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117507 Lamb Vacuum Motor Q&A

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116.2385490 Replacement Parts

I have a kenmore canister vac 116.2385490 The bearings went on the top. What type of bearing needs to go in there? Some kind of sealed bearing? Just before the bearing went, the motor was running fine. The brushes look to have an inch of material left inside.

Sorry, parts for the these motors are not available through us or Sears.

116507-00 Replacement Motor

I have a GA-100 central vacuum. It uses a Ametek Lamb 116507-00 motor. What motor should I use to replace it? Thanks.

Replacement motor for that model can be found here,

Black and Decker 720 Replacement Motor

steve-grand forks,bc. I have a black and decker 720 central vac. Are motors still avilable for this model. THANKS

Sorry, they are not available but we'd love to get you into a new, powerful, same high-quality type of vacuum for about $500. Please checkout our Flo-Master M85 and contact one of your local dealers for sales. Thank you.

Broan CV30 Replacement Motor Options.

My mother has a Broan CV30 that was originally purchased from Home Depot in 1999 (my Dad kept all of the paperwork). I don't think that the motor has ever been replaced, but it is not working now. The installation and operation manual that came with the unit gives a part # for the motor of 99080270. I am wondering if this 117507 motor is the correct replacement. None of the referenced numbers seem to match up. Thanks in advance for you assistance.

Based on the make and model number Broan CV30, we have two possible motors available for you. Please indicate if the motor inside of your Broan CV30 is all metal or has a plast housing. You may view both motor options by clicking here: Broan CV30 Motor Options.

Broan CV30C Motor Replacement

Is the 117507 motor the only one that will fit on a Broan model CV30C

In the reference chart you can see the two options that were offered with that model. A quick visual comparison to your existing motor will get you the right one for your system.

Can I Upgrade My Motor To One With More Power?

I have a Nutone CV350, the motor has worn out. Can I replace it with the motor for a CV353? Its specs out a little stronger, hopefully this would give the system a little better performance.

In almost all cases, no. There are a couple of exceptions, but most units are made to physically fit the dimensions of a specific motor. The overall height of the motor inside the case and the length of the bolts that hold down the motor can restrict you. Many of the stronger motors also have higher power requirements that the current circuitry cannot handle.

Compare to 116507

Is there any difference in performance between the 116507 and 117507?

Since the 6507 is obsolete there are no specs from the manufacturer. But it is the same motor without the problems that the first had (don't know what they were), so we can confidently say it is the same or better!

Greater Suction Motor?

I have a Nutone CV353 motor that just burnt. Can I replace this motor w/ something that has a greater suctions- more power?

Sorry, that is not a good idea. Plus, this is a great motor. If you have a hose older than 2002 you will get 27% more suction with one of our hoses. Hoses are the most restrictive part of a central vacuum.

Just Replace Brushes?

Can I not just replace the brushes?

Vacuum motors are made to be replaced after 800 or so hours of use. This can be 5 years or 25 years depending on use. As a preventative maintenance issue you can replace/check the brushes every 300 hours. But after 800, the bearing and communtator should be worn enough to replace the motor. On a worn out motor, new brushes will extend the life for a small undetermined time. The brushes are available on the motor page near the bottom.

Larger Motor Available?

I have a Beam model 297S and plan on replacing the motor but was wondering if there is an optional motor available with noticeably more suction?

Good question and the answer is the vacuum is made for this particular motor, from its mounting to electronics. A new motor will feel stronger. Also, have you replaced the permanent cloth filter? That will help the suction.

Metal Instead of Plastic?

Will the replacement motor have a plastic housing like the old one? That seems like the only problem , when the lower bearing wears out it digs into the plastic housing and the only fix is a $250.00 replacement motor.

If it fits, you can use the 117500 motor. It is 1/4" higher overall, and 1/4" higher where the bolt connects. Advantage is a bit more power and all metal.

More Clogs, Need Motor?

I have a Signature 465 central vacuum. As of late, the pipes have been getting clogged and I've had to have them suctioned out by a technician. He says that the motor is old and weak and that we need a new system. If I purchase a new motor, will it be easy to install?

The fact you are getting multiple clogs is evidence that the item causing the clog may not have been removed. Motors tend to run at the same power until then die, they don't usually become weaker and weaker. Yes, replacing the motor is not difficult but it may not resolve the clogging issue. Next time they clear the clog see if they can snake the line instead of just suction.

Motor Brushes for 116507

i have a 116507-00 lamb that is tripping the mini breaker because of arcing on the armature and i really didn't want to pay 250 bucks for the replacement 117507 motor until i tried new brushes for the armature which i cleaned up as best i could. l can't find replacement brushes for the 116507. will the 117507 replacement brushes be a compatible replacement for the 116507 or am i just spinning my wheels trying to find a more affordable solution than replacing the 116507 with the 117507, there is about 250 reasons why i'm pursueing this avenue.

That motor is obsolete but directly replaced with the 117507 motor. We have the brushes for both motors here

Motor Is Sparking

the suction is good but the other day the thermoprotector tripped and i reset it and it has not tripped since. when i looked into the top of unit i can see what looks like sparks or red flashes coming from the top of this normal? the cv353 unit is 10 years old . does it sound like the motor is going bad. thanx jeff

Where the armature meets the brushes there is a little spark. It doesn't wrap around the entire armature. As a motor gets bad the sparks increase, causing heat, and tripping the thermal breaker. Yes, it sounds like your motor is on its way out. You could replace the brushes and see if that helps but much more often then not, replacing an old motor is the best way to go. Once they have reached there expected usage hours they are supposed to be replaced. There are too many components on them that are sufficiently worn.

No Mounting Bolts?

I have a 117507-00 Lamb vacume motor. But there are no mounting bolts or screws. Just the gasket and 3 rubber pads. Is this still the right motor? Thanks Gary Laurel, MT.

Depending on the vacuum brand, some didn't use mounting bolts. The gaskets sandwich the motor into the motor shell and all is well.

Nutone 353 Motor?

Nutone M/N 353 I have a Nutone 353 installed in about 1989 and would like to replace the brushes. The only number I can find is stamped on the blower exhaust 390683F. Nothing on the motor itself. Can you help? Thanks, Joe

This motor is the correct replacement in your 353. You can tell by comparing it to the physical specs in the details link of the motor and comparing it to the original motor in your unit. If you have any more questions please let us know.

Problem with vacuum suction

Good day: I have a Nutone Central Vaccum CV-353W. It was installed on new home in 2001. We use it once a week. Two weeks ago we noticed that vaccum suction declined; though I cannot assess the problem. I checked suction directly from the unit (not using the hose), and I still find its suction low. The motor seems to be working ok (the noise level seems normal), but I do not know where to start from. I would greatly appreciate the name/location of a technician or a service store in my area: Miami, FL 33176. Thank you, Jorge Hassig

Try removing the bag, check the gasket, disconnect the pipe to the house and try it there (if you have a break in the pipe in the home this is how you test the suction). You can find a local dealer for service here,

Rebuilt or Replace?

Hi i have an MD central vac type A ( blue canister). Unit is not turning on. It made a clicking noise few time but did not turn on. I called a repair guy who claims the motor is bad. He says its a special premium unit with one big motor, therefore he recommends to rebuilt it ( at a higher cost of a new motor) is that worth it? is the 117507 Ametek the motor that i need ? can i replace it myself?

These motors are not designed to be rebuilt, just replaced. Yes, you need the 117507 for your unit.

Replaced Motor, Not Turning On

I have a vacuflo 360. The old motor was making loud noises and blowing the relay. I replaced the motor and now the new motor is not getting power or turning on? Did I miss something or is the relay switch now bad?

It could be a problem with the wiring of the new motor, or the reset button may still be out. Follow our troubleshooting guide to locate the issue at

Testing Motor

Thank you in responding so timely to my question regarding the Nutone Cyclonic vac CV-353. The mini breaker does not click or make any noise however it did came apart on me while I was removing the old motor but I reinserted the slides and I did have to push reset to initially start the motor but once shut it did not want to restart. Do you recomend pulling the leads from the mini breaker and joining them to see if it will start ? Thank you

It is actually the relay you want to hear a click from. Bypass the minibreaker then turn the unit on to see if you hear a click. If no click, bad relay, If click, bad motor. Your minibreaker should be okay but you may want to replace it. We have replacements on the Parts>Electrical Parts page.

TrendVac Motor

I have a Trendvac model TRE #CVB(or8)033R The motor info is 1450 watts, 120 volt 60Hz, 38915 -112 size 5 1/2" diameter approx 7 1/2" height Can you help?

Take a look at these motors and let us know which one is looks most like and it will be easy to figure out from there.

Vacuflo 360 Check Relay

My Vacuflo 360 just stopped working after being very noisy for the past year. I'll have to order a new motor - before I do, how do I check the relay to make sure it is not bad? Also, where is the reset button located?

With the motor making loud noises, then dying, this is certainly a bad motor. You can either use a voltmeter to check the relay for power, or attach the new motor and see if it runs.

Vacuflo 360 Replacement Motor

I have a Vacuflo Model 360. The motor is burnt out. The motor model is a 117470 is there a better motor with more suction? Mike Cincinnati

Each vacuum model is designed to fit only one motor. The motor compartment is engineered to fit, and mount, a specific motor so you'll need to stay with the indicated motor. The correct replacement for your model can be found here,,220,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Vacuflo+360

Vacuflo Filter?

I have a Vacuflo Model 360 Serial # 313X 401 but no Operating instructions. Does this unit have a filter and should you use a bag? Thanks. Ed Fairfax, VA

There is only a filter screen up under the motor which needs to be scraped off when you empty the bucket. Reach all the way up and scrub off the screen each time to ensure you have full suction power.

VacuQueen Bad Motor, Hum

Have an old Vacu-Queen V-3000 central vacuum. First the plastic housing gave way + there was vibration. Fixed that but the motor appears to be gone - but would like your confirmation. Loud hum when engaged (power) with no motor acitivty & then the breaker is soon tripped. Motor gets very hot. I assume the motor is gone & should be replaced. True? Plan to use the 117507 if it's the motor. Thanks! Sally, Denver

The fact that the motor shuts down after using it for a minute or two indicates you have a bad motor. And even with a new motor you will have some sort of hum. It has more to do with the transformer rivets getting loose over time which is not a problem. You do have the correct motor here for your model number. If you need anything else please let us know.