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Performance Stats of Motor

what is the vertical lift for this product, thanks kirk, norway, mi.

Hi Kirk, it has 89.5 water lift at zero opening (sealed suction) and has 137 CFM at 2 opening for a max Air Watt rating of 405. It pulls an average of 12 amps.

119662 Replacement?

Im looking for a 119662-00 for a pullman P5 Do you have or do you have something compatible for that?

Sorry, we don't have a cross reference for that motor.

119562 Available?

I curently have a Lamb Electric Motor Serial #119562-00. Is this model discontinued and if so is ther a replacement. Thank You, Steve from San Diego

Hello Steve, that is still an active motor. It is a single stage motor, 5.7 , thru flow. We don't carry it, sorry.