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Older S5

My S5 is approximately 12 years old and I have one bad motor in the unit but want to replace both of them as I am sure the other will not be far behind as far as failing. I know the older units used transformers etc that the new S5 dont. Will this motor work with my older S5 model? Also would the instalation of the motors be the same with the older model or is there more rewiring required?

There is nothing to be concerned about. The motors will wire up and work with your system perfectly.

Watts vs Air-Watts

Jose Garcia is airwatts the same as watts for example when a motor is label 400 watts is the same as 400 airwatts than you very much

Watts is the electrical usage (1500 watts for this motor in question) and Air-Watts is a derived number based on performance (444 for this motor in question). So they really are two different things and you can't use one to figure out the other.