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119413 Lamb Motor Q&A

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116110 Replacement?

we have vacuum machines using Ametek lamb blower 116110-11 240 volts 50/60 hz is this is the replacement for the same? Please advice me which is the correct replacement.

Actually you will need the 240 volt version of it here

116336 Motor Replacement?

My blue, 2-motor central vac has no nameplate. The motor I removed has 6336 stamped in 2 places, but 316336 (not 116336) engraved on the motor. Is the 119413 the correct replacement?

The 119413 is the correct replacement for the 116336 vacuum motor (316336 is just a part made for the 116336 motor). They are both made by the same company and this newer one is better technology.

1164053481 Model, Need Motor 732172 Sears Kenmore

I have a Kenmore model 1164053481 what is the correct replacement motor?

Hello, we are coming up with this motor. Please read the specs on it and measure your height to be sure,220,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Kenmore+System. If it is not this one then it is,220,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Kenmore+System

119414 Replacement?

We have the Lamb Electric Motor for our J.E. Adams Industries LTD, Vacuum Silver Touch Classic, Part Number 119414, is the 119413 a replacement motor for this? If not, do you carry the 119414 replacement? Russ from Misawa Air Base, Japan

Yes, it replaces it if you can't find the original motor.

751456 Replacement?

The motor I need to replace is from Lamb and the only number is on the bottom of the housing unit and is 751456. There is another number stamped on the top of the motor #609. This unit is about 25 years old. Your unit 119413 appears to be the best fit. Yes?

Usually when you match the look and specs of the motor it is a good match. We don't have any cross reference to the numbers you give, though.

AirVac 180 Motor?

i have a air vac 180 a motor is trashed other one is good is this the one for my unit please let me know

Yes, this is the motor you need and we suggest changing both at the same time. Both motors have the same average lifespan. Normaly when one goes out, the other is not far behind. Replacing both motors now can save a future headache.

Broan CV 40 Motor?

Hi, I have a Broan CV 40 that need a Peripheral motor (old part # 99080233 ) lamb. Am I correct that your # 119413 would be the replacement? Thanks, Scott from Mattituck NY

Replacement motors can be found here, This model had two options for motors, just compare the motor in your system with the pictures to identify the correct one.

Car Wash Vacuum

I need to replace 119413 amtek vacuum motors on to the lid of Southern Pride coin operated car wash vacs. My problem is the lids are missing the hold down clamps and could use new rubber o'ring seals and from what I can gather Southern Pride is no longer in business. Can you suggest a source for these non motor parts. thank you,,,,,,,,,,,,Dick

Sorry, we don't have a source for your clamps, but we do have the motors in stock.

Central Vac International CV7 Replacement Motor

I Have a Central Vacumn System. I am looking for a new motor. This is the Information that is on the machine: Model CV-7 Serial # 78687 Watt 860 Volts 110-120 Central Vac International Can You Help Me locate one? Thank-You Ginger Watson

Yes, this is the motor you need but it is not too powerful by itself. Two of these are used in a good unit these days. You may want to buy a new vacuum at this time. Please call us for details.

Extreme Temperature Regions Effect On Motors

i have the 119413 motor. this unit runs well with warm temperatures however, when the motor is cold (below about 32 degrees) it draws enough current to open the supporting 15 amp circuit breaker. is this a problem with the motor or the supporting curcuitry?

Normally the mini-breakers will trip prematurely when the temperature is hotter. An increase of 10 degrees in the motor cavity would decrease the rating down from 15 amps to 14 amps. In your case a single 119413 motor should draw only a maximum of 7.5 amps. I cannot see it tripping the breaker unless there are two motors attached to the same breaker. (It would then be drawing about 15 amps which does not leave adequate margin.) It could be that the initial start-up in-rush of current gets held for an additional millisecond and thus pops the breaker. Most motors will pull about 8 times their normal draw upon start-up for only a few milliseconds. This is normal. Possibly your motor is older and thus the spring forcing the motor brush against the armature is weakened in the cold and then allows for this longer delay. We have the 119413 motor in dual motor configuration in tens of thousands of units across the nation and many are in extreme temperature conditions well below zero Fahrenheit without any negative consequences. So check the age and remainder of your motor brushes. Otherwise it could be that the motor is tightened down to tight. In colder weather a bind is put on the metal because it can contract and thus it is being pinned into place for that extra few milliseconds. I doubt that your problem is in the minibreaker unless you have new motors. If it is the large breaker in your house that is popping, then yes, it could be defective.

Fasco 852SVDM Hot Motor Shell Okay?

After replacing the motors in my fasco 852svdm with the 119413 motors the side of the vacuum housing where the lower portion (not the electrical part)of the motors are is hot enough that you cannot lay a hand on the metal for more than 1 to 2 seconds. Is this normal and should I be concerned about this? Any Ideas? Thanks, Bill Virginia Beach

This is fine. The unit should get really hot. Just be sure the exhaust is not blocked and if there is an exhaust tube that it is two tubes for two motors. Sometimes they combined the exhaust runs into one pipe and that creates back pressure. At least combine them as far from the unit as possible.

Fasco 852SVDM Motor Brushes

Tony Uniontown pa.. Fasco central vaccum model 852SVDM.... Both motors need brushes.... where can I find them without buying new motors..... Thanks

Hello Tony, motors are made to last about 800 hours and then need replacing. You can try brushes but you may not get the return you are looking for - espcially if the motors are original. Here is the replacement motor, and motor brushes,210

Fasco 852SVDM Motor Brushes

I have a Fasco 852SVDM central vac which was installed in my home in 1991 (the serial number on the motor is 116347). I need new motor brushes. Can you tell me which ones and if you supply them? Thanks for your help. Bonnie, Kingman, Arizona

The replacement motor brushes are found here, Honestly your best choice would be replacing the motors though. They are pretty much all around defective after 800 or so hours of use.

Fasco 852SVDM Motor Replacement?

I am trying to replace one of the motors of a FASCO 852SVDM 13.5 amp. The following numbers are on the motor: 447511 199610 Please advise the replace number and costs.

Those numbers are for parts that make up the motor. The actual motor number was rarely put on the motor, except for recent time. The correct replacement motors are 119413 found here,,221,711B,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Fasco. They look a bit different but fit right in work excellently.

Fasco 852SVDM Motors

I have a Fasco model 852svdm central vac. It is powered by a dedicated thirty amp circuit. We noticed decreased performance in the suction of the unit. I cleaned the filter and washed it to see if that added restriction which it did not. Then I pulled the top part of the unit off (three part assembly) and noticed that only the fan on the left was working. The one on the right(not working) spins freely but when power is turned on to the unit the fan on the left works and the one on the right does not. Reset button did not help to get the unit back up. Should I replace the motor and if so should i replace both (unit is 15 years old)? Can you recommend the motor(s),part numbers,pricing and ordering information? Thank you in advance for your help!

Go ahead and replace them both, they have the same expected lifespan so the other isn't far behind. Here are the motors,,221,711B,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Fasco. They are quite easy to replace. If you are thinking of replacing the center weighted cloth filter be sure to first read the notes about it in the Fasco Motor Page

Fasco 853 Motor Brushes for Older Motor?

Model 853 Are there replacement brushes made for this older unit? If not, which motor should i replace it with? Thanks Manny NYC

This motor replaced the 116336 which takes different motor brushes found here You can replace the brushes but after that many years it is worth replacing the motors.

Fasco Replace Brushes Again or Motor?

fasco central vacuum losing suction.brushes were replaced,so do we need to replace the motors? thanks

Yes, it is certainly time to replace the motor(s). You have probably got the 900 or so hours of use from the motor. The internal componenets naturaly wear over time, and at after the 900 hours are just too worn to operate correctly.

Filtex TM-285-L 110 Volt Motor?

I have a Filtex Model TM-285-L central vac with three motors. Two motors are bad; do you suggest replacing all three? What is the correct replacement motor? Pat Williams Bay, WI

The 119413 is the correct replacement, but you should only use two of them because they are 7.4 amps each while the orginal ones where just over 6. Three motors would be 22.2 amps, nearly four amps more, and crossing that magical 20 amp mark. Your breakers in the unit and in the home may be 20 amps and the running amperage would be right around that thus popping the breaker. Remove the third motor and cover the hole to preserve performance.

Filtex TS300 Replacement Motor

We have a Model TS300 Filtex central vac made by Natter Corporation. It has two motors, 110-120 volt, 60 HZ-A/C, AMP-12.25, Serial #66-19821. One of the motors has the number 80776FE printed on it. The motor was made July, 1976. Do you have a motor that corresponds with the above-referenced description?

We deal with many TS300 models. The motor(s) you need to use as a replacement is the 119413. It has great reviews and Filtex owners find them easy to replace.

Filtex TS300L Better To Use 116471 Or 119413?

Joyce Big Lake, MN I have a Feltex model # TS 300 L in-home vacuum cleaner from the 1970's and replaced one motor in 2000 and now having same problems again and would like to know which motor would be better 116471 or 119413 to use since both were mentioned on your website? And would you advise replacing both motors at the same time?

If there are two motors, you want to use the 119413 because two of the 116471 motors would put the unit at over 20 amps and that is beyond its circuitry capacity as well as your breakers size.

Filtex TS300L Both Motors Failed Together?

I have a Filtex Model VSI TS-300L. It has two motors, 110-120 volt, 60 HZ-A/C, AMP-12.25. I do not have vacuum power at all. Is replacement of motor my answer? And which model is the correct replacement motor?

Two motors can go bad at the same time, or you have been running on one motor for a while. Use this guide to determine the actual failure and ask us if you have more questions. The replacement motors are listed here under your model number

Filtex TS300L Dual Motor Unit, Same Motor?

Re: Model TS300L How do you tell the difference between a model for the left or right side? Or, are they both the same? Pat Deron Toms River, NJ 08753

In your vacuum both motors are the same. Buying one replacement motor for either motor will work. We recommend replacing both at the same time as each have the same expected lifetime, the other is usually not far behind.

Filtex TS300L Motor

I just bought a house with an old (1970s)Filtex TS300L vac system. One motor is bad and the only number I can find is stamped in green on the lower case. The first number is either an 8 or a 9 and the rest is 81076FE. On the bottom is stamped Nov 1976. I'm pretty sure the replacement motor is 119413 but thought I'd run it by you before ordering. Also, when replacing a motor, is there any difference between the two black wires? Can the motor run backwards if the wrong wire is connected to the breaker switch? Thanks.

Hello, the wires can go either way, it will not run backwards. And yes, that is the correct replacement motor. Everything is in stock and ready to ship out.

Filtex TS300L Motor Replacement?

We have a Filtex model TS300L motor serial #66-15254. Is the 119413 the correct motor?

Hi, the Lamb Electric motor replacement for 115407 and 115757 is the 119413 motor. At the Filtex motor chart please get the details and not the gasket modification for some models with a slip over gasket.

Filtex TS300L Use Stronger Motor Instead?

Hello, I'm in need of a replacement motor for my Filtex TS 300LR. I see theres 2 different amp motors for that unit. The tag on the side of my vac unit says 12.25 amps, would I been right in saying I could use the 10 amp motor rather than the 7.4 amp? Thanks, Jeff, Ashford

Actually the 12.25 is referring to both motors. So you have to stick with the smaller amp motors to stay close to the same amps. The 10 amp motor(s) would overload your electronics and trip your breaker.

Filtex TSP300L Motor Not Working So Well, Wet

Rosemary, Elmore, Ohio I have a Filtex Model TSP300L 110-120 volt, made by Natter Mfg. One of the motors got went when pipe from Sump Pump let loose. Since then I do not have as much vacuum power. Both motors run but one that got wet doesn't seem to run as well. Is replacement of motor my answer? And is the model 119413 the correct replacement motor?

The motor is probably dead. You just see it rotate as air is drawn through it by the other motor. Your best bet is to replace the motor with the 119413. You can purchase the motors here,

Filtex TSP300L Reset Keeps Popping

I'm unsure if I need to replace my motor. I have a Filtex TSP-300L with two motors. One of the motors quit working. The reset button had tripped. I reset it, but it tripped again. Is that a sign that it needs replacement? Thanks, Ron, Walnut Creek, CA

Yes, that is the sign you need a new motor. It is best to replace both while you are at it. Also, 5% of the time the reset button fails when the motor goes bad. We have them #250 in Electrical Parts.

Filtex TSP300L S-348-A Motor Replacement

I have a TSP-300-L central vac. system. My motor on one side as died. I replaced one in 2001 with a Lamb 850800. Is 119413 the correct replacement for this system? Original booklet 28 years ago says the replacement motor is S-348-A. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Red Roberts

Yes, this is the correct replacement. It is a better motor and will work with the system and the other motor you have just fine. Let us know if you have any other questions.

How To Wire

Dave from Calgary. I just received my 119413 motors and wires but no wiring diagram. My old motors only had two wires coming off each. Two to the board and two to the white wires (one white wire comes from the top of the transformer the other from the remote switch). How do I hook these new motors into my old setup? Thanks.

The 119413 should have three wires. The green one is a ground that needs to go to the green wire that comes in from the outside cord. The other wires attach as the original ones do. Even if you switch the wires it will be fine since the motor will not know the difference and can't run in reverse. For the connections you can cut the wires and splice them into the old ones with wire nuts or you can put new ends on the wires for direct connections or whatever you think best. Hope that helps, it is really more basic than customers may think. Let us know if you have more questions.

How to Wire - Ground Wire too

Carlos, Shadow Hills, CA, Just purchased two new 119413 motors and want instructions on how to connect the wires properly. There is a green, white and black wire. The old motors being replaced do not have the same type of connection. Is there a diagram I can refer to? Any assistance is appreciated.

If the orginal motor didn't have the ground/green wire then you can ignore them on these motors. For the the other two wires simply splice them into the older wires using some wire nuts. You can't mess it up because even if the wires from one motor are switched it will still run. These simple basic instructions are also found here

Include Gasket?

Does this include a foam mounting gasket?

When you put the motor into the shopping cart you will see at the bottom of the page a basic gasket available for a few dollars.

Kenmore Model 20.40260

Earl in Covington, KY- I have a Kenmore central vac. model 20.40260. The motor is model 115477. Since this model isn't available, you suggestion is to replace it with 116336.01 or possible the 119413 for more power. Is this correct and will all the mounting holes all match up?? Thanks, Earl

That is correct and the motor mounts the same way, at least that is what we understand from our Kenmore customers. We will stand behind the product and if you have any trouble let us know. It is returnable for a full refund within 30 days as well.

M&S Filtex FX675 Motor

I want to check if motor model 119413 replaces the one I have in my M& S Central Vacuum System Model FX675.

That model has used two different motors. One has an exhaust horn on it and one didn't (the motor in question here). Please take a look at the motors here by looking up your model number here,

MD Units - Motor Height Issue

I bought two new 119413 motors to replace 116336 motors on my MD CV (Blue canister) and they appear to be over 1/4 inch taller than the origonal 116336 motors. They interfere with putting the bottom on the canister(they touch the air vents). The boxes have 20722 written on them. Does this sound right to you?

Please remove the screens so the motors will fit. As the manufacturer we now use these slightly taller motors. They function better so you have more vacuum powre but on some models they don't fit well. We ask that you use metal tin snips to cut the screens out. The motor will just peak through the bottom of the unit. Their plastic housing will protect them just fine.

Modern Day B2 Ground Wire

Hi, I have replaced one of the motors(116336)on my MD B2. The old motor was exactly the same except the fan housing was all metal, where on the new motor, part of the fan housing is plastic. On my old one, the ground wire was screwed into one of the holes at the bottom of the fan housing. On the new one this is now plastic. Where should i attach the ground wire to the new motor?

There is no need for a ground wire on the new replacement motor.

Modern Day B2 Motor Options

I have a blue canister Modern Day System Vacuum Cleaner central vac, with Wayne Emdy, MD Mfg Co. on the side. Model B2, Serial 25465, 115v/60Hz, 14 Amp with 2 motors. The dead motor has "5737-1 R 115AC 20 82F" stamped into the side of the square metal block, as well as 5737 ink-stamped there. On the top black metal 5.5" round base, next to the screw hole, is stamped the number 210882. Will the 119413 Lamb Motor replace this motor? I believe the dimensions of the 119413 Lamb Motor are about .25 inches taller than the old one. Thanks.

The 116336 was probably the original motor depending on the age of the vacuum. The 119413 is the motor used today. Both work for your application and replace the motor with the numbers you give. The 116336 has a bit more power but is a bit louder.

Motor Fan Replacement?

I need to buy the fan for the motor of a vacumaid central vac. Does your company sell replacement fans?

We don't sell or recommend replacing parts within aged vacuum motors. The hassle yeilds little extended life. Sorry, please replace the entire motor. You can find your replacment motor here,

N 6110-10 Motor

My broken motor has N 6110-10. I didn´t find this number. Let me know model replaces this old one. Alex,Bratislava

That is from a manufacturer other than Lamb. Please send a photo and we can find the Lamb replacement. Lamb was the original vacuum motor manufacturer and has excellent motors.

Pullman-Holt ES2000 Motor Fan Housing

We have a Pullman-Holt ES2000 floor cleaner with a 116336-01 vacuum motor. The impeller housing on the old motor rusted away. Can I purchase a replacement housing for that motor or replace it with this motor?

Sorry, parts for the motors are not sold alone. The 119413 is a great replacement for it though.

Pulsating Power Issue?

I have a Silent Master S2 Central Vacuum System. The motor seems to be pulsing, on and off. I am guessing I probably need a new motor or is it another problem? There is also some black carbon deposit around the location wher the motor meets the canister. What's the problem?

Most likely, if the power is completely turning off for a while and then back on, it would be the motors (the S2 has two motors). But if it is pulsating without turning on and off and doing it every few seconds, that would be the relay or circuit board. Having said all that, it could be something completely different. Please call us and lets go through it over the phone.

Replace 115757 Motor

I have a 115757 motor and it doesnt look like th 119413. the fins are about an inch from the top like the motor on the right in the picture. I need that motor assy and dont want to order the wrong one. thanks.jeremy fyle

The 115757 is no longer produced and though the 119413 looks different, it bolts right in as a replacement. The bigger issue is the power difference but it is hard to figure out since there are not any stats for the 115757. See if you can find the amps it used by looking at the tag you also found the model number on. The 119413 pulls 7.4 amps. There is another motor that pulls just over 10 amps if you wanted more power. That is the 116471 and it will bolt right in as well. See the motors here,209P

Replace 116757 and 116336?

My name is Dennis I have a Silent Master, Model S2, dated April 1994. that has one bad motor. I would like to replace both motors. The 119413 looks and measures identical to the motors I have. The only #'s I can find on mine are: 6757-00 and 8102941. 120v

Welcome to MD SilentMaster Vacuum! We've use a variety of motors in that model over the years. The 119413 is what we are currently using but you have the option of using the 116336 as well. Take a momment to read the difference and then make your decision. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Here are the two options and the 116336 explains the difference:,202G

Same Wiring as 116336?

I am considering replacing a 116336-00 with a 119413, will they wire exactly the same way? thanks

The 116336 usually had two black wires. The 119413 has a black and white that are treated as if they were two black ones. There is NO difference in the two colors on the new motor. There will also be a green wire with the motor for grounding it. Attach the wire to the green wire, or same terminal, as the green wire from the power cord entering the unit.

Screw Mounted?

Is this motor mounted with self taping sheet metal screws through the plastic housing? That is what came with our replacement motor

Yes, you will use the same screws to mount this motor in the plastic housing.

Silent Master S2 Replace Motors or Unit?

I have a Silent Master S2 and I'm weighing the time and cost of replacing the two motors against replacing the whole unit. The difference in cost suggests an easy answer to that question. How difficult is it to replace the motors? Is this as obvious a choice as it seems?

Yes it is pretty obvious as you stated. Replacing the motors saves a lot of money and by following the directions you print out from online you really can do it yourself.

Thoromatic Extractor Motor?

hello, my name is Dora, I live in Peoria, I'm looking for a motor for the thoromatic extractor TC88, do you have any motors that fit, please advise, thanks. 309-681-1368

All motors sold by MD Manufacturing are for central vacuum use only and not engineered for use with extractors. Extractors operate in liquid or vapor enviroments and the bearings in our motors cannot handle the moisture.

ThoroMatic M102 Compatible?

Does this motor fit on a thoro-matic model # M102 Ben, Brampton, Canada

Our best guess is yes it does. The inset photo for the product should look a lot like your old motor, so it will replace it.

ThoroMatic TM-2 Motor?


Hi, you need the first motor listed on this page, two of them

Thoromatic TM3 Motor

I have a Thoramatic model TM3, 115volts,60hz,21amps with 3 motors. Do you have replacement motors for this model? Joanne - Long Grove,IL

Yes we do, you can find on the brand page here,

Vacu-Queen SD100 Motor - Ship to Canada?

which motor will fit a vacu-queen sd 100 and where can i order one in canada or the u.s. that will ship to canada

You are looking for the Lamb Ametek 119413 found here, . We sell and ship to Canada. Just choose the Canada Checkout option.

Vacuflo 560 Minibreaker Pops

I have a Vacuflo 560 and the mini-breaker trips after a few minutes of operation. I tried thoroughly cleaning the unit and disconnecting the house intake and exhaust plumbing to isolate the unit and it still trips. The brushes appear good and the motor doesn't smell but it does seem rather hot. What else can I check before calling in a professional? Mike - Richmond, VA.

Sounds like the thermally activated minibreaker needs to be replaced. If on a circuit board, replace the entire board. As a motor goes bad it overheats and sometimes causes this.


Does the new motor have any warranty with it?

Yes, a six year warranty, though it is made to last around 900 hours of operating time (which should take many years of usage). But we are happy to say that with all the motors we sell there have been only a fraction of issues. It really is quite simple to install and we are here for you now and down the road.