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119412 Lamb Vacuum Motor PLUS Free Wire Set Q&A

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Questions & Answers

115894 Replacement?

I need to replace the lower motor on my CV-450. I am going to order your part# 206G 119412 , the only thing that stopping me is I can't find that number on the bad motor. The only numbers I can find are 115894 LAMB L1-3 . Is it ok to use the 119412 motor?

You found the correct motor number, but that motor is not longer produced. The 119412 motor replaces it. Thanks for asking!

116-4053482 Kenmore Replacement Motor

I have a sears central vac number 116-4053482. Is this the correct replacement motor thank you Faye from lawrenceville

We don't have the cross reference, but in all our dealings with Kenmore customers, they are able to figure out the exact replacement motor they need by using the list of the motors Kenmore used on their central vacuum machines. Here is the list on the Kenmore Help Page

116116 Motor Replacement?


116119 Replacement?

Hi - I have a model #116119-00. Will this model work? Is there a more powerful unit that will fit? Thanks, Jeff

This is not the motor you need. The 116119 is a much more powerful motor and there is not one you can replace it with to make it stronger. Here is the 116119

116392 replacement?

It seems I have the right motor with all the specs you give. My number says 6392-42 and yours says 116392. Could this be the same? Please let me know ASAP. I would like to order this and have it sent to Hawaii. Quick shipping for this. What do you suggest and how much? Don Gerry

Yes, this is the motor you want. Call us Monday to place the order over the phone, please.

116392 Replacement?

will this motor replace an M & S vacuum motor. Motor 6392-01, 120v, 13 amps, 60 mhz, serial # 11941224? Thank you Stacie Forney

Yes, this motor replaces the 116392 and has the same power.

116765 Replacement?

Does this 119412 motor replace the 116765-00 motor on my Kenmore central vac? How much to ship to Kamloops, BC - Canada Thanks. Dan

The the motor you need is the 116765 here Click and you will see the cost of the motor. Shipping into Canada is live-updated and shown before payment during checkout.

119407 Motor Replacement?

I have a lamb electric motor that I need to replace. The model number is 119407-00, but I am having a hard time finding that exact number. Is there a comparable motor I can get that gives the same performance. This motor is in a clipper vac system used for grooming dogs. Thank you so much, Tracey

This motor is underpowered to be a good replacement. The motor that matches what you need and is the same size is here

119412 or 116472?

The model you said to replace my 119407 has one difference other than amps that I can see. The 119412 has a G2K design as a special feature. Will this make a difference in performance? Also, the 116472 model has lead wires as the connection, where the 119407 and 119412 have terminal connections. What does this all mean? I am just trying to totally make sure before I purchase a replacement. Thank you for being so patient with me. Tracey

The end of the wires makes no difference really because you can put on your own terminals to make your own connections. Or you can splice the new wire into the old wire with its connection already in place. The 9412 motor is a lot less stronger then the 6472 which is the same power you are used to. The G2K design won't matter at all, don't worry about it.

130588FE Motor Replacement

I have the Nutone CV400. Both motor numbers are 130588FE. One motor is "arching" when running and I have to move the fan blades on top of this motor to get it to start. There is a lot of black dust all around the top of this motor, is it perhaps brushing dust? Will replacing the brushes cure the problem? Also, the little "fan" on the top of this motor wobbles. Do I need to replace this motor? Will your motor #119412 fit/replace my #130588FE without any modifications or change in circuit breaker size, etc.? Thanks, Jim, Huntsville.

Yes, you need to replace the motors. The bearing, armature, and brushes are shot. The number you found is for an internal part of the motor. They were not good a putting the actual number on the motor years ago. The 119412 is a new generation motor made by the same company and fits right into place for the two motors. You should not need any other components changed besides the motors.

6392-01 Motor Replacement?

I have a Filtex 675A installed in 1992 or 1993, the motor went bad. The following are numbers listed on the motor: 6392-01; LAMB, 120V; 60H; 611296F. I was wondering what motors I would replace this with. I want to buy both motors at the same time. Thanks Vicky

This motor is a great replacement for the 6392-01 motor.

BNC# 10941100 Motor Replacement?

Nutone CV 750. My specs show this lower unit motor - 44902REB MOTOR ASSY-LOW BNC# 10941100 I don't see that part number listed. Can you confirm this will replace it? I think the sparks coming out of my existing unit suggest a replacement......

Yes, this motor replaces the lower Nutone motor on models 450 and 750. It is a great replacement and customers have been satified for many years with this choice. You are correct, the sparks mean it is time to replace. We suggest doing both motors at the same time but you don't have to. The upper motor is a different one as you can see on the Nutone Help Page.

Broan CV-40 Motors?

I have a BROAN CV-40 central vac. and it starting to make noise as if there will be a bearing failure in the near future. Unable to find the manual that came with the unit I am wondering if the unit has just one or does it have two moters? Also what would be the replacement part NO. for the motor/s? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Schuylkill Haven PA.

Yes, it takes two motors and we list them here Instructions are also provided online.

Broan CV40 Replacement Motor


Your Broan Central Vac takes this motor,221,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+CV40+120v and here is the exhaust coupling that you can put a small piece of SCH40 1.5" ID 2"OD into

Broan CV40C Motors

I have read the comments above and looked at the parts list, and I'm still having trouble figuring this out. If I want to replace both of the motors on the top of my Broan CV40C, which 2 motors/fans do I need to order? The existing installation has the pipes glued on - what additional fittings do I need for the new installation? Thanks!

You need both these motors and maybe none of the gaskets here,202G,221,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Nutone+CV40+120v. If the pipe is glued to the vacuum unit then you need to cut it two inches or so out to leave room for a coupling That is all you need.

Broan/Nutone Top Motor

I have a Broan Central Vac, model CV-40C. There are two motors on top. The suction motor works and the exhaust(?)motor does not. With out taking the exhaust motor out, the only numbers I see are Lamb 6392-01 and 660296F. Which of your replacement motors is the one I need? and is it called an exhaust motor? Thanks

It is actually pulling air from the lower motor and increasing the amount of suction you have. They both exhaust out the top motor. This motor fails because it runs hot from the lower motor's exhaust. Here is the correct replacement motor.

Compare Replacement Motor

I have the CV-400 with 2 motors, and I most likely would replace both motors. Does the 119412 bolt rigth in without any modifications? Does it give the same or better performance? Is it the same motor (manufacture and part#) that a nutone dealer would sell me? Your price seems good, but I don't want to end up with less performance.

The 119412 has the same power as the 116392 and there are no stats available for the 116116. The manufacturer produced this motor as an upgrade to many motors and we have had praise for its performance in Nutone two motor systems.

Exhaust Coupling Needed?

On the Nutone CV-400, do I need to order the 507EX coupling adapters or does it fit without them? Thanks

If there is a coupling on your existing motor, then yes. You can use your old one if it comes off okay.

Extension for Exhaust Available?

The Lamb 6392 I want to replace has about a 4 inch "extention" at the end of the motors exhaust horn. I don't see anything like this on the pictured motor; Is there a fitting that should be installed to the motor to carry the exhaust to the outside of the power unit body? (Braun CV-40)


We have an exhaust extension if you are not able to remove the old one to use on the new motor. The Motor Exhaust Extension can be stacked to get the reach you need.

Filtex FX675A Motors

I have a Filtex FX675A vac system with low/weak suction, and you stated that one of the (2) motors was probably bad. One motor I tested seemed to influence suction (this one was bad) while the other the exhaust. The motors fan blades also spun in opposite directions. My question is, are these (2) motors the same or are they different? I plan to purchase Motor#119412- part#206G as a replacement. Thank you, Rene' in New Orleans .

If one motor goes bad and not the other, then the air is sucked backwards through it by the good one. There were two motor types available for that model. One had an exhaust pipe, the other just vented around the top rim of the housing. A quick visual comparison is all you need to identify which one you have. The two motors inside the unit will match.,206g

Kenmore Central Vac

i have a sears central vac number model 1164802080 is this the correct number to replace the 11 amps motor in my central vac Grrey from montreal thank you

Your Kenmore Central Vacuum takes the 115334 motor here

Kenmore Motor vs Brushes

Hello, my kemore model # is 34604 and the serial number is 964300973 The Brushes in the vacuum motor are wore, I was told they cannot be purchased seperate this is in the canister itself thanks

If this is a central vacuum we can help you with buying a new motor, not replacing brushes. Brushes on these old units don't help for the effort you put in. It is easier to change the motor.

More Powerful?

Hello, I need to replace an Electroluc Motor 660296F for Electrolux Model 1590 central vac. Is there a more powerful motor to replace this with? Thanks Dennis LaPorte, IN

Vacuums are made with a single motor in mind. That will be the motor and the replacement motor only. The correct replacement motor that fits into your system is the most powerful for its size and the only one that fits in there. Here it is,730EXF,how2mtr

Motor or Brushes?

We have an M&S AV525A that suddenly has reduced suction. The house piping is open (tissue shows up in the cannister), and the filter is clean. One of the circuit breakers on the top of the unit trips within a couple of seconds after starting, and when it starts, there is a slight "growling" sound that I recognize as something wrong with a motor. Do you recommend replacing the brushes, or should I just buy a 119412 replacement motor? Thanks for your advice.

The excellent description you give tells us you really need one or two motors. The bearing the one is shot.

Nutone Broan CV40-C

I have a model number cv40-c the motor you can hear it making a grinding noise with sparks coming out of it till it trips the breaker could you please tell me what model motor I need and do you think that is my problem {the motor} thanks for any help you can give

It takes two motors. They are going out as they spark and trip the breaker. See the motor list here for the motors you need.