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119631 Lamb Vacuum Motor

I have a Model E130A Serial Number C-22697-G that the motor will run for a minute or two then cuts off. Everything works fine during that minute then nothing. Filter is new,no blockages that I can detect. What could be my problem? Thanks. Shawn, Atlanta, GA

This is typical of an old motor that has reached the end of its productive use. The motor could also work if you jolt the unit, shaking the motor inside, but it won't stay on for long. The 119631 motor is the correct motor for your unit.

119708 Replacement Motor?

I am looking for a replacement for a Lamb Electric 119708-00 manufacutred 08/19/06. Would a 119631 be suitable? Geoff from Fredericton, New Brusnwick, Canada

Yes, this is a drop-in replacement for the Ametek Lamb 119708-00 Motor and even has 5% more power.

6600 Motor Brushes?

i have a centralux aerus E130F motor is 6600-0001 B-9 ECP 120vac 60HZ what are the correct brushes and what motor is the correct replacement i know that the brushes are worn was looking to try that first dont seem to find brushes on your site that look like the ones i have also do you recommend just going ahead and changing the motor or should i try changing the brushes first motor is not running thank you Rick from Mass

Hi Rick, we do not have the brushes but we do have the replacement motor, the 119631. After 800 hours of use the motor is ready to be replaced. Brushes will not help it much at all.

6600-0001 CV287 00014

I am looking for a replacement motor for an Electrolux central Vac system, the details listed on the unit are: 6600-0001 CV287 00014 B-9 ECP 120VAC 60HZ. Can you suggest an appropriate model to do the job? Maggie, Calgary

The motor you need is here http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=209C,730EXF,how2mtr. We have excellent shipping to Canada. Choose the Canada Checkout on the checkout page.

6600-001T Motor Replacement?

Hello I am looking to replace motor but cannot find it anywhere. Is there a replacement for it? (see picture with the label) 6600-001T CH03 00228 B-11 ECP 120VAC 60Hz thanks

Hi, The 119631 motor replaces the 6600-001T motor (and ones without the T ). You can buy that here http://builtinvacuum.com/help/electrolux/motor.html. You will need some washers to make up for the threads on the bolts that hold the motor down. The swap is easy, use the original gasket.

6600-007 HA26 B-11 Replacement?

Motor number 6600-007 HA26 B-11 is the 119631 the correct replacement?

Yes, the 119631 motor is the correct replacement. Note that in the Beam 775 models the lid hits the motor brushes before closing all the way, so this motor is not the best replacement.

6600-008 Motor Replacement?

Debi - Clinton, TN Our Beam Classic central system has a motor with number 6600-008 on it. Is the 119631 Lamb Vacuum Motor the correct replacement motor?

Hi Debi, correct this is the replacment motor for your Beam Classic. Thanks for asking.

6600-019 Replacement?

Hi! I have a 6600-019 KD09 00115 B-11 ECP 120VAC 60HZ model motor on my vaccum system, do you have any replacement for this? i'm looking at you 119631 Lamb Vacuum Motor but my does not have the hose fitting on the side. Thank you for your help. Carlos D. Laredo Texas.

Hi Carlos, the 119631 is most always the correct replacement. It has the connection on the bottom and the side. Maybe we are not understanding your concern?

6600-1 EL12 B-9 ECP Motor Replacement

I have a model 1590 electrolux central vac 6600-1 EL12 B-9 ECP 120VAC60Hz is on the motor. Is 116765 the right number to replace the motor?


The Lamb Ametek 119631 Motor replaces the 6600-1 Motor in your system.

6600-1 Replacement Motor?

Need replacement motor for my Electrolux Central Vacuum Model E130A. Motor label reads: 6600-1, ECV B-9, ECP 120VAC, 60Hz. Will 119631 be the replacement?

You are correct, the 119631 is the replacement and will fit right in.

B-9 ECP 120VAC 60 Hz Motor Replacement?

Need replacement motor for my Electrolux Central Vacuum. Motor label reads: B-9 ECP 120VAC 60 Hz. Is the 119631 the correct replacement? What is the difference between a 3 stage 2 bearing motor (sold by Electrolux) and your motor? How many bearings does your motor have?

What is your model of Electrolux? If E130 (all versions), it will take the 119631. If any other model it will take the 116765. Since you mention 3-stage, it is the 116765 motor you seem to need. All our motors have two bearing.

Beam 294 Intermittent Power

I have a Beam model 294, and in order to start it, I need to physically hit the vac unit or the top where the motor is. I am wondering if I am dealing with bad brushes, or are the start windings failing in the motor? If I hit it and make it start, I can turn it off and back on until the motor completely winds down, if it completely winds down I need to hit it again. This unit is 20 years old, am I better off replacing parts, or going new with more efficiency? Corey, River Falls, WI

This might just be an issue of loose wires inside the unit. Open the motor compartment and check all the connections for loose wires. If they are okay, you may need to replace the motor.

Board or Motor Bad?

I REALLY want the PCBoard to be bad on my E-130A (it has to be cheaper than the motor),and in plugging in the unit I hear NOTHING. Based on what you say it must be the PCB...am I correct? Don, Montpelier.

The board is bad if you don't hear a click at the main unit when someone in the home tries to start the vacuum/suction. If you hear a click then the motor is bad. If not then the board.

Centralux - new motor needed

I Have a Centralux and the fan on the top of the motor is broke can i replace it or do I have to buy a new motor?

You will need a new motor, sorry. Good news is you will have a completely fresh start. Enjoy!

Centralux E130A Replacement Motor


This is the only motor that can fit your system. Each vacuum is designed for the specific dimensions and power requirements of the motor.

Centralux Installation Note

I received the new 119631 replacement motor for my E130A Centralux unit. I removed the old unit and when I went to install the new one I noticed that the mounting brackets are much thinner than on the old unit. The difference is significant, so much so that the nuts do not firmly hold the motor in place. Do I stack up a few washers underneath the unit on the standoffs to make up the difference? Thanks - Bob from Bethany

Yes, you'll see that in other posts. Use some washers please to make up the difference. Thanks for asking.

Cooling Fan Replacement?

Hi, I have a Aerus/Electrolux #C101518B built-in vac and when I took off the black plastic housing from the motor, it exposed a loose whirly fan not attached to anything and chewed looking in the middle. Do I have to replace the motor or just the whirly fan? Thanks.

The cooling fan, if it still spins, should be okay. It is not sold separately so hopefully you can still use it.

E 130 G Motor?

I need a new motor for an E 130 G. Will this fit?

Hi, this motor will replace the motor in Electrolux E130G. To verify take the motor out and set it on a table. If the bottom metal facing the table slants in then you have the correct replacement.

E130G Motor Replacement Issues

I just recived a Lamb Motor 119631 as a repleacement for the E130G. Slant bottom and all ... however the new motor will not sit properly in place. The three openings for the "pins" are two narrow (small radius/diameter). The motor sits high and not flush to the gasket which by the way is the thick model(I can push the gasket out of position with my fingers) It does not sit flush on the three washers & cushions for reducing vibrations. In addition the motor can not be tighten down since the threads sit below the top of the bracket. I will be forced to send back my new motor but what do I do to fix the problem?

Did your original motor have the tapered bottom or was it flat?

EasyFlo 1525 Replacement Motor?

jacob, lakewood nj i have a easy flo 1525 that motor went bad. number on motor is 6600-0001, what is the replacement for that?

The correct motor for your system can be found here, http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=201P .

Electrolux 6600-1 Motor Replacement?

I have an Electrolux Centralux system MODEL #E130A, SERIES N, and need a new motor. The only # I can find on the motor housing is 6600-1. Under that # is VK17. What replacement motor do I need?

Hi, this is the correct motor to replace the motor in your Electrolux E130A with a 6600-1 motor.

Electrolux E130A

Hello, We need to replace the motor on our vacuum (E130A). If I provide the serial number from the original motor, can you tell me if the 119631 will be the right replacement? The serial number is NC-14513-G. I'm not sure if it is a tapered bottom or flat because I'm not on site and won't be for several days. Thanks.

Yes, this is the correct motor for you vacuum.

Electrolux E130A Motor and Board

Need replacement motor for my Electrolux Central Vacuum Model E130A. Motor label reads: 6600-1, ECV B-9, 120VAC, 60Hz and has a tapered bottom and 2-stage tangential discharge. My central vac system has the electrical super valves (inlets) and the circuit board with the low voltage connections. The circuit board has the same components, electrical connectors (flat brass flag tabs), and layout as the P/N 235S circuit board displayed on this web site.

Yes, the motor you need is the 119631 and on the page where this is posted you will see a link that has the wiring diagram. The board you mentioned is also in the diagram and works with the Electrolux models http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=235S.

Electrolux E130A Motor and Filter

Need replacement motor for my Electrolux central vacuum E130A, 6600-0001,NL12,B-9ECP,60Hz,12Amps and has a tapered bottom. looks like 119631 is the right one, I want make sure. but 119631 max amps is 14.4, my old one is 12 amps. Foam filter Part#730EXF fits this motor, right? thanks.

Hello, you are correct on all accounts. The motor will be fine with the extra power and you have the correct filter chosen as well. Enjoy!

Electrolux E130A Relay

I have the electrolux E130A that does not shut off. Instead of replacing the circuit board can I just replace the relay ? Do you sell the relay that on the circuit board ? I have the capability to change it.

If you have a circuit board in your vacuum, then you must replace the entire circuit board. The part are soldered into place and cannot be safely removed without damaging the board. The relays themselves that are designed for circuit board use are not readily available.

Electrolux E130F Central Vacuum Parts

I have a Model E130F,120 volts,12.0AMPS #G 22474 H. Motor label 6600-0002, NV15, b-11, ECP 120 volts 60hz. I need a Motor,Circuit board and filter. Please let me know what to order and I will order them from you. Thank you for your help

Here are the parts you need http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=209C,730EXF,235S,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Electrolux+E130A-F+taper+bottom. Please ignore the yellow wires on the circuit board and any connection to the filter area if your version had that. If you have any questions please let us know.

Electrolux Motor and Board Diagram?

Do you have a diagram for this? Thank you.

Yes, here is a wiring diagram for our circuit board http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=235S. What is not on the diagram is the yellow wires on the new circuit board need to be ignored. If you have wires connecting near the filter/motor you'll have to give these up (it is only a filter-in status). Good news is you save a lot of money with our generic board.

European Vacuum Parts

Hi, I am looking for a replacement for my vac motor with following naming: 6600-026 AD23 00117 B-11 240 VAC ECP 60HZ Do you have a replacement? Best regards Felix, Switzerland

We don't have a reference for that information. Please contact our European supplier at http://builtinvacuum.com/international/netherlands.html

Exhaust from the Motor Cooling Fans

I just installed a replacement motor 119631. When I turn on the vacuum, there is a fair amount of expelled air from the motor itself that does not exit via the 2" tubing. Is this normal? My estimate of the "fair amount" coming from rear side of the motor is about 1/10 of what is expelled via the exit tube. Thanks, Bruce

Bruce, the air you feel is from the cooling fan on top of the motor's armature. It is separate from the dirty exhaust.

Loud and Hot Motor

I have a Model E130F. I empty the canister and clean the pleated filter religiously every 3 months. I have recently noticed that the motor is extremely loud and actually sounds like it is over revving. The exhaust pipe coming out of the unit also gets quite warm. My first thought was that something is plugged but I seem to have reasonably good suction and good exhaust outside the house. The way the motor is screaming, I'm afraid I am going to burn it out. Any ideas ???? Thanks. Dave from Swanzey.

Yes, most likely your motor is like a dying star. It is overheating and will one day stop working. You can replace the motor now or wait until that day. There is no harm in waiting.

Low Suction

The suction on my central vac is very bad could that be that the motor is going? I cleaned out the bin for the central vac and it still has poor suction. The last motor burnt out and I knew i needed a motor but this time the suction is very bad. Do you think I would need a new motor? Thanks Rob Long island NY

Usually the low suction is not from a motor going bad. If you have two motors one could be completely dead and your suction would basically feel half. Check the real suction by pulling off the intake pipe and turning the unit on to check suction right at the unit. Follow our troubleshooting guide for more help on locating the issue at http://builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html

More Powerful Version?

Can bearings be replaced on a 119708-00 motor? Also what would be the performance specs like waterlift and air watts for the alternative 119631 motor. Thanks for your help.

We are not aware of replacement bearings for the motor and if they are available, as with others, they are expensive and it is difficult to put the motor back together to get full efficiency. The 119631 is a unique motor and nothing is like it yet with more power. If an application was being designed for a new motor close in size to the 119631 then look at the 119956.

Motor On, Little Suction

my central vac just stopped working one day - i can hear suction in outlet but it doesn't actually pick anything up. I think i need to replace motor but not sure which one, i have model - 1590, serial # co928798. can you tell me which motor i should get? also anything else that could be preventing it from working? Kelly Orange, CT

Kelly, most likely you need the 116765 motor, but you may not need a motor at all. It sounds like you have a clog (assuming you clean your filter). Please go through these steps to find the real issue and solution www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html

Motor or Circuit Board Bad?

I have a electrolux central vac model E130A/serial #C-20706 G. How do I determine if the motor or circuit board is bad. In other words - which one is bad?

If you here a click when you turn on the vacuum then the circuit board is good and the motor is dead.

Motor or Fuse?

I have A Aerus Electrolux Model E130F 120 volt it won't turn on I tested the outlet and It is fine. The reset/circuit breaker button has no resistance, is there any interior fuse that could be blown, or does this indicate a blown motor? What additional test can I make? If it is the motor do I use the 119631 replacement motor and what additional parts will I need? Thank You for you assistance David East Quogue

Hello David, sounds like your minibreaker is not functioning if it is popped all the way out and will not stay clicked down. Replace the circuit board with our #235S in Electrical Parts. You can have an electrician put 110 volts directly to the motor leads to see if the motor is working or not. If not use the 119631 motor as the replacement.

Motor Performance With A Long Hose

Hi....Would this motor be able to handle a 50 foot hose and still have good performance? Thanks......Casey

There will be no issue with the suction and a 50 foot hose. The difference in suction from a standard 30 foot and a 50 foot is about 5-7 percent loss of suction, not that much that you would even notice.

Motor Warranty

Lucian from Marietta,GA How long a warranty if instaled by a professional?

Motors are covered against failure due to defect for 1 year of normal use. Full warranty information can be read here, http://builtinvacuum.com/warranty.html

New Motor, Burning Smell

I just received & installed a 119631 motor in my Electrolux 1590. There seems to be a burning smell coming from the unit. I see a bit of sparking from the brushes, but I know that this is normal. With the canister's top cap off, I tried to figure out where/which side the smell is coming from, but it seems to be all around inside the unit. Is this normal for a new motor? Arto Laval, Canada

If you continue to smell this for a couple weeks or if the motor shuts down please let us know. We will take care of you.

Nutone Motor

nutone vx475 had burning smell last week and kept shutting off and on then worked fine .one week later had same smell and now it kicks gfi & breaker for (a while) now just gfi as soon as you put the plug in socket motor bad ?

The burning smell is your motor shorting out and burning. The motor will need to be replaced. You can find your replacement motor here, http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=209C,221,723,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Nutone+VX475+VX475C

Nutone VX475 Replacment Motor

I have a vx 475 nutone. It died and won't work any more. We don't know why. Hardly used. I took the motor out of the housing and the # is E167360. I also found an extra motor(left by the installer I guess) with the #117123-00. Will this motor work? What are my options? Tony

The 117123 is a 240 volt motor and won't work right in your system. The correct replacement motor can be found here, http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=209C,221,723,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Nutone+VX475+VX475C You could have a vacuum technician look at the system to see if there is another issue. You can also follow our troubleshooting guide to help narrow down the issue at http://builtinvacuum.com/education/troubleshoot.html

Nutone VX475 VX475C Motor Replacement

I have A Nutone VX475C model. Trying to figure out if I need a new motor. Vacum runs for a few minutes then shuts down. Still have power to the cannister and all the switches are working right. Am I missing something stupid.

You have the right idea. Sometimes a motor will shut down and then be able to run again a few minutes later (or longer). This is a sign of a motor going bad. The best thing to do is replace it. Replacing is quite easy and we have the motors here http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=209C,221,723,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Nutone+VX475+VX475C. It is actually a better motor than the original

Nutone VX550 Replacement Motor

I have a Nutone VX550; I noticed that you do not carry a replacement motor for the VX550 but I'm wondering if I could replace it with the VX475 motor or some other motor? I don't care so much about how much suction it has as I'm only going to use it in the garage to clean the cars and the 475 would be more then enough. Thanks! Todd New Glarus, WI

I don't have enough information on the VX550 to be able to tell you whether it would work or even be safe to use. Different motors draw more or less electricity. If you can get us the 6-digit manufacturer number off the side of the motor itself, we could tell you more.

Rebuild or Replace?

Central Vacum Electrolux E130A 120V 12Amps; I have been using it for 16 years without any problems or any maintenance whatsoever. I need to do (A) or (B): (A) Receive instructions on how to do maintenance: on the motor, apply grease-lubricant, brushes, remove penetrated dust&dirt etc... (B) to play-it safe, just remove and replace the motor and its entire holding assembly, and keep the old components as backup if I ever need to deal with a repair. We will appreciate your expert advice on this ?

Thank you for your question. You want to go with Option B. Replace the motor after that many years and hours on it. That was the intention of the manufacturer and it is built with that in mind. There is no lubricant in these motors, brushes can be replaced as half life (5 years), and the fan blades have more issues than dirt and debris build up.

Replacement For 119708 Motor

What is a replacement motor and $$ to replace a Lambs 119708-00 motor. What can it be superceded to? Thank you

The 119631 replaces that motor. Follow this link for current pricing and ordering. http://builtinvacuum.com/parts/motor/119631.html

Screen Gasket Included?

does the screen/gasket come with the motor?

Gasket is sold separately here http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=221. Screens are unique to the manufactured canister and none of the vacs we make have them. Just brush clean the old one and reuse.

Smell and Smoke

Jerry from Preston, Vac makes a funny sound. Some smoke rises from above and smells like something burning. Motoeor or circuit board?

99.9% of the time that would be the motor going bad. A quick look at the motor and board will tell you which is burning.


I think I need a motor for an Aerus model # E130 F 120 volt, 12 amp and 60hz and it has a number on th motor 6600-01. The motor seems to sit on something wrapped in foam amd has symptons described here with the motor seemingly revving up and down quickly after it has been in use for some time. I cleaned out the air filter which was fairly thick and the next cleaning will tell the story. Just in case what would my replacement motor be...The 119631? It does not appeared to be tapered.

Hello, the 119631 is the correct motor even if the taper is slight. You'd have to remove the motor to see it. Yes, it sounds like you need a new motor very soon.

This Motor or Another?

I have a E130A central vac . The reset button keeps popping out and it smells like an over heated electric motor. Looks like I need a new one! What do I need to get it working again? How do I know what model # of motor it needs?

Yep, you need a motor and we have one for you. Remove your motor and look at the bottom. Is it completely flat or does it have a slight taper down? It should have the taper and it is replaced with the 119631 motor. Real easy to do and we are here to cheer you on and help as needed. Here is the link to the motors for Electrolux http://builtinvacuum.com/help/electrolux/motor.html.


How many years covered by warranty of this motor?

Hello, the warranty is one year on motors installed by end users. If there was a manufacturing defect it would be show up within that first year.

Where Does Suction Occur?

ROFL I'm such an idiot.. but what's that tube thingy coming off the side? where does the suction actually occur in the motor?

From a 2 hole in the center of the bottom of the pictured motor.

Will Not Shut Off

I have a electrolux model E130A central vac and it will not shut off . I disconnected the low voltage from the unit and it keeps running. What could the problem be ? Serial # C-48520-e

Since you have tested it with the low voltage wire removed from the main unit, you can be assured you need a new circuit board. Please use the one here and follow the easy directions http://builtinvacuum.com/help/electrolux/motor.html

Wires Connections Different?

your website indicates that the replacement motor i need for my beam model 775 whole house central vac system is 119631. the picture of this motor on your website looks like my motor, although the location where the wires come out of the motor look a little different. if connections are different, do i just splice the wires? both are black wires. does it make any difference which wire spliced to the wiring on the new motor? if wires are spliced, will this void the warranty?

Hi, this is easy and the warranty remains intact. Splice the wires into the wires going to their destinations. (Cut the wires from the current motor.) White and black wires can be spliced together. You can't wire it wrong. The motors don't have polarity.