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GA 100 Breaker Tripping on Newer Motor

My 4 year old Ga 100 trips the thermal breaker on the unit after about 20 minutes of use. It just started doing this after about 3.5 years. It is clean inside and the brushes still have plenty of life, any suggestions or possible causes. Thank you.

Your unit could have a bad breaker. Is the unit over-heating? Check your exhaust lines for blockage.

How to Install A Replacement Motor

I have a s2600 that needs a new motor how do I remove the old one to replace it? I have taken the top cover off and can now see the motor and the three wires coming off of it? Thanks Alan,

Please review these instructions. http://builtinvacuum.com/motor-how-change.html

My Unit Is Making Lots Of Noise While Running

My 117478-12 motor for my s-2600 makes a real lot noise when running. I have replaced the muffler and it still making the noise. Does the motor need to be replaced?

The bearing in the motor can get louder as the motor is dying. Sometimes debris gets wrapped up in the motor as well creating extra noise. Nothing can be done about either of these issues. If you can bear the noise until the motor suddenly stops working, then you can hold off on the new motor.

Loud Whine when Turned Off

I have a 117478-12 dated 1/25/02 that has an extremely loud and piercing whine when it powers down with and without the muffler. Any ideas? Thanks.Phil

The wider part of the motor is rubbing on the internal fan. Along the side of the motor is a seam that you tap on with a screw driver and hammer, all the way around, to move the fan housing down just a bit. The motor may have to taken out to do this.

House Breaker Keeps Tripping

Hi, This is a follow up question. I failed to state the circuit breaker that was triping is the house breaker, not the one on the unit. Thanks, Larry

Since it is the house breaker that keeps tripping first see if anything new is sharing that circuit. If nothing then you will need to replace one or both motors. Sorry. If you bought the brushes through us we will discount the motors for you. Please call us.

Replace 119962 Vacuum Motor?

I have the Vacumaid S2600 system which your website says this motor is for, however the motor in my system is actually the Lamb 119962-12. Do you sell the 119962?? Why does my Vacumaid S2600 have a different motor than you recommend? Will I be ok to order the 117478? Thanks!

The 119962 motor is a single stage motor and at this time (SEPT08) we have no replacement for it.

Vacumaid P120 Swap with 115334?

I have a Vacu Maid P 120 your site shows the 115334 Motor for the P 120 fitting in both the P 120 and the P125 yet doesnt not say the motor for the P125 will like wise fit the P120. As the P 125 motor seems to be superior I would like to use the P 125 motor # 117478 in my Vacu Maid P 120. Please confirm if they are interchangeable. YT Richard Ham

The 117478 motor is 1.75 inches taller. If it fits then you can use it in place of the 115334.

115334 Difference

I see that a person asked about using the more powerful 117478 motor in a P-125 instead of the 115334 motor and the response was "it will probably work". Can you elaborate further? Is it worth the trouble to put the 117478 motor in and are there any other tricks or cautions you might alert me to that would make the installation easier?

The 117478 is 1-3/4" taller. Check your space to see it if will fit. Otherwise it will bolt in fine and it only increases the amperage by a bit over one amps. The top of the motor is where it draws in cooling air so make sure it is not jammed up or covered over.

Motor Brushes vs New Motor

Hello, My fiance has a P-125 that stopped working. If I tap the motor it will restart. I think the brushes are gone. Can I replace the brushes, the motor is quite expensive and she will soon be selling the home. Thanks very much. Bob T - Andover Connecticut

Replacing the brushes is not a good solution for this old motor. They may or may not help and it is usually not for long which will still leave her liable. It really is time to replace the motor.

Replace Complete Motor Unit - VacuMaid

I have a very old (around 30 years) Vacu-Maid system. It has one motor in a separate can. I cant find any numbers on it. Will your 7478 work? Can I buy the entire motor assembly so all I have to do is mount and plug it in? Thanks, Rick Mobile, AL

There were a few different units that came with a seperated motor assembly. You will need to remove the motor to compare to those used in Vacu-Maid systems that can be seen here,http://builtinvacuum.com/help/vacumaid/motor.html#motor In the description of the motor we provide dimensions for comparison.

Motor for AVR7500 AirVac

I have an airvac avr7500 bagless will this fit my unit.

In order to be sure we have the correct motor for you, please call us when you have the motor removed and in front of you. We look forward to helping you!

Ultra Air Care Central Vacuum Not Working

My name is James King Tukwila Washington and my ultra air care system isn't working again! it seems to have no power (the green light doesn't come on) unless the motor is turned sideways or upsidown. Could it be the circut board? If so how much are they? And how do I go about getting one? Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank You.

Hello James, have you used our troubleshooting chart at www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html? If it is the circuit board, which it sounds like, you can look through our boards here for a match (probably the first one listed) http://builtinvacuum.com/parts/electrical-parts.html

Need Ametek 117549-12

Several questions, actually. I have a Vacuflo 560. The number inked on the case of the motor is 7549-12. Is your 117478 compatible? Also, can I just get the motor and keep my fan unit? Also, your motor says two stage - my system doesn't have 2 stages, can you explain the difference? Finally, you mention a height difference with your new motor. Can you confirm that it will fit in the Vacuflo 560 unit? Thanks for your time! Tom Bryson

The motor is available for purchase here,http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=201VF . It only comes as a complete motor as all vacuum motors do in our industry. The 7478 motor is more powerful if you can confirm it will fit your vacuum.

VacuMaid P125 Motor

I have a P-125 with a 117549-12 motor. The motor is sparking at one of the brushes and giving off a real pungent odor. After a few seconds, the button breaker on the side of the unit trips. Is the motor shot? Can it be rebuilt? If not, is the 117478 the correct replacement motor?

Yes, the motor is shot and this is the correct replacement motor. FYI, five percent of the time the thermal minibreaker will fail when a motor goes bad. Get the motor first and you should be fine.

Replace 115334?

Can I make a 117478 Motor (Part# 201P) replace an 115334 Motor (Part# 201) in my Vacumaid P125? I am willing to modify top cover to fit.

It will probably work, the biggest issue being the height. The mounts are 1/4 higher too. The electronics in your machine should be able to handle it.

Galaxie GA100 Motor?

I have a galaxie ga-100 installed in 2000, 120v 2hp 13 amp 60 mz. Will your motor fit and shipping and warranty?

Yes, it could be one two motors that were used in the same model number. Look here to compare,http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=201,201P . Shipping is $8.99 flat rate as of Aug. 2006 and the warranty is 6 years.