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117196 Replacement

Hi I have a steameasy 400 which needs its motor replacing,The old motor has the number 117196-00 which i cant find,please advise. Many thanks. Steve South ockendon,Essex,UK.

You'll need to check your amps, but this motor would fit in its place. Click here for motor details http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=199X

3 Failures in 7 Years?

I have Filtex Model # FX900 that was installed 7 years ago. We have had to replace 3 motors. The first was within the first year so it was under warranty. The other two are not under warranty. Is this common for central vac motors. I am very dissatisfied with the product. What do you think the problem is? Jena Goldston

These motors go for 800 hours or so under the right conditions such as good ventilation and not a long exhaust run (under 15 feet). Take a look at your situation and let us know if you have more questions.

50 or 60hz

is there any problem using it with 50 or 60hz?

You can use either.

Air Vac AV625 Motor

I have a Air Vac AV625 ser#G93156- the cannister was full and I went to replace it and noticed one of the fuses on the side of the motor housing (on top) was popped out. 1st question- would the system run on just one motor? and explain why we have noticed reduced vacuum? 2nd- I pushed in the fuse to reset, turned on the unit and sparks flew from the motor on the right, turned it off, turned it on, less sparks, did this again, less sparks, and now it seems to be working fine, other than that smell of burnt electrical wiring. 1. if its running ok, should I replace it? I am concerned that it does

Yes, this is normal for a motor that is slowly giving up the ghost. It will work on one motor (only giving you more air movement, not more suction). Sparking is normal and will get more and less as it goes. And yes, this is the motor you need. Just wait until one completely dies and then replace both.

Allaway Central Vacuum Motor

I've got Allaway central vacuum unit with 117123-07 motor/blower. Motor is not fully dead but blows 6,3 amp fuse after 1-5secs or so (I wasn't able to find exact match for the original 7 amp fuse). The unit has been in daily/weekly use for 11 years. I probably should replace the motor, right ?! Would there be more powerful motor available with same mechanical dimensions.

Yes, it is time to replace the motor. There is not another motor to use other than the 117123. It is powerful and your vacuum is made for it particularly.

AV625 Motor

We have a M&S Systems, Air Vac Model # AV625 and one of the motors have quit. I would like to replace the motor, I would like to know if I order a replacement does the replacement one or two motors. Also could you please give me the cost of replacing the motor or motors that I would need. Thank you Marlene Seibert Daytona Beach, FL

This is the correct motor and they are sold separately. The price per motor is around $150. Thank you for asking.

Beam 2500 Motors Not Working


Sounds like your motors have used up thier 800, or so, hours of use. They usually do not go bad at the same time though, if you are saying they are both dead. A clog will not do this. Try using our troubleshooting chart. And yes, the bag gets sucked up when turned on.

Beam 697D - Replace One Motor?

We have a BEAM model 697D 240volts 50/60 Hz 12 amp. It was purchased in 1997. One of two motors fried last week. Can it be replaced? Duane Ames, IA

Yes, you can replace only one motor now and the other when it goes out. You have the correct motor for your model here.

Beam Model 697D

I have a Beam Model 697D and the circuit breaker is tripped - and the motor is fried. Will this motor work to replace it? Thanks

Yes, this is the motor. If not, we will pay the freight back to us and get you the correct motor.

Bearing Available?

Looks like the top bearing just under the fan blades is worn out. Is there a way to replace this or do I need to buy a new motor? Thanks, Brent - Omaha

We don't sell motor parts and we don't have a place to recommend. After a vacuum has ran for 900 or so hours the motor is made to be replaced completely. We often run into customers who buy a new motor months after rebuilding.

Dual Motors - One Stays On

I have a twin motor Beam 679C Ultra sn 950214483. I have identified one bad motor. Since I discovered the bad motor I have noticed that even when the low voltage wiring is unplugged from the unit but 240 ac power is plugged in, the good motor runs all the time seemingly at a low RPM. When I switch the auto/manual switch on to manual both motors run at full RPM until the bad motor seizes up (within seconds)and the good motor keeps running at full RPM. When I return the auto/manual switch to auto the good motor continues to run at the lower RPM. After removing the bad motor from the unit the good motor runs as it should. I am sure I need to replace the bad motor but should I replace the control board as well? If so what is the PN and cost? I am planning to order the 117123 Lamb Vacuum Motor.

It sounds like you only need the one motor. Usually when the board is bad it will not do what you are describing. Keep us updated as to what you discover. Thank you.

Filtex FX-900 Replacement Motor

I have a Filtex FX-900 Vacuum and need to replace a motor. The old motor is a LAMB 7123-00, 240 VAC 50/60 Hz. What part number do you sell to replace it. Thanks, Douglas Thomas

The part number for the Lamb Ametek 117123 motor is 199X.

FX900 Dual Motor?

Dan from Barrington Illinois. I have a Filtex FX900 unit that stopped working, when turned on there is a click. So I guess is the motor. My question is. How many motors are in the unit (It says 1 3-stage motor). Is the one you have on the site the right one ? Also all the FX900 are 240V (My outlet looks like a regular one). Thanks

That is odd, we have only see 240v FX900 units so far and with dual motors. You could very well have a single motor 110v unit. See if you have a motor number on the 3-stage motor itself.

Lost Suction, Newer Motor

I have a 697D and a few weeks ago it wouldn't turn off. After unplugging it for a few days it worked but now has hardly any suction. Any suggestions to what may be the problem. I've already checked for a clog and there isn't one. Also, the motor has already been replaced about a year ago.

Please use this guide to figure it out www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html. Let us know what you find.

Motor Brush Replacement?

I have a 1.5 HP 240V motor. It was purchased in 2001. It looks like the 117123 model. The brushes are worn down. Everything else looks OK. The brushes and their brass holders appear to be locked into the plastic frame. How do you remove/replace them? Can the brass holder be released easily or do you just replace the carbon? I would estimate that the motor has been used for 1000hr but still runs OK

The instructions and photos are here for all motor brushes http://builtinvacuum.com/motorbrush.html. The plastic is part of the brass and lead. You can replace the brushes but they may not last long on a 1000 hour used motor. Motor and brush are here http://builtinvacuum.com/search_products.html?search_string=7123.

Motor Brushes

Hello - I have an 10 year old Filtex FX900 - Where can I get replacement motor brushes for these? Thanks Randy Anderson

We have motor brushes. Just type in the 117123 number or other number in our SKU search at search.builtinvacuum.com. The replacement motor 117123 may or may not be the original motor and the original may not have the 6 digit number on it.

Nutone CV850 110-120 Volt Motors

I have a Nutone CV850 but it is 110-120 volts not 220 volts. Do you have motors for it?

Nutone Motor Smell Burnt

I have Nurone Central VAc for 7 years which is not working now. Initially it does not suck so well.When I open the top of where the motors are and turned it on it smelled burn (overload maybe). Do I need a new motor? One or two(I have two) or do you think there is something stuck in the pipes somewhere. If so how do you check for clog pipes. Thanks. Veronica, Liberal

Sounds like you need one motor but we suggest you replace both since they last for nearly the same amount of time. If you have a clog, you can check for it by running paper towels, numbered, through each inlet and see if they all make it back. But with the smell and loss of suction, you do have a burned out motor.

Power On Issues

I have a White Westinghouse duel 1420. The problem i'm having is that it comes on when evr it feels like it. It will happen when the hose is unhooked or hooked up. We also found that we need to turn on certain light switch's to make it run in auto mode. I have checked all the wiring and there's nothing loose and i'm not having any problems with all other electronics. This happen about five months out of the box. ser# 972634164

With the power to the unit being affected by whether a light switch is on, this is an issue with how the home is wired. Some homes have outlets that are directly powered on the same line as a switch. Have an electrician check your electrical lines to determine where the connection is and the change the wiring for constant power.

Replace Both?

I have a Beam central vacuum model 697G (two motors) Iam that one motor needs replacing as it was sparking,etc. should I replace both motors even if one seems to be ok. Thanks for the advice. Cecil Beckmann

Your call. If you don't want to go through this again within the next few months then do both now. However, having one old and one new is perfectly fine.

Replace Brushes vs Motor

Just wondering how long brushes should last in a typical motor. If a motor only lasts 800 hours, then by the time the brushes wear out, should you just replace the motor and forget about brushes?

The brushes should be changed as preventative maintenance at about 500 hours. If the motor is showing signs of its end near 800 hours then brushes may help for a short time but for all the trouble it is best to replace the motor now.

Replace Cooling Fan?

The fan on the top of my Beam 294 motor is ruined following the replacemnt of brushes. Can I buy a replacement fan that will press fit on the shaft. David, Markham, Ontario

The cooling fan is not available, as far as we know, to buy alone. It is just the cooling fan though, so you may be okay as is.

Replacement Beam Circuit Board

Hi, Have a Beam 2087EA 240 volt, just replaced the motor after 11 years, was still working just sparking alot and knocked out the changeover relay on the pcb, replaced the relay but the relay is still being burnt out when the unit is switched on from hose, the pcb is a alutron module 10a 240v 50 hz, and the no. i think is ex25 312241, not sure if i can read anu thing else. This init was purchased in the uk andstill worksfine via the swith on the unit. Can you advise on replacement pcb please. thanks Shaun Hillman Ashford kent uk. any info gratefully received.

Contact our European distributor, they should be able to locate a suitable replacement for your system. http://builtinvacuum.com/international/netherlands.html

Replacing Power Unit

I am installing a vac system and have a Beam power head hose attachment. I was given a nutone 850c unit that probably needs brushes or new motors. Will the Beam equipment work with the Nutone power unit?

When replacing the power unit only nothing inside the house is changing so all your tools will still work.

Smart U371-03 Motor?

I have a central vacuum system with SMART vacuum model U371-03, # 9852180011 (230v 50Hz 1250 watts) that stopped worked after the engine started to smoke. The engine and housing number are as follows: 7123.00 LAMB 240v 50/60Hz 360299F (housing) I would like to purchase a new set of engine and housing. If it is possible I would like to send a picture to make sure we are talking about the same dimensions. sincerely, Arik Glazer Hod Hasharon , Israel

The motor you need is http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=199X. We are not familar with the housing though. The motor comes complete.

Sparks and Smell

I have FISHER Vacuum cleaner, burning smell is coming while I start the vaccuum cleaner and some sparks are also visible from the top side. Is it armature problem? or brushes problem? I have opened the motor and interchanged the brushes also eventhough the condition is same. Kindly advise me what shall I do now?

Honestly, it is time for a new motor. The armature is not well and will eat up new brushes, just as you have seen with the swapping you did. Sounds like the vacuum is a portable one? If so, we don't have the motor. Please look again for Fisher online.

Thanks for the Motor and Website!

Not a question - but some feedback... Thanks so much for your quick response and rapid shipping. You\'re providing a great service by helping folks diagnose their issues without incurring service charges that would be pretty hefty if a serviceman would have to visit. Your troubleshooting chart is great and makes it really easy to follow and fix the issues. I was extremely pleased with the quick & inexpensive shipping, not to mention a great price on this motor - which would have cost quite a bit more from our local service place. Hopefully I\'m not going to be a frequent customer - and the system keeps working. But if & when the other motor goes out...I\'ll be back, for sure. Thanks so much! Keith Another satisfied customer! New Ulm, MN

You are welcome! Glad to be of service.

Unit Switch Works, Not Hose

I have a Beam Model 697. The low voltage control is not working but the motors work fine when I activate the switch on the unit. I believe the Alutron Module (E-120066) is bad. Can I find a replacement module? Bill, Miami

If the switch works then the low voltage wire should also be getting its current. To see what the real issue is, please short the contacts that the low voltage wire from the home connects into. It may start which proves a break in the wire somewhere. If you hear a click then the motor is bad. If you don't hear a click then there is no electricity coming into the vacuum or the Alutron circuit board is bad.

Wiring Diagrams

I need a copy of the wiring diagram for a M&S AV625. I replaced one motor a year ago, and the second one today. Somehow in the process one of the 220v feeeds came free of wherever it was wire-nutted, and I don't know where to reattach it. a copy of the wiring diagram would help. George, Lake Jackson, TX

You can use this diagram. It uses the same motors http://builtinvacuum.com/graphics/wiring/240-S5-SV-SVT-G23-S3-C210.GIF. If you have a circuit board you can use this http://builtinvacuum.com/scaledgraphics/236L_100.jpg