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11-7549-12 Lamb Replacement

I have a 7549-12 lamb motor - what would be the correct replacement for this motor

For all residential central vacuum systems, the 7549 dash anything can be replaced with the 7478 found here, http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=201P

116465 Motor Brush Needed

I have an AirMaster vac with a #116465 motor that needs new brushes. Your website says that #117465 replaces my motor - they look identical, but no brush replacement info is available. Do you sell these brushes, and if so, how/where can I order? Dave Covington, WA

See if this looks like the right one http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=212 . It is for the 117465 but may have been for the older motor too. Notice the split carbon brush, that is the key.

116467-00 Replacement Motor?

Model cv823 motor lamb 11646700 can`t find that number on the net Please is it available? and the right number Merci Réal Québec Canada

That motor is now replaced by this one. It fits right in and works great. http://builtinvacuum.com/search_products.html?search_string=116467

AstroVac SR-72 - new motor

I have an AstroVac SR-72. The motor started making lots of noise. I opened the top and notice ball bearings outside of the motor. Time for a new motor I assume. Is the 117465 the correct motor? I have also found on some websites that the Lamb 117467 is the correct motor. Thanks! Andy Franklin, WI

Sounds like you need a new motor. The 117465 is a replacement for the 117467 and will work great.

Beam 287 larger motor?

I have a Beam 287 Model. Can I order the three stage turbine for this one to increase the suction? Also what are delivery costs to L0G 1V0 Ontario Canada. Thanks

We do ship to Canada and it is dynamic, best, pricing when you click Canada Checkout Only from the cart. This will give you the price and options. For the motor, that model was made for that motor. The 3-stage motor is taller and the mounts are higher. If you compare them and they fit then you can go for it. But the amps are higher to so check the amps of the minibreaker on the machine to see if it can handle it. Otherwise stick with the cross referenced replacement.

Beam 287 Motor

My old central vacuum was Beam 287 with Lamb model 116467-00 motor which is obsolete. The replacement is 117467 which everybody is selling the -13 not the -00 model. Any problem? Some suggest 117465 which has slightly less performance than the 117467 but running current at 0.75 orifice is closer to model 116467 @ 11 amps. What is your recommendation? The RPM for 117467 at 0.75 orifice is 30128. Can this be right? If true, It will be a screamer. Do you have the product bulletin for 116467-00? Is your price for a new unit or a rebuilt? Do you have it in stock and how long will it take to get it to me at Markham, Ont. Canada? What is the shipping cost? What is your return policy and warranty? Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Regards, March Wu marchwu@rogers.com

The -13 means the bearings are sealed against moisture. This is important if your vacuum is being used in any type of water high moisture environment. All of our products are new, not rebuilt, and in stock. Shipping cost is live updated to include your import taxes and fees at checkout, just choose the Canada Only Checkout option. Our return policy can be viewed here, https://builtinvacuum.com/yourorder.html

Breaker Tripping, Sparks.

CV-550 Motor is bogging down and tripping breaker,,,,some sparks seen at times through vented area on top>>> what do i do?? thank you!

Hi, it is time for a new motor. We sell the replacement and it is quite simple to swap out. If the mini breaker still trips after replacement then the motor has destroyed itself and the minibreaker. You will not know that until you replace the motor though. We sell the minibreaker alone or in a circuit board depending on what you have. http://builtinvacuum.com/parts/electrical-parts.html

Click Only, No Suction When On Though

My Nutone 350 motor would not turn on, then it would, but there was no suction - how could it run but there be no suction? Now it won't run and there is a click instead of its turning on. Do I need a new motor? HOW COULD IT RUN BUT PRODUCE NO SUCTION?

Yes, you need a new motor. For the suction, where did you test the suction at? Here is a breakdown of how to test for and fix suction issues www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html.

Fuse Blew...again

I have a Budd 5807, about 20 years old. While using the unit, the motor stopped. I checked electric outlet and it was working. I replaced the fuse in the central vacuum and the unit ran for a few seconds and blew the fuse again. Am I correct by thinking the motor needs to be replaced or is it something else? Thanks, Pete Mahwah, NJ

Your motor is done, it needs to be replaced. It is overheating, which is normal for motors that are about to die. A new motor is available and quite easy to replace.

Fuse Keeps Blowing

I have a system that is 16 years old. Model number 5807. The fuse keeps blowing. Is the motor gone or is there a short in the system. Thanks, Mike Torsiello

With the age of the unit and that symptom, it is going to be needing a new motor. Rarely does the breaker go bad as well, but for sure it is the motor that is the root of any trouble. It is easy to replace and get up and running again.

How To Test A Motor

Hi There, i have an extracta exel using two lamb ametek 3 stage vacuums. Vac one is fine, but as soon as i power up vac 2 the 10amp fuse blows instantly and trips the electrics. How can i check or test if the motor is still working properly with this situation? James from Preston

If the breaker trips so quickly, then it is doing it's job and the motor is bad. You can test the motor by connecting it directly to a power supply and observing the operation. The motor can also be removed and taken to a vacuum repair center for testing by experts.

Kenmore 116 4801080c Replacement Motor

Hi, I need a new motor for my central vacuum- Kenmore 116 4801080c, which motor should I buy. thanks

The motor that you need is the http://builtinvacuum.com/parts/motor/116119.html. There are instructions on how to replace the motor as well. Be sure to print them off or bookmark the link for future use.

Motor has Long Cord

I have a budd system that is fairly old ... the motors model number read 1602. I'd like to find a replacement but am unclear which to order. There is an indication that this motor covers the 1602 ... mine however has a long black electrical cable with plug at end .. the one above is not ended .. Anyway can you help identify the motor I need and that will work for me? Thanks Bruce Borner

Usually motor wires connect to a relay/transformer. If you are saying that all the wires on your motor go/are directly connected to the electrical cord that plugs into the wall, then, if you feel comfortable, you can wire nut these wires into a splice from the cord. Otherwise, if the wires simply have a short cord that plugs into something within the can you can splice the wires into that instead.

Motor or Electrical Connection?

Dave Huntington Vacumaid P225 Was turning on and off on its own. Wiggle of main power cord, not low voltage, would also affect on and off status. Now completely down. Suspect bad connection of power supply. How do I access the motor and electrical connections for inspection without removing from mount wall?

Actually, you are experiencing a failed motor. The motor works when the unit is moved because it slightly resets the motor brushes. That works for awhile until the motor is completely gone. Is it possible that it is an electrical connection? That would be very rare. Remove the top of the unit to access the parts but first unplug the unit.

Motor Works when Tapped


Yes you need a new motor. Brushes are really only good at about the 3/4 life of the motor.

Motor Works without Board

CV353 NUTONE WIRING DIAGRAM, THE MOTOR WILL NOT TURN ON . THE MOTOR IS FINE. I JUMPED THE power lead to the motor and it turned on. I suspect the circuit board but I dont understand how the wiring works from the wall inlets. Do they complete the circuit or is there low voltage applied?

There is low voltage to the wall inlets so they do not directly apply current to the motors. They flip a relay that draws the power. It sounds like the circuit board is at fault and you can use one of our generic ones here http://builtinvacuum.com/parts/electrical-parts.html

Nutone CV 16 Replacement Motor

I am looking for a replacment motor for Central Vacuum Model CV 16 The SKU number is CVCP-B-00-Cv16.It is 120 V, 1300 W, 12 AMP. Do you sell a motor that will work on the Central Vacuum. We are looking for a resonable priced one as we sold our house and do not want to spend $479.42 to replace the motor with Central Vacuums one. Thank you, Kathy Fischer, Phone: 831-636-0452, E-Mail: katfischer@razzolink.com

We do carry the motor you need! You can find the correct replacement at http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=201,220,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Nutone+CV16 Motors are very easy to replace and don't take any special knowledge.

Nutone CV-350 Low Suction

I am Dave from Maine. We have a Nutone CV-350 that worked fine until recently. Now it doesn't "suck" up dirt like it used to. The lines and hose appear to be free of any obstructions. The motor seems to work fine and still cleans, but not nearly as well as before.I have replaced the filter and bag with no improvement. Can a newer unit or model be hooked into this system? What do you think?

Inside the bag compartment of your unit, look up towards the motor. There will be a screen there that can get debris built up over time. A new unit can be hooked up the same way as the existing one. Since you already have the system installed in your home, there is no installation needed that can be very costly. The replacement unit will just connect to the existing pipeline. Talk to your local dealer to discuss your options here http://builtinvacuum.com/dealers.html

Replace Motor or Unit

Hi my name is Bob Bellan form DeepRiver ontario canada I have a model 350c Nutone central vac recently been blowing the breaker consistently and not shutting off prior when removing the hose from the wall, This time it just shut off I went to the unit and there was a smell of smoke(blue haze) the reset button had engaged when i reset the button and turned the breaker on the vac starts but the reset button/breaker engages. Is this time for a new motor or should I replace the whole unit. If it is the motor what is the replacement part that I need or where do I find details on pricing etc. Is there another newer unit that will fit my present design of piping etc similar to my 350C model thanks in advance

It does sound and smell like you need a new motor. Most opt for that. If you want to replace the unit you can do it with many of vacuums available. Most are made of plastic now, even Nutone's. The MD SilentMaster and FloMaster lines are steel and the S44 or M85 will give you 50% more power.

Replace the Motor?

How do I know for sure if I need to replace the motor. My vacumaid just stopped. It did not overheat. I check electric power source everything is powered. do I need to do anything else. I have already replaced this motor twice before . I have this system H-1 for twenty years now . diana from new york

Have some one try to turn on the vacuum from inside the home. If you hear a click at the vacuum unit then the motor is bad. If no click then the relay is bad. If you have an on/off switch on the hose handle then you need to bypass it and short the connection inside the wall port hose hole that is 1.5 inches in diameter. Use some tin foil, it will not shock you.

Sparks, Hit to Run

Ron Genesee WI. I have a Astro-Vac model MK-X. I cannot find a number on my motor. It has a sticker that says listed 269B LR22305 P.I. 120 VOLTS AMPS-11.5 60 HZ I don't know if the motor is shot or if it needs brushes. I have to bang on the motor to get it to go on,and there are green sparks in the motor Thank You Ron Paddock.

It's time to replace the motor! We have them in stock and it is not hard to do.

Turning Off and On - Spooky!

My vacumaid is turning on and off all by itself. Not sure if it's the motor relay or microswitch in the wall outlets. It's a 1985 model that's sounds a little noisy...Bearings? Nick

Disconnect the low voltage wire from the unit and see what happens. That isolates the unit from the low voltage system in the home. If it doesn't turn on automatically then the wires are compromised in the home and you'll need to have a vacuum technician inspect the line. If it still does it then replace the electronics in the vacuum.

Turns on for a Second

I have an AstroVac Model SR 50 and it does not turn on. If I unplug unit and plug bag in, a surge of power turns the unit on for a second however when plugging the wand in, it does not turn the unit on. Do I need to replace the motor, the brushes, or where is the relay?? Thank you Greg Brookfield, WI

Sounds like the relay is working but the motor can't keep the charge so it is time to replace the motor. You can troubleshoot more here http://builtinvacuum.com/education/troubleshoot.html

Upgrade to Stronger Motor?

Hello My name is John Winston from Puyallup Washington. I curently have a Nuntone CV350 Central vacuum unit; However, I want to replace this motor with a more powerful one. If I purchase a 11-7478 motor from your company, will it fit in my CV350 central vac unit. In Addition, is there anything else I can due to help get more suction power out of my central vacuum system, I have a 3278 sq ft home. Thank you!

Your vacuum is made for its specific motor - the way it bolts in, the electricity, etc. The 117478 motor is a bit more powerful and draws only two more amps or so but it is taller (see motor for heights). It will bolt in but it may be to tall to close the lid properly. If you had sought a 3-stage motor that would be taller, have more voltage and NOT bolt right in. Usually using a different motor is not an option but it may just work for you. Honestly though, you should have a vacuum with a three stage motor in it for your square footage.

Will Not Shut Off

I've just been told by a Nutone service person that my home unit Nutone ModelCV-350 needs a new motor. It's just four years old, and has been used strictly for indoor carpet and floor vacuuming. My house is 1406 sq. ft. My question is: how long should I expect a new motor to last? What prompted my call for service was that the vac would not shut off either at the hand switch or when removing the hose from the wall socket. I had to shut it off at the circuit breaker switch. My owner's manual troubleshooting guide suggests that this indicates an electrical short in the system. The service person says I can still use the unit, turning it on and off with the circuit breaker switch. Somehow, this doesn't sound like a faulty motor situation to me. What do you think?

The motor is fine, the problem is either the wiring in the home or a bad relay in the unit. Use this guide to pin point the issue and ask us if you have any further trouble http://builtinvacuum.com/education/troubleshoot.html