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Runs Hot and Shuts Off

My motor keeps getting hot and then vacuum cuts off. I checked brush & motor seems ok Is that problem with circuit board? The reset white button keeps coming out

If your motor keeps getting hot and shuts off, it's an indication that you will need to replace your motor(s). Note, an indication that you need to replace your circuit board is when your system continously runs and will not shut off unless you unplug your system. Should we be of further assistance, you may also contact us at 800-9997-2278. Thank you.

Checking Motor Brushes

I have a Beam 2250D central vac system. The indicator light is a constant red, which the literature describes as "check motor brushes". The motor is a Lamb model 117500-12. How do I remove the brushes for inspection, and can I order new brushes for this? John; Portage, MI

For your motor you will need to remove the tabs from the top of the motor next to the brushes. Follow our guide to brush removal at http://builtinvacuum.com/motorbrush.html

Motor Now Very Loud

Bob, Palmdale. I have a Hayden Premier central vac model that was installed in 1999. No issues until lately. The dB level of the unit rivals a jet engine. Suction seems fine. Why so loud all of a sudden?

Most likely the motor fans are hitting the casing. Worst case is the bearings are going out. You can use a hammer and screw driver to tap on the seam on the side of the motor to move the motor shell, but you need to remove the motor from the vacuum to do so. The motor should spin without hitting anything. Test it by unplugging the unit, removing the filter, putting your finger in the motor suction hole and giving it a spin.

Meaning of 7.2 Inch.

what does the 7.2 inch mean in the description is that better than 5.7 inch????

The bottom of this motor has a 7.2 inch diameter. They are larger than the 5.7 inch motors and tend to have a few more hours of usage then their smaller counterparts. Both can have the same suction power though.

Wiring to Circuit Board

I had to replace the motor on my hayden premier. I pulled the wires to the motor without marking where they go. I need to know where the black and white wires plug in on the board. Thanks, Les

Click on the photo on this product to enlarge it and look at the wording. The key is a motor is not polarized so the black and white wire can be switched without any problems. http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=235S

Debris Got to Motor, Low Suction

I replaced my filter incorrectly allowing dust to pass across the filetr boundary and into the motor...the suction, there are no strage sounds and no electrical burning smells etc. just a low cacuum pull in the house. Can I simply clean the motor or does this indicate a replacement is required? It is a 2250A unit which motor would be required as a replacement? Tx

First our guide to find where the suction is actually weak and what to do about it www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html. It is possible that enough debris is stuck in the motor and hindering suction. Replacing the motor with this one would be the solution to that.

Oil for Motor?

I have a Vacuflo 360 that is very noisy. Sounds like it needs oil. Making a continuous, low frequency "screaming" noise - not clunking or intermittent. Is it time for a new motor? As I recall, there is no way no add oil to the motor. Thanks, Bruce Los Angeles

You are correct, these motors do not take any kind of oil or lubricant. We suggest using the motor until it finally fails. That means you will hear odd sounds from it and maybe smell it too. If you want to replace the motor at this time you very well can and just get it over with. At least you will not have that sound any more!

Higher Air Watts?

Some manufacturers of central vaccuum systems are advertising air watts more than double of this motor using only one motor. Are there more powerful motors made by other manufacturers? This seems to be a very large vaccuum motor.

Hello, 530 Air Watts for a single motor is really good. There are some with 100 or more for one motor but these larger motor don't have to spin as fast, are all metal and last longer. They are better for the long haul.


What is the operating temperature of this motor? Thanks Armando Martinez, Albuquerque, NM

The air around the motor in the motor chamber will be around 120F and the exhaust somewhere around 140F.

Beam 2250 Motor

Looking for a Beam Serenity 2250A Motor Replacement. I have not examined the motor. The unit has been in use for eight years. Notice that the small Beam (3500 Ft2) Model is now the "225A' Which motor should I order the 225A (116765) or the 2250 (117500)?

You'd be correct to order the motor for the model number on your machine. If 2250 then it would be the 117500.

Integrated Relay?

Does the Hayden Premier have a relay built onto the motor? If so, can I replace it myself, and how much would the relay cost? Thanks, Allan

The motor does not. The relay is part of the circuit board and cannot be replaced by itself. You will need to replace the whole board.

Vacuflo 26 Replacement / Upgrade?

will this motor work and fit in my vacuflo 26. Thanks

Hello, you will need to stick with the 115334 motor in your Vacuflo 26. The motor housing is designed to fit the dimensions and mounts of only one motor.

Airflow of Two Motors

what is the airflow of 2 117500 working together?

Double the airflow, so just over 200 CFM (Airflow).