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Motor Brush (117507, 117465) Q&A

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Broan V28-C Motor Brush?

I have a central vac. Broan V28-C. I would like a mannual on replacing the bushings and a price on this part. Regads Mike

Hi, the vacuum motor was a 116507 which is no longer made but takes the same brushes at its replacement the 117507. There are the brushes: and here are the instructions First feel the center of the motor. If it has any play in it you should replace the entire motor. Thank you.

Will it Fit My Vacuum Motor?

I have a Pullman B.I.V. I have had a hard time finding anyone locally that carries these parts but the brush in this photo looks remarcably like the one in my unit. Does any one have a cross referance for Pullman products? I had writen down some info on a previous attempt at locating these brushes the numbers are ( Type R856B fan center ) I do not remember if I got this info from my unit or on a web site. If there is no way to check I'll just have to order the one that looks like it would fit , they dont cost that much anyway. Thanks, Terry.

The best way to match these brushes is to look at the motor number they are for, look at the motor photo online, and see if it matches the motor you have in your vacuum.