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Vacuum Motor or Circuit Board Bad?

I have a Vacumaid P225 system in a home I just purchased. Today while vacuuming the system just stopped. I've been reading though your site and it sounds like maybe the motor does but I'm not sure. The reset did not trip but there is carbon all over the area above the motor housing. How do I test this? I've tried plugging the hose in each of the 4 possible connections and it doesnt fire up. Is there a way to confirm failed motor vs failed board? Also, If I need to replace the motor I'd like to upgrade the suction, is there another "plug and play" option I could use with the existing board/framework? Thanks! Jack in Lakeland, FL

We can help you out. When you try to start the vacuum by inserting the hose into the wall plate do you hear a click at the vacuum unit? If so, the motor is dead. If not then the relay or transformer is dead. Most likely it is the motor. The replacement motor referenced is the only one available for that machine but you should feel an increase in power when you replace it. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Use Stronger Motor?

Hey, just pulled my Lamb 117549-12 out of my Galaxie GA-100 because it is tripping the breaker. I'm hearing the blade hit and smelling plastic burning. We had 8 years of great service but we were never too impressed with it's suction. Can I drop that three stage 530 air-watt premier into her and start sucking the paint off the wall or do I need to stick with the 549-12? Thanks Chester

If the height is not an issue than you can use the powerful motor. It is 1/4" taller.

Vacuflo 560 Motor Making Grinding Sound

My 17 yr old Vacuflo 560 has recently been making a low and very loud whine almost like a grinding noise during operation. Sounds like it's coming from the motor. Suction decreases only when it makes this loud noise. The loud whine starts up after a few seconds of normal operation. Do you think that I need a new motor? The motor is a single phase 120 VAC 11 AMP unit. Art from Alberta, Canada

Yes, you need a new motor. The grinding sound is most likely the carbon brushes failing. You can find the correct replacement here, http://builtinvacuum.com/help/vacuflo-dirt-devil/motor.html#filter

Replacement Metal Screen

I have a 560, 3 yrs. old. The screen that you clean off on the bottom end of the motor has rusted out. Can it be changed without a complete motor exchange? My last vacuflo did the same thing and I replaced the entire unit. My unit is in the basement. Do they make a nylor filter or something that won't rust out?

We are not aware of any replacement screens that are made. You can create your own with a section of metal (acrylic, plastic, nylon, etc.) cut down to size. Just be sure to use a durable material that won't break up and get sucked into the motor.

Vacuflo 560 - Decreased Suction - Power Brush Recommendation - Large Home

About 1 year ago we replaced motor on our 1998 vacuflo 560 - lots of black dust, irratic on and off etc. About 2 months ago unit started shutting itself off - when you tapped on housing it would start up again, sometimes had to have someone sitting next to unit and tap it every 1-2 minutes to get vacuuming done! Took off top (metal and filter) worked fine. Now I feel like there is decreased suction - tracks are different, and sounds like not as powerful as before. Could a motor have gone bad that quickly? Would I be better off just getting a different unit - bagless or cyclonic? I just feel my rugs aren't getting clean. Would I be better off with an electric beater? 5000 to 6000 sq foot house - unit sufficient? I clean metal screen, no outlet obstuction, and I dump 1x/month.

For your sized home you should have at least 650 AirWatts and an electric beater brush. That is the short answer because the long answer involves troubleshooting a unit you really don't need. (The motor is defective or clogged itself, the wiring may not be tight, or the electronics going bad.) Our top recommendation for a new unit is the SilentMaster S44 or Flo-Master M85, both at 650 AirWatts and with a disposable bag that only needs changing two or three times a year. Use our dealer locator to find a local reseller at http://builtinvacuum.com/dealers.html.

Vacumaid P-125 Weak Suction On Old Motor, Or Other Issue?

I have an 18 year old p-125 unit. Recently the suction is much reduced. I have cleaned the mesh filter, removed and reseated motor and still the air suction is pretty weak. I do feel a pretty good air flow out of the outlet. The hose is almost new so I don't think there are leaks there. Is it possible that the old gasket is leaking to cause this problem? If its not the gasket, does it make sense to replace the motor or go with a new system? If new system, what do you recommend?

New hose or not, it may be clogged. Run through the steps here first to rule out some things http://builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html. It is rarely the motor that slows down, but looking looking up from the mesh filter into the motor you may see it clogged with hair, in which case the motor or unit should be replaced. There are a lot cleaner units you can replace it with such as the SilentMaster S2 or S44, or the Flo-Master M85.

Vacuflo 960 High Pitched

I have a Vacuflo 960. Despite regular emptying of the unit, it now has a very high-pitched whine(scream), most noticeable when the motors are slowing after the power turns off. any thing to do or is it time to replace the motor(s)? Thank you, Dennis

Most likely the motors have debris wrapped around the fans, but there is nothing you can do about that. New motors will be the solution and provide more power. Your call when you think you are ready for the new motors.

Vacuflo 260 Replacement Motor

Will the 117549-12 motor fit the Vacuflo model 260?

We show it took a narrower motor. If your's measures over 7 inches diameter then yes, it takes a larger motor. It is the 117549-12? Use the photos and descriptions from the motor links here to determine that http://builtinvacuum.com/help/vacuflo-dirt-devil/motor.html

Lots of Sparks

When I turn on the vacuum the motor throws out sparks and turns off.Is there a way to open this motor (117549-12 ) to check if the brushes are worn out or is it best just to replace it. Pleasae advise MM from Boise ID

Vacuum motors are made to be replaced after their 900 or so hours of usage. That is usually 10+ years. Motor brushes in older motors may help for a while but we find customers end up spending more money soon after to replace the motor. The call is yours, but we recommend the new motor.

Difference Between 117478

I have a Vacumaid p-125 in my home. A service tech came out and said I needed to replace the motor. He gave me a mdl. # of 117549-12.What is the difference beteen this model and an 117478? Is one better than the other?

You need to measure the height of your motor to determine which one you really need. They are basically the same motor except the 7549-12 is a bit shorter and has an internal difference. The fans are made to accumulate less build up which is important for VacuMaid since the exhaust is so dirty. Did you know you can replace the entire unit with a cleaner, quieter one for about $500 with the FloMaster M85? It is also more powerful.

Symptoms of Used Motor

I have the 560 motor and it shuts off after resetting the mini breaker in a couple seconds,seems to be sparking heavy checked the brushes and they are still 1/2 inch long. The vac is 10 years old. All of these types of motors run 800 hrs period?

Hi, you have correctly described a well used motor that is ready to be changed out. We have the motor in stock and instructions on your brand page. If you have any questions please let us know.

Complete Motor ?

My central vaccum unit p-225 motor 17549-12 stopped working. I opened it up and found the plastic components on the side of the motor to be melted. If I replace the motor does it come with the electronic components that are currently installed. Which motor do I replace it with?

Yes the motor is complete but there are no plastic components attached to it. See it here http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=201VF,220,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Vacumaid+225.

Clean Pipes, Motor Quieter?

how do we clean the central vacum pvc pipes do we call the roto rooter? thank you do we need a new motor, the one we have is 20 years old and screams all over the neighborhood p 125 moel vacu-maid are the new ones more gentle?

Hi, do you have a clog or just need them cleaned? For a general cleaning spray some Lysol on paper towels and suction them through the hose and pipes all the way to the vacuum. The vacuum motor will be a bit quieter but we recommend replacing the vacuum with a new quiet SilentMaster. It also has no visible dust out the exhaust. http://builtinvacuum.com/silent_master/index.html

How to Clean Impellers

I want to clean the impeller area of dirt. How can I take this unit apart?

The bottom of the vacuum motor can be tapped of with a screw driver and hammer around the seam. We do warn you, though, that removing dirt can make the motor out of balance and bring is demise sooner.

Vacumaid P-125 Slowed Down

I have a Vacumaid model P-125 that is eight years old. Lately it has weak suction, and leaves no "tracks" in the carpet. My husband has repaired several things on the cleaning head, and it is working well. The hose is clear, as we stretched a garden hose through it. The attachment tool is clear. It also doesn't have the powerful sound that it used to have. Do you think I should replace the motor? Does this often happen after 8 years of weekly use? Which motor should I replace it with? Thanks!KSM in TX

Motors usually don't slow down unless they are dying. The screen/filter under it is clogged or your hose is old and leaking (hard to find the micro-leaks that add up on old hoses). Test the suction where the intake pipe connects to the Vacumaid. Reach up under the motor and remove the filter or clean the screen and see if there is a difference. But your hose into that port on the unit and see if the hose has the same good suction too.

Vacumaid P-225 Motors Will Not Turn On

My model p225 doesn't do anything when I put the hose into the wall socket. I tried the reset button and nothing happened. Any ideas? The unit is approx. 25 years old.

If you hear a click at the unit when you would normally turn on the suction, then your motor is burned out. If you don't hear a click, then your relay is burned out. Replacement motors can be found here, http://builtinvacuum.com/help/vacumaid/motor.html#filter . They are quite easy to install. Let us know if you have further questions and to troubleshoot your system use www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html

Motor Brush

I have a vacuflow 560. It keeps popping the breaker. The motor seems to run okay standalone without being connected to the inlet and outlet pipes. The motor spins freely. I noticed when hooked up to the inlet lines that after a few minutes the motor will get hotter. I've checked the pipes and no obstructions. This unit has been in place since 2002 and operating efficiently. Could the brushes be worn out? I haven't checked them yet. If I need new brushes where would I get them?

We don't carry the motor brush for that model, you can contact Ametek for the part.

Higher Amps

I just ordered a replacement motor for a Vacumaid 225 (replacement is your part 201VF - 117549-12 Lamb). After closer scrutiny, I see the replacement is rated at 13.5 amps, and the original spec plate shows 11.5 amps. The breaker on the system shows 15 amps. Can I assume that the power cord and relay/contacts are adequate to handle the new motor? btw, what makes one of these motors go dead? If a winding shorted, the breaker would pop. Mine didn't. Doesn't look like there is much to fail except brushes? Thanks! Jeff Richmond, Vermont

The higher amps will be fine. And yes, sometimes they die without popping the breaker, meaning it didn't overheat while passing away. They die, are worn out, need replacement after their 800 or so hours of use are up. The armature is scored, brush or brushes used, and the bearing not solid, and the fan blades in bad shape (sometimes).

Motor Always On

My vacu maid model 225 was just installed last summer. There is something wrong witn the low voltage switch that creates a situation in which the vacuum runs constantly and needs to be un-plugged in order to stop it. Needless to say, running to the basement to plug the vac in to turn it on (plug it in)and running back to turn it off (un-plug) is getting old. Is there a repair & return program for the module? Is there a "card" that needs to be replaced? Is this something I can fix myself? regards Karl Taylor

The short may be in the home or in the unit. Follow these directions to find out and have solutions. www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html.

Vacu-Maid P-125 Replacement Motor

I have a Vacu-Maid P-125 that stopped working after 9 years. Relay clicks but the motor doesn't run. Are replacement brushes the way to go or is it time for a new motor? I expected longer life from the unit. Also, the motor is a Lamb 7549-12, but this motor shows up as a replacement for a different model of vacuum (P-225). Which is the correct motor for my unit? If different than a 7549-12, what are the differences between the two? Russ from Nazareth, PA

There where a couple different motors and 125 models. Good news is you can match the 4 digits like you have done to find the right motor. You will need the 117549-12. As for motor brushes, it is most likely too late. The hassle of installing them for the short amount of life it brings before you need a new motor is most likely not worth it. That has been our experience.

Vacumaid P-225 Motor Just Clicks

Hi, I have a Vacu-Maid P-225 that just clicks at the motor, when I try to start it. Is there some maintance I could do to help it out or am I looking at a new motor assembly? I'm glad to see that you have them listed. Thanks

You will need the motor listed on the website. You have power, but a dead motor.

117549-07 Motor Replacement

The motor in my 560 says 117549-07. Is the 117549-12 the proper replacement? Is there a more powerful motor that will drop right into a model 560? Thanks

Yes, the 117549-12 is the correct replacement and there is no more powerful motor that will drop into your unit. Motor is in stock and ready to ship!

Motor for Vacuflo 960.

What motor's do i replace the 960 model with?

You can find the correct replacement motor here, http://builtinvacuum.com/help/vacuflo-dirt-devil/motor.html#filter

Exact Replacement?

Is this a direct drop in replacement for the 560 motor?

Yes, exact replacement. We guarantee it or we'll remit the shipping and pick it up on our dime.

Vacuflo 560 Motor?

Can I use this to replace the motor in my 560? I'm looking for more power.

This is the correct replacement motor for the 560.

Which Gasket?

Which gasket goes with this?