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12-inch Deluxe Hard Floor Brush Q&A

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1.12 Diameter Fit?

The Kenmore has a steel tube with a 1.12 diameter. Will it fit by friction on this tube?

That is probably the very end of the metal tube that has a taper, right? That is usual and will fit this tool because it tapers up to about 1.25".

10-inch Available?

Will the brush attachment fit a Filtex FX675A? I notice yours is 12-inch and the one that came with the system is 10 inch. Is there a 10 inch?

There used to be a 10-inch, but this one replaced it and it will work with your system.

Adaptor for Wand?

Does this come with an adapter for the wand?

This does not come with an adaptor for a wand.

Aerus & Electrolux Compatible? Soft?

Are the bristles soft enough for hardwood floors and does this attachment fit on Aerus central vac systems.

Yes, the bristles are made for hard wood floors and works very well. The Aerus system is proprietary so you are stuck with their tools. What is different? The accessory's male/female connections are backwards from the entire rest of the industry. We suggest using your Aerus hose and attachments until worn out and then buying a new electric kit such as the Stealth Kit which will fit into your existing vacuum wall inlets.

Beam Q and Solaire

Hi folks Two questions; 1. I need the grey plastic bit that surrounds the "on/off" switch on my Beam Solaire central vac system. Is it getable? 2. My home has about 90% stained concrete floors. Is there a better floor brush for the Beam Solaire than the one sent out with the system. The brushes on this one just seem to push the dust and dirt around. Thanks for the help. L. Braun

Hi, you can use this and any accessories with your Beam Q or Solaire so long as you also use this adapter It is very easy to use.

Beam Serenity Compatible?

Does the floor brush fit my Serenity Beam system?

Hi, yes it fits your model, as long as you don't have the Q hose and nozzle. Enjoy the product.

Beam Solaire Compatible?

Will the 12in Deluxe Central Vacuum Accessory Floor Brush fit my Beam Solaire central vacuum system? Harry from Marstons Mills, MA

Hi Harry, we are working on getting the "D" adapters from Beam so all our accessories will fit Solaire and Q by Beam.

Best for Area Carpets as Well?

Jan Nashville: For my hardwoods, should I get a brush with or without wheels? The one that originally came with the AirVac had wheels but one wheel is now broken. We also need to use the same brush on wool braided kitchen area rugs.

Use the one with wheels since you need to use it on an area rug as well. The wheels are key for making your this chore as smooth as possible.

Best tool for Hardwood?

I am currently using the NuTone CT140G floor/rug tool on my hardwood floors, but the front brush clogs with lint and dog hair almost immediately so that it acts more like a broom, and ends up just pushing the dirt around instead of vacing it up, and I spend all my time cleaning the bush. What is the best tool for hardwood floors that will not clog up? John

For initial vacuuming we recommend this tool, the Deluxe #402D. Nearly the entire front section is opened up for debris to pass into. For the finishing touch we recommend the Manta #402MAN.

Black Marks Solution

My current floor brush attachment also leaves black marks along my baseboard. it is painted with a high gloss white enamel. i am looking for an attachment that will not do this, but i see this has been an issue with this part. does it come in white?

Sorry, only comes in black without wheels. With wheels it comes in light grey, that is our part number 402W. Have you look at the MopHead as well?

Black Marks?

I find this attachment leaves a dark line along my baseboards from the black plastic -- any suggestions?

Not good. We find that most baseboards are painted with a gloss or semi-gloss paint. These paints are very difficult to mark. What do you think yours is painted with? Eggshell? Satin? Flat?

Brisltes Made of?

What are the bristles made of?

The bristles are horse hair.

Broan / Nutone Compatible?

Will the floor brush fit a Broan Model CV 30 central cleaning system? Thanks much for your help! Beth Jefferson City

Yes, the Deluxe 12" Floor Tool with fit your system perfectly.

Brushes No Longer Fit

I have a Filtex system from the mid 90's and my brushes no longer fit on the wand securely. I'm not sure if I need to buy new brush, new wand or both. What do you think? Kathy in Baton Rouge

We would suggest purchasing a new Air Driven or Electric kit to upgrade your current system.

Button Lock?

Does it have a button lock?

No it doesn't but the 12 brush in this kit does.

Can it Scratch Floors?

Will this brush scratch hardwood floors?

This brush will not scratch hard wood floors. We have some brushes like #409 that is very stiff bristles. This brush has much softer bristles.

Canister Compatible?

Hi, I have a Bosch compact canister hard floor, it's awesome. Made in Germany. can i use this brush on my Bosch if i use a 1 1/4 adapter (Bosch is 1 1/2 - the euro standard i think)?

Your call, it sounds like you have an adaptor in mind that would work very well.

Canister Vacuum Compatible?

Does this fit the Eureka 6500 canister? Thanks in advance. S. Monsey, NY

Hi, yes this fits your Eureka canister. It is a standard size.

Canister Vacuum Compatible?

Do I understand correctly that this will not fit an Electrolux UltraLux 2000 canister vac? If not, what will? Thanks,Kristine Eureka, IL

Hello, this will fit your Ultralux, as well as all of our accessories. They fit because there is a 1-1/8" diameter tube on your vacuum for the accessory.

Come in 1in opening

Do you have this brush with a 1" opening to fit my Astro Vac/Vacumaid system from 1994?

Sorry, the connection is 1-1/4" diameter only.

Compatible Wands

i want the 402d brush but i need the wand also. with a 1/1/4 inch opening on top which connects to my hose.(i cannot remove my present brush from the wand i now have) which wand do i get that will be 1 1/4 inch on top.?.i cant measure bottom of wand. thanks

Yes, the wands we have are standard like your measurements, click here for our more popular telescopic ones,406TB.402D Choose the friction fit or button lock depending on the handle you have.

Damage Carpet?

Will this brush hurt my short pile carpet? I have an Australian Shepard dog and my Beam power head will not completely pick up the dog hair on my carpet, I usually have to begin with the floor brush and finish with the power head. Between that, and my many rough ceramic tile floors, my brush is also worn to a nub. I don't want to damage my carpet, however...

Hello, this brush will not damage carpet. It is soft and has no wheels. For your situation we suggest a new power kit such as the Stealth. Have you considered it? The Stealth is by far the best brush for pet hair and it is adjustable to any exact height you wish for in order to protect your carpet.

Electrolux Compatible?

I need to make sure this will fit an Electrolux Central Vacuum system.

It will fit some without an adapter and others with an adapter. This brush has a neck that receives into it a metal or plastic pipe. Some Electrolux have a clip-in plastic wand that is not compatible unless this adapter is put into the wand first

Eureka Compatible?

WIll this fit the Eureka Model CV3291L model central system?

Hi, this part will fit your Eureka central vacuum because your wands will slip into the neck of the tool.

Fasco Compatible?

J. Anderson, Niceville I need to replace the floor brush for my Fasco, Master Vac model #852-sv. Which brush would fit such an older unit?

Hi, this brush should fit the Fasco straight extension tubes. Call us if you have any concerns.