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12-inch Deluxe Hard Floor Brush with Wheels Q&A

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Vacuum without Rotating Beater

Is it OK for cut loop rugs that say don't use attachment with rotating beater?

Yes, you can manually run this brush over these types of carpets for a descent clean. Use this one with wheels versus the one without wheels. The wheels have move it along much better.

Brick Floor

Best brush for brick floor?

Actually the brush without wheels would be better for the brick floor. The bristles will get down in between the bricks better.

Will it Stay on Old Wands?

My old hard floor brush keeps falling of the wand...very frustrating not to mention a waste of time. Would this new one stay attached to the wand better? The old one has a metal swivel tube attaching to a plastic wand

This is a universal size that fits nearly all straight vacuum tubes with a round end that is 1-1/8" to 1-1/4" in diameter. Please measure yours and note if there is a slight taper to the end that gets just a bit wider with in a couple inches. Normally wands have 1-1/8" on the very end but soon taper up to 1-1/4".


Is it compatable with eureka central vac systems

Our tools will fit any wand with a 1.25" diameter. If your wand matches that, then it will work.

Replacement Wheel?

Is it possible to order a replacement wheel for the deluxe floor brush ?

Sorry, no replacement wheels available, but it is under a two year warranty.

Garage Brush?

Which is the proper brush for a garage?

We like several brushes for the garage, as there is not really a proper one for it. This one here is really good because it will last the longest over the rough concrete. The one without wheels may pick up more but also gets more debris stuck on the bristles. The large all metal tool sticks to the floor very well but is quite wide and bulky. The choice is yours....

Curved Neck for Straight Wands?

Does this brush come with the curved metal (or plastic) piece that allows it to connect the straight extension tubing? What I am missing is the curved piece that is in between the actual head/brush and the straight extension piece. Please let me know so that I may order this. Lauren, Phoenix

The vacuum brush neck is at an angle, ready for the straight wands to go in.

Work with Push Button Wands?

We have wands from a late 1980s Nutone system that have the push button mechanism for attachments. Will this floor brush work with these wands? Ron Newtown CT

Yes, all our tools work with wands that have and don't have a push-in button. The button pushes in and stays depressed, no problem, works just fine without it popping into a hole.

Fasco Compatible?

Susan, Kingston NY I have a Fasco model 851, is this the unit which I should purchase for hardwood floors.

This tool fits your and all Fasco's, in fact all our hard floor tools do. This one is great for your needs.

Portable Compatible Vacuum Accessory

I desperately need a brush like this for my portable vacuum. Is this a slide-on attachment or is it designed to snap or click on. The size is 1 and 1/4"?

It simply slides on and it fits on the diameter you mention. Hope it works for you, sounds like it will.

Nutone Compatible?

will it fit Nutone Model # 353. need wood floor attachment

Yes, this fits all Nutone Models.

Hoover S5620 Compatible?

Following on with the 1 1/4" neck dia of the brush, can you tell me if it will fit the wand of a Hoover S5620 model central vacuum?

A variety of hoses where used with that model. If your hose ends in a metal stub tube then yes it will fit all our industry standard accessories. If you' d like to use the accessories but do not have a compatible hose, you can buy a secondary hose and it will fit all your vacuum wall ports. Buy a Basic, Low Voltage, or Stretch Hose.

Neck Diameter

The wand for my central vac has an O.D of 1 3/16". Will it fit the brush neck? Is 1 1/4" the O.D. of the brush neck? Thanks, Roy Toronto

The inner diameter where the wand slides into the neck of the brush measures 1-1/4". This is the standard size, but proprietary systems can be different. Let us know how we can help you more.

Electrolux Compatible?

Sham Will this fit my centralux (electrolux) vaccum. If not, can you please reccomend a floor brush.

Most Electrolux hoses have a non-standard connection. If the neck of this tool looks like the neck of your other tools then yes it will fit. The neck on it has a hole with a 1-1/4" diameter. If your tools lock into place then this will not fit.

Best for Dog Hair?

We just purchased a siberian husky, what attachment would you suggest to pick up all the hair..Thanks for any advice..

Hi, this 12 inch brush is a great tool for the hard floors with dog hair. The Stealth Kit is best for carpets, and did you see the new PetVac decarding groomer that connects to the suction of the vacuum? It is wonderful, just connect the new hose to the end of your long existing hose. Check it out here Keeping the dog groomed really helps cut down the hair in the home.

This or 402D Brush?

Using a central vac system, would this brush be a better choice than the 402d as an "all around" bare floor brush? I like the idea of the sides being open, but don't really want to sacrifice on cleaning power. The 402d seems to be a much more popular choice here. tx

Hi, if you have pet hair, it makes more sense to have the openness of the wheeled brush. It cleans very well. Gets the grit and junk off the floor. The brushes do touch the ground. The issue is that many people are hesitant about the wheels for several reasons. Will they break, leave marks or prevent a good cleaning. The truth is for most homes the brush is really great. If you have a show home you may want the 402D though because there is no possibility of leaving wheel traces.

Wheeled or Not - Dirt and Hair on Vinyl

I have vinyl plank flooring. Which tool is best for this type of flooring? 402D or the deluxe with wheels. Pet hair is part of the problem, but also dust and dirt. Cindy, Battle Ground, WA

Hi, this is a great question and the users are split on the answer. The wheeled one will pick up from the sides quicker but will not aggitate the dirt as close to the edge. It just sucks in whatever is loose. The deluxe, non-wheeled tool aggigates the floor more but hair will get stuck on the brush more and it will push the debris around a bit more since it has brushes touching the floor all the way around except along the front edge.

Fit Orange Hose?

Will this tool fit on the wand for the orange garage hose? Is there an accessory package that fits the orange hose, so I do not have to change the end of the hose to use the crevace and small round brush tools?

Hi, the central vacuum garage hose that is orange colored works with all the accessories the other colored/non-colored hoses use. All the accessories here will work.

Same as in Kit with 4 Tools?

Is this the same item as the one included in the 4-Piece Vacuum Accessory Set? Thanks, Sarah Scottsdale, Arizona

Yes, this is the same brush as the kit with for tools.

Scuff Baseboards?

will it scuff baseboards? Mark Brown

Hello Mark, it depends on the baseboard. We have white gloss and normal vacuuming with it does not scuff it.

Swivel Neck?

Does it have a swivel neck.

Yes, the neck on this attachment swivels completely.

Wheels on Hardwood?

Are these wheels okay for hardwood floors?

They are okay. It comes down to a personal preference - wheeled, or not (#402D).