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How Often Should I Replace Cloth Bag?

I'm getting ready to order replacement paper bags (I guess they are hyperflow bags now) for my S2. I believe the 12 Gal bags are the right size for the S2. How often does the cloth bag need to be replaced? I'm trying to decide how many paper bags I need to have gone through before I need to use a new cloth bag.

The cloth bag will only need to be replaced if it tears. Otherwise, it should last for many years.

721-5 Paper Bag Replacement

What about the disposal 12 gallon paper bag that fits inside the cloth one --been using these and they protect the cloth inside....My brand is a Silent Master --do not see the paper bags---#721-5 (BAGS MDSV-12) Thanks a million Marlene

The 12 gallon paper bag replacement for all SilentMaster units is the 721H-5 here It is the new and improved filter call Hyperflow.

Use with Closed and Open Bag?

What support bag do I use with bag 723MF-5? The unit is a Silent Master S44. You have a cloth support pay #711 which isd fo 721H-5, but this is not the bag that I use. What is the depth of part number 711? The bag that i have is only 12 inches deep. Is that the 8 gallon size or the 12 gallon size?

The 12 gallon open bag and the closed bag you mention, use this support bag. It should be over 12 inches deep, but varies in actual depth.

Shorter Bag Now?

I order the 710 support bag but it seems to short. My md modern day is 33 inches & the paper bags are longer to, did not have foam pad or support bag just metal ring. Maybe I need longer s bag or is 710 right one . The foam pad go,s in frist right?

The cloth bags are shorter these days but you will be fine. The bag doesn't have to be emptied any sooner and your suction will still be strong. The foam filter goes in first, all the way to the bottom of the cavity, then put the paper bag over the cloth filter. Put that in, being sure to get the rim under all the intakes.

How to Clean

How do I clean my extra cloth bag and filter in my washer? Donna Lehman, Denver

Hi, for this support bag please shake it out, do not get it wet. If our bag is center weighted you can power wash it and let it completely dry, but replacing it is usually a better choice.

Beam Replacement Filter?

I have a beam central vaccumm system it says self cleaning filter on outside of canister..I want to replace cloth filter ...the serial number is 940101666 don't seem to find that for beam replacement cloth filters...the system is about 14 years old...not sure what cloth filter to purchase

Hi, please take a look at these two self cleaning, inverted, center weighted, cloth filters with different diameters.,710b

Support Ring - Force it up?

I bought a house with a SM unit. I want to replace the paper bag, but i can't remove the cloth bag. The pull-tab is either gone or tucked underneath. The ring holding the cloth bag doesn't budge and I'm afraid to be too forceful. Is this a metal band that holds the cloth thing in place? should I just pry it loose? Roger, Oakland CA

Yes, if the filtration has not been changed in a long time, our filtration system keeps the motor safe, though the bag will get very heavy. You need to pull the support bag out with the paper bag. Use a large screw driver to help pry the solid metal rim up so you can get a hold of it.

Need Bags and Gasket

We have just order bags for our Silent Master Central Vacuum Model S-5. We also would like to order 2 of the cloth bags that that bag goes into, but want to make sure this is the correct one. Also would like to purchase the rubber ring that holds the bag in place. Please advise. Thank you Sam Pancotto

You can call M-Th or order online.