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Drywall Dust in Vacumaid

Hello, I have a Vacu-Maid 240 volt S3240 central system. I have been undergoing some remodeling in my house and have, knowingly and willingly, been sucking up drywall dust. I have noticed some reduced suction and airflow which I expected. I have checked all the pipes for any obvious blockage and buildup with a nerf ball, which works quite well I might add. I have a rectangular box installed in each exhaust pipe that I am afraid of breaking by forced entry. What is inside and could there be buildup in these boxes? Is there any way to actually clean the buildup off of the motor impeller blades, which is what I think might be most of the issue? Or am I better off buying a new motor(s) when it gets to the point of needing it? Thank you, Greg / Churchville, MD

Hello, the exhaust is not filtered and shoudn't be your problem. Check it, though, by disconnecting the exhaust at the unit and running without it. You have removed the filter at the very top under the motor and cleaned it, right? The build up on the motor is usually not what makes less suction and there is no safe way to clean the motor and keep it balanced. Let us know what you find. Most clogs happen in the hose. Did you try the ball in it?

What is Air Watts?

What is air watts? Thanks, Shelly

Air watts is a computated number from the waterlift and CFM. It is a simplified way of giving the motors suction power but it doesn't tell the whole story. Read http://builtinvacuum.com/vacuumo.html for more understanding.

Nutone 352 Motor?

would you have a motor for a nutone mod.cv352 thanks George