I need? Is there a way to check if the circuit board is blown too?

This is the motor you need. The numbers you see are important to that motor but not the actual motor number itself. To see if the circuit board is okay, turn on the vacuum and listen for a click, that means it is okay. However you will have to get the new motor in before you can test the minibreaker. Our #235S board is something you may want to buy along with the motor.

Electrolux 1590 Motor

I have Electrolux Central Vacuum Model 1590. The number on my motor is 6766-07 LAMB. Height 8 3/8", blower housing 5 11/16", mounting bolt length 3 1/16". Will your motor #116765 replace my motor? Thank you. Paul Culbertson

Yes, this is the motor you need.

Electrolux 1590 Motor Replacement?

We have an Electrolux Central Vac Model # 1590, Serial # C29954B. While running the electric is whining and gives off a definite burning odor. What replacement motor should we purchase and what is the price including delivery?

This is the motor you need. Please visit the Electrolux Motor page and click the link next to your model for price. As of late 2006 the motor is less than $150 and shipping is $8.99.

Electrolux 1590 Replacement Motor

Hello, I have a electrolux central vacuum cleaner model 1590. Serial number. c-03706b. I need to change the vacuum cleaner motor and from what i understand i need the 116765. Is this the right motor i need?

Hello, yes, you need the 116765 motor for your model 1590.

Electrolux 171292F Motor Replacement?

My Canadian market Electrolux 1590 has a Lamb motor whose installed height measures 8 1/4 inches. This motor is stamped 171292F. I cannot find this number on your web site. Can you please advise on the correct replacement unit. Thanks, Tom Ottawa - Canada

Hi, the correct motor is here,221,730EXF,how2mtr. Assuming yours is 110-120 volt. The number stamped is not the motor number but a part on the motor. The motor number was rarely stamped on the motor.

Electrolux E117A Motor?

I have electrolux: Model: E117A. I need to replace motor or have motor rebuilt. Do you offer this service? I live 30 miles from Charlotte, North Carolina. Do you know of prices?

Hi, yes this is the motor you need and here is a link that is more helpful,221,730EXF,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Electrolux+1590,+ECV1590A,+E177A,+E117A. It is not recommended to rebuild these disposable motors.

Electrolux MO7105L Motor Replacement?

I have an Electrolux Automatic Central Model # MO7105L , I believe the motor # is 6541-5 what motor and or motor brush would i need ? it turns on but sounds very weak and had an eletric burn smell, every time you turn it on. thank you !! Sincerly Carl

Hello Carl, we are not familiar with that model. When you have the vacuum in front of you please call us and we'll help you find the replacement. Or you can use the motor detail links on the Electrolux page to compare and measure.

Electrolux model 1561

I own an Electrolux model 1561. I have read your comment about a brushless motor for model 1590. What, is it exists, is your replacement models for this article, either brushless or with brushes? My E-Mail is Do you have canadians outlets or how would you ship? I would prefer the post office Pierre Briau 23 Chemin Richelieu, St-Mathias-sur-Richelieu QC J3L 6A1 tEL 450-658-4181

At this time we are not too familiar with the 1591. Please send a digital photograph of the unit and the motor.

Electrolux Motor? Need Hose Too

I have a model 1590 central vac and the motor seems to have quit. After reading some of the above questions, I feel the circuit breaker and panel are OK since I do hear a click when I turn on the vacuum. How can I be sure I am ordering the correct motor? My motor is 120 Volt, 13.0 Amps and 60 Hz. It has a number 32019 with a small 4F on the top of the motor. I also want to order a 30 foot hose which plugs into the wall (two prongs) and apparently has electric wires running throughout. Is part number EXR-4350ES the correct hose?

Hello, this is the correct motor. But for the hose, if you have "Electrolux" carpet sweeper you'll need to buy a whole new attachment kit that includes the hose and sweeper and stuff. Electrolux hose and tools are proprietary but the port in the wall is universal. We highly recommend the Stealth Kit

Electrolux Replacement Motor

I have an Electrolux Central Vacuum. The motor has EVC 1590A printed on it with a serial number of C62713C. Will this motor be a replacement for mine? It is 15 years old. In the parts sheet that came with our unit, it says that the motor is a 2 stage with the order number of #46809.

Yes, that is the correct motor. You can order the motor here,

Electrolux Vacuum E117A Motor?

Question: We have an Electrolux Central vacuum model # E117A. What would be the model number of the replacement motor?

Hi, yes the 116765 motor is the correct replacement. It is instock, brand new, and quite easy to install. If you have more questions please let us know.

Electrolux Vacuum Motor for Model 4580?

I have a 10 year old Electrolux Central Vac System, Model 4580 C. Motor has died. What is the correct replacement motor for this model? Thanks Joel Pennsylvania

Hi Joel, chances are you read the 4 from what was a 1 because they have not had a model number as such. This motor fits the 1580 series. Take a look and compare it to yours in overall height and width.,221,730EXF,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Electrolux+1580.

Electrolux Wiring Diagram

I replaced the motor with the 116765 Lamb Central Vacuum Motor (Part#199). I need a schematic for the unit's wiring system because of disconnected wires. The original unit is Electrolux Central Vacuum System Model#1590. If I would have that information, I could complete the installation.

Hi, here is the wiring diagram for units with original circuit board and the replacement board from us. It will help you with the motor. Note that the motor leads are interchangeable. There is not a left and right or positive and negative.

Eureka 1801A Motor

I have a Eureka "The Boss" mod.1801A that needs a new motor. The model number of the motor is CV1801 A 940400 1629 120v,60Hz, 12.0amps Would the 116765 Lamb Central be a suitable replacement for that motor? Thank you David, Des Moines Iowa

Eureka Boss 240 volt Motor

I have Eureka Boss central vacuum, motor LAMB (type 712300 / 520397F ), similar to 116765 but 240 volt. What model / type of motor I need to replace it ? Thank you. Peter / POLAND


Eureka Boss CV1801A Motor?

I have a Eureka Boss central vac motor #CV1801A 940400 1700, would the Lamb 116765 be the replacement motor and are they brand new with warranty? Mike from Norwich, CT

Hi Mike, the motors are brand new, recently manufactured, in-stock and fully warranted. Our cross reference shows the 116765 motor as the replacement for CV1801A. A simple visual confirmation would be a good idea on your behalf. The motor is not difficult to install and instructions are online. If you have more questions please let us know.

Eureka CV1002 Motor

which motor would be the correct replacement for a eureka model cv1002 central vacuum cleaner

We don't have a cross reference. Please have the motor in front of you and give us a call. We can figure it out quickly.

Eureka CV1801G Motor - Exactly?

I have the Eureka CV1801G 12.9 amps 60 hz. 120v. Will the Lamb 116765 motor be an exact match or will any modifications be needed?

Hi, the replacement motor is the exact replacement. A real easy change out. Thanks for asking and if you have any issue please let us know.

Eureka CV199D Motor

I have an old Central Vacume by Eureka model CV199D and I need to replace the motor. I pulled out the motor and the only information i see on it is 'Lamb' PS, if you do have this motor, how much to purchase and send to Toronto Canada

You CV199D takes the 116765 Lamb Motor, part number 199. We have excellend shipping to Canada. Click on Canada Checkout in the shopping cart for a complete shipping fees.

Exhaust too Hot?

Tim from Phoenix, AZ I have an AirVac 3500 the exhaust is very hot as it exits the motor flange. How hot should this air get? It gets quite hot within 15 to 20 seconds after running. Is this normal. Thanks, Tim

Yes, it is hot. If there is an exhaust run be sure it is clear of rodensts and plants. Otherwise it is okay.

For Paint Sprayer

I have the 6765-13 motor on my graco hvlp paint sprayer. Do you have a motor for this unit. I would assume the air direction would be opposite since it blows rather than sucks.

Correct, these motors can be used as vacuums or blowers.

G.S. Electric 039G Motor Replacement?

Will a Lamb 116765-00 motor directly replace a G.S. Electric 039G?


Sorry, we don't know enough to say yes or no, but if the specs line up then is should be fine.

Hayden Premier Motor

I have a Hayden Premiere and need to replace the motor. Does the 116765 Lamb Electric Central Vacuum Motor have the same install config? Also my motor has 3 wire this one only has 2. Thx Steve

The Premier unit takes a 117500 motor. It has three wires and installs the same way. The 116765 motor is smaller in diameter and is the replacment motor for the SuperVac 6000. We recommend double-checking the series and model of your vacuum before making a purchase.

Holding MiniBreaker In

I have the Eureka CV1801 which is acting up. The reset button pops out a lot and if I hold it in, the vacuum runs fine. If I replace the motor with the Lamb 116765, do I still need to replace the circuit board and the breaker button? Or could it be just the circuit board and/or breaker? Does a new motor usually require a new circuit board? I assume the board does not come with the motor??? I haven't taken it off the wall yet to take a look. When I do that, I want to have all the parts I might need before taking it apart for an inspection and replacement of parts. Jerry Daphne, AL

Hi, 99% of the time, in this situation, the motor needs replacing only. Sometimes, as the motor fails, it takes the minibreaker with it, but that is rare. If you want to buy everything you may need then buy the motor and the circuit board / or stand alone minibreaker depending on what your system has. We have all this. Call us if you need any help.

Hoover GIII Motor?

I have a 1990's Hoover GIII system. Will the 116765-00 work in this system?

Hi, we are 99% sure that is the correct motor. Please measure the height of the motor and if it is 8 inches or just over then this is it.

Hoover Model S5673 Bagless?

Inherited a Hoover Central Vac Model S5673 SN 17329? DOes it not have a bag, or does gunk supposed to collect in cannister? Looks like a filter cloth too? How often does that need changeing? thanks

This model is a bagless unit. The debris will collect in the lower canister connected at the bottom. The cloth bag is there to keep the debris from entering the motor and needs to be changed only when it becomes worn or gets any holes. Being made of cloth, it can be removed and cleaned periodically on an as-needed basis.

Hoover S5673 Replacement Motor

Hi there. I need to replace the motor on our Hoover Model S5673 Central Vac. The existing motor is a Lamb 11.0 Amp 6765-07. Will the 116765-00 13.5 Amp be an apprropriate replacement motor? The picture appears to be identical. Is the existing mini fuse sufficient and be supported by the existing circuit board? Thanks, Gord in Toronto Canada

Yes, this is the proper replacement motor for your vacuum.

Just Replace Brushes

I have a Beam 2100 and have noticed that it occasionally has a lot of sparks from where the brushes touch the motor on each side. It doesn't so it all the time. Can I just replace the brushes? Carl Knoxville

Hello Carl, yes you can replace the brushes. That may help extend the life of the motor, but when the reach the 800/900 hour mark they are usually ready to be replaced.

Kenmore 116.4803080C Motor

Jacques from Magog. QC Motor for Kenmore 116.4803080C I wanted to replace the motor for my central vacuum cleaner Kenmore Model # 116.4803080C. What is the right type or model do I used? (120 VAC motor and 8 inches height) thanks. Jacques

Hi Jacques, if this motor looks like yours then it is the one you need. We don't have a cross reference but it is quite easy to deduce the correct motor (voltage, height, center tube or not, base width). Call us if you want us to walk through it with you.

Kenmore 6366 Motor Replacement

I have a Kenmore Central Vac model 34806 and need to replace the motor. The original motor is a Lamb and has 6366 stamped on it. What would be the proper replacement? Ron, Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Ron, the 6366 is not referencing the complete motor, just a part on the motor most likely. Kenmore used a handle full of motors and you can see them here to match one to what you have. If you don't see a match please let us know, or call us.

L2-3 11-6765-00 Motor

RE: Easy Flow 1500 I\'m planning on replacing the motor which is a Lamb 6765-00. Question is the motor also says on it L2-3. Does this affect the replacement unit I need to but or is the standard 116765 you sell the right one? Thanks.

Hi, you will see other numbers and letters on motors but they are not the final motor number, just parts that make the motor. The 116765 is the exact replacement for the 116765-00 no matter what other letters/numbers are on the motor. Thank you for asking.

Lamb 116765 suction power

Question: will replacing a 116472 with a 116765 give me more suction/ power/ etc... Either will fit my case. Thanks Mark

Mark The 116765 will give you more suction lift I would recommend going to the following link to review the specs on each of these motors to see if they would fit dimension wise and electrical requirements.

Larger Motor Available?


Hello, you have to use the one motor that fits properly in the vacuum and with the electronics. There is not an upgrade motor. If you want more power you need to buy a new vacuum unit such as the FloMaster M85 with 650 air watts. Being in Canada, you can buy that direct from MD in California (or through dealerships in the USA) plus tax and shipping. Please call.

Low Suction

Hello, I have an AV-3500; it is about 6 years old; just noticed that it has no more suction. Tried the foam balls from all inlets and they all make it to the unit so it seems the pipes are clean. The unit itself has a green light and the sound is the same as in the past. There is a muffler attached and seems a little dirty, but not sure if this would cause the suction issue. The canister is clear and I vacuumed the bag. Do you have any idea what else might be wrong? Thanks, David, Columbia, SC

Hello David, motors do not slow down. Try disconnecting the intake pipe and testing the suction right there, separate from the piping to the home.

Low Suction Suddenly

I have a 2 year old Air Vac 3500. The suction just went down to almost nothing. The can is clean and the motor runs. The vacuum is not enough to even run the turbocat. What is the problem and how can I resolve it? Is the motor bad?

Hi, motors will not loose suction unless the voltage it is plugged into decreases. The issue is a clog. In the AirVac you may have a small foam filter near the motor on the other side of the filtration. You can remove that. Otherwise, using this guide starting to the left of start, troubleshoot where the clog is.

M&S FX3000 Motor Replacement & Installation Instructions

I have a M&S FX3000. It stopped running. when I turn it on at unit, I hear a click but no power. Fault tree suggests I need a new motor. Which motor will fit and how difficult is it to change? I am not a DIY person and no local central vac installers in town. Any special tools needed? Any installation diagrams? Thanks for your help

Great job on indentifying the issue with your M&S FX3000! You may view/purchase the motor replacement as well as review motor replacement instructions by clicking on the following link: M&S FX3000 Motor.

Motor Always Runs

I have an AirVac ZX6000. just bought the house, no idea on previous service. the unit works fine, but only operates from the on/off switch on the power unit in the garage. whether a hose is connected or not. I unplugged the low voltage wire connection on the unit, it still runs.

Good job troubleshooting. With the low voltage off the canister and it still running it tells that you have a bad relay/circuit board. Our #235S board may be a great replacement.

Motor and Gasket

I have an Electrolux 1590 and the manual says it's a 3 stage motor. The previous ownwers have replaced the motor twice before we bought the house... Currently it has a 6600-0001 Motor in it (JV18 00165 B-11 ECP 120VAC 60hz) that seems to be the 2 stage motor. Should I go back to the 3 stage? or stick with the 2 stage? The current motor seems to need a replacement as the suction isn't very good and it makes a bad noise when running. The bolts are 3 inches and the current gasket is a nce thick one almost an inch thick. Thanks Kelli, Sandy

Hello Kelli, you should use the replacement motor under 1590 as directed on the website. It will be stronger and is an excellent replacement. The thick gasket you have is the one you need, not a new one. Please read some of the posts about using 5 metal washers to make the nut not buttom out on the threads of the 3 bolts. If you need any help let us know.

Motor Bad?

Hello, I'm Ben. I've got 2 Eureka Boss CV1801 and both of them have stopped working. There is power going to the unit and both lights on the back of the units are on. I think both motors are done for, am I right or is there something more to it?

If you hear a click at the unit when someone tries to start inside the home then yes, the motor needs to be replaced. This guide helps you trouble shoot

Motor Brush Replacements

Dear Technical support, I have an ELECTROLUX ECV 1590A (Central Vac). I need new motor brushes, and I am trying to identify the proper replacement. I have identified a couple of sets of numbers stamped on the LAMB motor casing. "6765-07 LAMB" (this seems like a close match to one I see on your website), additionally, "61099 5F" is also stamped on the case. Will you please let me know if you can cross-reference this information with your motor brush inventory. If you do not carry the replacement part, will you please advise me on an alternate source. Thank you for your time.

Hello, here is the correct motor brush If your motor is over 6 years old it has most likely used up its 800 or so hours and should be replaced, in our opinion.

Motor Brushes

Tommy--Griffin, Ga. can I purchase replacement motor brushes for the airvac ZX-6000

The motor brushes for motor 116765 are

Motor Brushes Needed

I am looking for lamb motor brushes 5673 for hoover central vac model #S5675?

Hello, if your original motor is the 116765 then here are the brushes

Motor Buzzes and Hums

I have had a M & S AV600 for 9 years. The motor does not start and when I turn it on manually it sounds as if the rotor is stuck. It makes this low buzzing/humming sound. TIME TO REPLACE ??? Daleep, Cary NC

Hello, yes it sounds like it is getting juice but not spinning and after 9 years that is about right for many homes. Go ahead and replace the motor.

Motor Cycling On and Off

I have a Hayden 6000. The motor cycles on and off and will not run continually. Thanks, Vic Trophy Club

Most likely the motor is going bad, but there is a slight change the control board is at fault. You should bring the issue to and end by running it for a couple hours. Be sure a hose is connected so air is getting to the unit.

Motor information and Replacement

I have a Lamb 676500 motor in my Vacu-Maid canister Central Vac System. Does the 116765 motor replace the 676500? Does it come with the electronics that are connected to the unit. Mine seem to be burned. That is why it has stopped working. My unit is 14 years old. Is that the life of this model?

That is about the life span. The 676500 is not the complete motor number but if you looked up your model number and saw the 116765 motor is the replacement then it is. The motor doesn't have a circuit board or relay or transformer. Is that what you think burned?

Motor Not Turning On

Have a Beam model 361 which is 7 years old. Green light is on but motor does not turn on at any inlets in the house or at the unit. Is a motor replacement required or something else?

Please use this guide to determine what the issue is

Motor or Reset Bad?

I have an Electrolux 1590A motor. Approximately 12 yrs.old runs well. The reset button iintermittently pops. Can I try replacing the reset breaker or do I need to replace motor.

Hi, rarely does the reset go bad and typically it only goes bad because the motor went bad. Replace the motor and you should be fine. The years alone speak that it is the motor that is bad.

Motor Replacement For Frigidaire FCV315S

I have model FCV315S and the motor number is 160899F . Is the 116765 the replacement motor that I need ?

Yes, our 116765 Lamb Central Vacuum Motor is the correct replacement for your Frigidaire FCV315S central vacuum system.

Motor Sounds Like a Blender

When I turn the unit on it sounds like a blender, as if something is caught up in the motor. I get no suction at all. Today I opened the unit up to inspect it. The main filter(blue) was very dirty and the small filter just before the motor was clogged. I cleaned everything up and blew a little dust out of the motor. This didn't make a difference. The motor sounded the same. At this point I believe the motor is shot or perhaps something else within it. My unit is an Electrolux 1590, serial# C118386B (written next to it, LF2) 120volts, 13amps, 60Hz. If I need a new motor, which one is the replacement? If not, what else could possibly be wrong?

Hello, you need to replace the motor and it is not difficult to do. Here is what you need,221,730EXF,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Electrolux+1590

Motor Starts to Cut Out then it Dies

I have an electrolux 1590 and while the motor is running it starts to die seems to be losing power intermittently...(is it shorting out?) then it will stop running all together..if you unplug it from the wall and give it a few minutes it will run again then start the cycle again of dying this a motor problem or something else?..I did have the motor rebuilt once already .. thanks Sandy

You do have a bad motor. Rebuilt motors don't last long and the motor manufacturer doesn't suggest rebuilding them. Please buy a new motor and you should be as good as new.

Needs Grounding?

I'm about to order a replacement motor for my electrolux #6765-07. I read some of the reviews and there were a few comments about not being able to screw the ground wire into the motor like on the original as the new hole is not threaded. What is the solution? Ed

Hi Ed, the replacement motor doesn't need grounding. Coil the ground wire up and away. The system will work fine without it and your new motor. Thanks for asking.

New Motor Lots of Sparks

I bought a replacement lamb 116765 for my M&S Central Vac, one motor wasn't working, because brushes were worn out. My problem is the new motor arcs badly til mini breaker pops, what's wrong?

A new motor should only have a blue looking spark trail that doesn't wrap entirely around the armature. Contact the company the motor was purchased from and work toward a product review and replacement.

New Motor Runs Backwards?

I just purchased a Lamb 116765-13 and it runs backwards. It blows instead of sucks. Thoughts?


We understand what you saying and have had customers with this issue before. The motor itself cannot spin backwards, actually. Customers with this complaint find that they put the tanks intake connection (usually PVC or flexible pipe) on the exhaust port and not on the suction port. Please verify this on your tank. The intake line from the home has to be connected to the suction port on the tank.

Numbers After Dash

Is this the 116765-00 motor or the 116765-13?

Yes this is the same motor. The correct replacement motor.

OEM Motor?

Is the Lamb Motor #116765 an OEM motor for both the Beam model 197C and Eureka Model CV1801H?.

Yes, this motor is the exact same motor used in both those models. Lamb Amekek made the motor for many brands including these.

Old Motor Now Loud

I have an Air Vac AVR7500 that is only 2 years old. The suction is fine, but just recently the motor when running sounds very loud like a fire alarm. What could be causing the motor to sound this loud? I have already checked for clogs and there are not any we can find.

Hi, the motor bearings, brushes, fans, or debris deep in motor could all possibly to that. We suggest using the vacuum until the motor fails and then replacing the motor.

Only Starts at Times

We have a Eureka CV1801 and the motor wouldn't start. I took it apart and if I rotate the motor to a specific position, it starts every time. Is there something I can do/fix without replacing the entire motor? Thanks! Jeff - Lansing, NY

Hello Jeff, the armature and brushes are tired and the last remaining conduction point is what you found. If the motor has had its 800 hours of use, or so, then replace the motor, otherwise you can replace the brushes if they have less than 3/16 inch left on the carbon.

Only Two Wires?

Hello we have an 1810D three stage Eureka brand central vac with an Ametek/Lamp 12.9 amp, 120 volt motor. Black carbon on inside of plastic vac housing as motor making squealing noises. Is the 11-6765 the replacement offering (just see two wires as ours has three wires)? Thank you.

Hi, this is the correct vacuum motor. There is not a need to manually ground this particular replacement motor, hence only the two wires. Also, if your original motor had two black wires, you can treat the white wire on the new motor as if it was black. New motors' wires can be switched and it runs perfectly fine.

Replace 062890-0396-3480-11 Motor on Model 1590

Info was taken from unit,(motor), older Utah home. Electrolux Corp. Bristol,virginia Central vacuum cleaner/model 1590 s/n 83228B volts:120 amps 13.0 hz60 Motor: 062890-0396-3480-11 Could You please recommend replacement motor or is this still available? I believe motor is burned, & Is this item I can reinstall immediately without affecting wiring, Volts etc. May I please have availability, pricing with shipping & handling. Thank You very much. M. Gonzalez

This is a real easy one that we deal with on a regular basis. You need the 116765 motor. The link gives you price. The item is in stock right here in our warehouse and ready to ship immediately. Depending on the age of the vacuum you want to familiarize yourself with this PDF of wiring the motor. Otherwise, you will be fine and we are here to help you.

Replace 116565 Motor?

I got the following numbers off the machine P6-1 or 6565-00 81 and it is a 120 vac Does that help?

The replacement motor for 6565-00 is 116765: this motor.

Replace 6600-1?

I have an Electrolux Central Vac. The motor has a label that says 6600-1 ECV B-9 ECP After the voltage it has stamped on it LJ23. Is the 116765 the correct motor. Does that include the fan too?

We show that the #209C motor replaces motor 6600-1. Check your model number. If it is E130A then you need this 209C motor. Having said that though we hav seen this motor in the 1590 models at times.,730EXF,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Electrolux+E130A-F+taper+bottom

Replace 6755 Motor?

I have a 6755 lamb motor about 11 years old. What is the replacement motor? Thanks

Hi we have no cross reference for that or 116755. Sorry.

Replace 676500 Motor?

Hello, I have a approx. 12 yr old cana vac. I've removed the motor and it seems to have a bad bearing problem. The numbers on the motor are 676500 Lamb 120v, 60 Hz 280795F. Can you tell me the replacement motor Thanks in advance Paul Windsor

Hi Paul, the 116765 motor is the exact replacement. Good question and good find.

Replace Fans Only?

Hi I have a Kenmore central vacuum model 34806. I can't find cross-reference to the motor, but it looks like 116765 3 stage motor. The motor still spins strong, but the 3 stage fan in the bottom of the motor is broken ... the fan fins are in pieces. Can I buy the rotating fan only, and reuse the top part motor ? Thanks.

Hi, it sounds like a perfect match, we are not surprised. The motor is only available as a complete motor. You'll just need to buy this one motor and easily replace yours.

Replace Motor 6765-07

I have a Electrolux central vac, model#1590. It was very noisy. Took it apart and found ball bearing to be shot. The numbers that are stamped on the Lamb motor are as follows. 6765-07 and 810693F. Which motor do I need to oder? Also the gasket that the vacuum rests on looks like new. Do I need to order a new one? If so what is the part number? Thanks alot for your help!

Hi, it is time to replace your motor! You need this one If you have questions let us know.

Replace or Repair?

We have an Electrolux ECV 1590A that is 14 years old. It now works sporadically, when it won't turn on there is a clicking sound; sometimes a tap to the the motor will be enough to get it to turn on. A couple of times it tripped the breaker. We took a quick look at the motor, seems like it needs some new 'points'. Most of the Q&As I've read talk about motor replacement - would a tune up (i.e. replacment parts for the motor) work instead? Comments? Thanks! Daisy, Albany

At 14 years old, the motor is spent, used up as intended. They are not made to be rebuilt except for replacement brushes around the half life, if needed. Replacing the motor is your solution. Thanks for asking.

Replace Unit - More Power

Bob Celestine, indiana. I have a Beam 189d and am not pleased with the suction. It is 10 years old but has never had what I expected. Is there a replacement motor or unit that will increase the suction?

Hi, you can replace the entire unit, not the motor. The motor is made for the size of the vacuum and its electronics. We suggest a new unit with over 500 AirWatts (yours has about 450). We have a great new model of central vacuum with 650 AirWatts that would fit your system and electrical outlet. It is the SilentMaster S44 or FloMaster M85. Please go there and look up a dealer or give us a call

Replaces 6765-00

What replaces 6765-00? I can't seem to find one on your page. Thanks, Mark, Salt Lake City

Hello Mark, the 116765 is the 6765-00. The manufacturer uses both numbers interchangeably.

Replaces the 120v, 60HZ, GS Electric Motor?

I have a Hoover Central vac system(Model # S5569-011). 1st question: The vacuum does not start all the time. I have noticed when it starts there are sparks coming from the top of the motor. Do I need a new motor ? 2nd Question: What is the replacement motor for my Hoover system. The motor is 120v 60HZ, 8 1/4" height, 5 1/2" bottom dia., The original motor was from GS electric. Do you carry a replacement motor ? Thanks Aaron Plymouth, Michigan

Hi Aaron, the motor does need replacing. The armature and brushes are worn out and the bearing is soon to be worn. We have the motor replacement under your model number here It is the 116765 and replaces the 120v 60HZ, GS electric motor.

Replacing Motor - Details

I have an Electrolux Central Vac ECV1590A that makes noise like it has bad bearings. Does the entire motor need to be replaced? If so, is this a repair that someone who was an electronics technician in the Navy should be able to manage? Are disassembly/assembly instructions included with the new motor?

Hello, the entire motor is replaced. It has only a few connections and is really easy to do. The motor and general instructions are here.

Ship to Canada

Hi, I own a Hoover S5673 central vacuum. Motor is no longer working. I am located in Quebec. Do you have a motor for this unit ? If yes, please tell me price and delivery cost (ground) Thanks Gaston

Hi, we have the motor here and in the initial checkout you can see your Canada shipping options which we cut costs on to help you with border and shipping fees.,221,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Hoover+S5620,+S5630,+S5673,+S5675

Smell, Click...Motor...Upgrade?

Hi there, I have a Electrolux model # E117A, the unit just died, burning smell from the top of the unit, the unit clicks but the motor does not run. Research indicated the replacement motor is a 116765 Lamb motor, is there a more powerful unit availabe for this unit? Also how do I check to see if the card is still good? Thanks, Ben

Hello Ben, the motor is shot and the board is fine (hence the clicking). There is not a stronger motor you can use. Yours is a 5.7 3-stage motor. We build a unit with two of these motors but it has to be on a 30 amp circuit.

Sparking Out the Top

Our central vac number on the outside of the unit is C057874B and it says volts 120 amps 13.0. When you plug the unit in it starts but sparks come from the top...and will not stop unless you this the motor..i also need a filter and do not know which one...anything else i need?? I took it off the wall myself and took it to a repair shop, but was told it would be $400 to repair. That is just too much i think. I could buy a new one for $800!! HELP Thanks, Janis

Yes you need a new motor. Please write back to us with the brand name and if you see a model number. This doesn't look like a model number and with 13 amps it is probably a larger 7.2 115334 motor.

Springs, Not Bolts

My 116765 Eureka CV137C @ 12.9 amps does not have bolts or screws but uses three springs to hold it down. What model do I need?

The springs connect to where the bolts would go - the three flanges with a hole in each one.

Stops After 20 Minutes

I have a hayden 6000 system. I shut it off to answer phone and 10 minutes later it would not turn back on. Next day I spoke to a service person who said I would have to bring the unit in to be checked. I got a screw driver and stool to stand on and decided to try it once more before removing it from mounting. It worked fine for about 20 minutes then stopped again. This has been the pattern for a week now. I don't know if it is possible to have a "little" motor left as opposed to a dead motor. Please let me know what you think of a real non technical person replacing a motor. Ginger, niagara falls ny

Hi Ginger, vacuum motors shut off when going bad. They do not slow down. Eventually it will never turn on. You can replace the motor now or when it becomes too frustrating.

Stronger Replacement Available?

I have an electrolux model 1580. The motor needs to be replaced, Can I use a stronger motor(if yes which one will fit). I am also looking for a wiring diagram as one wire came free and I can not seem to find where it goes. Thank you Don

Hello Don, sorry, the motor that replaces yours is all you get. A central vac is designed with one specific motor in mind to work with it. Customers have reported that suction being better wih a new motor, though. There is a wiring diagram in the Electrolux Q and A.

Stronger Replacement?

i have a 116765-00 install on a central vacuum system is it possible to replace it with a stronger one with more suction if yes can you tell me which one , and if i have to i can modify the central vaccum system. patrice barrette

This is a large 5.7 motor. They don't make them any stronger in this size. Be sure your filtration is clean and do a troubleshooting test on your system.


My 14 year old electrolux 1590 just stopped. I suppose the suction hasn't been very good lately. All connections are fine. Any idea how to determine what needs to be fixed, short of having someone come in to check. Although I don't know about electricity, I'm pretty good at following directions with pictures to repair. Thanks. Patti Mt. Prospect

Hello Patti, please use these guide to find the issues with your vacuum

Troubleshooting - Always On

My vac stays on. It looks like I need a relay(?) board. Do you sell them? Does one come with the new motor? I have an Electrolux 1590. thanks

Hello, first go through this deduction chart to find the issue then get back to us if you have any questions.

Uneven Carbon Wear

I installed a M&S FX 3000 in 2000. I turned on the vac manually and at first the vac started but later died. Then the relay would click and no vac.So I flipped the vac over to take a look at the motor.I took the plastic cover the protects the armature/brushes off.I noticed that one of the brushes was worn all the way to the armature while the other had at least 3/16\"-1/2\" brush or carbon left.Is it normal for the brushes to wear like that.I know that I have to replace the motor.So is 7 years a little too young for a motor replacement?

Seven years is about right for this motor despite how it wears out. It is recommended that at 3 or 4 years you check or replace the carbon brushes.

Vacu-Queen SD100 Motor - Ship to Canada?

which motor will fit a vacu-queen sd 100 and where can i order one in canada or the u.s. that will ship to canada

You are looking for the Lamb Ametek 119413 found here, . We sell and ship to Canada. Just choose the Canada Checkout option.

VacuQueen SD100 Motor

lamb motor 116-336 you suggested for a vacu-queen sd100 however this motor don't have a plastic housing with an exhaust port to attached it to the unit. the lamb 116-213 shows the exhaust port i am talking about. is there an attachment plate available for the 116-336 thank you for your service

Hello, your vacuum probably take one of these motors, hopefully the middle one. Use the measurements to determine which it is,209,199

Vacuum Keeps Turning Off - Reset Button

I have an M&S AV3500. The unit runs fine for awhile then shuts off. Hitting the white reset button, will restart the unit for another period of time. What gives?

Hello, these are the typical sign of an expiring motor.

Vacuum Motors Spin Opposite Directions

I have an M&S AV525 with original LAMB6392 motor. We just started experiencing very low suction. I have checked and verified the pipes are clear. I have replaced all the Carbon filters (they are all fine). Observing the motors, one of them starts off slower than the other. Also, the fans on both motors go in different directions. The good one clockwise, the slower one counterclockwise. Plus both exhausts work diferently, one sucks, the other blows. (I always thought they both acted like exhausts and blew). Is there an issue with the motor that is goinf in reverse and slow?? Matt - New Jersey

Hello Matt, the slower start up motor is dead and needs to be replaced. This will solve all the issues. Consider replacing both motors since they both have a lot of hours on them. Thanks for the detailed question.

Very Loud. Stronger Available?

I have a CPX 5000 and the motor starts to scream after about a minute and half of being turned on. The unit is four years old. Does it need to be replaced and if so, is there a larger moter unit available. I have a three story home and want to make sure we have the best unit available for this size home. Thank you in advance, Sandie from Las Vegas

Hello Sandie, this is the largest motor you put into this machine. It does have very good suction though. If you wanted to step up you'd need to replace the entire unit for at least $650. Our model K and S44 work with the normal electrical plug, as yours does now, but delivers the most suction available for the power usage. Regarding the noise, live with it until something gives. Or look up in your yellow pages any vacuum system dealer that services. No matter the brand they all can service these machines.

Very Low Suction

System is Hayden Central vacuum 6000, about five years old. The motor runs, but we get very little suction from the vacuum. The hoses are clear. Filter is clean. The motor exhaust is very strong. There is no evidence that the filter on the bottom rotates but I don't know if it should. Any ideas what could be causing low air flow into the system?

Filter shouldn't rotate. Take the pipe from the home off the canister. Turn the canister on and see if you have good suction at that orifice. If so, connect your vacuum hose to it to see if the hose is clogged or has any holes.

What about the Ground Wire?

I just received a #116765 motor to replace my Electrolux 1590 motor for a central vacuum. The replacement unit has no place to accept the green ground wire from the sheet metal shroud. The green wire from the power cord connects to both the shroud and to a screw on the old motor. No screw is present on replacement. Where should I connect the green ground wire? Thank you, Paul B

Hello Paul, these motors not need a ground wire and that will not effect the electronics in your vacuum. Just ground the main cord wire and you are done.

Will Not Shut Off

I have Electrolux 1590 (~ 8 years old) that will not shut off. I checked all the hose outlets. I also unplugged the low voltage wires to the motor. Any suggestions?

Hi, you pulled the low voltage wire from the unit and it still runs? You need to replace the circuit board then. You can use this one for a replacement. Read the comments and the Q&A. Look there for a wiring diagram too.

Wiring Diagram for Dual Motor System


Hi, click on the photo to enlarge it here and use it to work from. Should be quite easy when you get what is going on. Let us know if you need help.

Wiring Different than Online Instructions

I bought new 46809 PKGCV motr 4 an Electrolux Mod1850 CentVac low on suction. I don't know if this is 1 of your motors, but checking the net about my problem below I hit your site. Dealer showed me the badly worn brush on 1 side and the melted plastic cap, but said he knows little of motor. The exh side wire of the old motr went 2 the relay, the other wire 2 a bunch of joined wires also containing 1 of the power cord wires. It makes sense to hook up the new motr in same way, but the instructions say " Strip back to 3/16 Cord & Relay Leads that were originaly cut 2 remove Motor. Secure Cord,Relay & Motr Lead 2gether by Crimp on conector" Should 3 wires now be joined & if so 2 which motr lead & where does other motr lead go ?

Hi, the instructions you read are general. Whenever possible, hook the wires back up the same way that they where are your system. If you have any questions down the road please let us know.

Wiring to Electrolux Board

I bought a replacement Lamb motor for an Electrolux Central Vac. What is the proper wiring configuration through the reset unit. The Lamb has a hot black and a nuetral white wire.The reset unit has 3 tabs on the left side(1 upper,2 lower;line,ntl/motot) and 1 on the right side marked"motor".Thanks-DA

Hi, use this PDF wiring diagram. It shows the old board and the new one.