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12-inch Deluxe Hard Floor Brush Q&A

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Replace 10 Inch Brush?

I have the Beam (in wall system) The 10 inch brush is worn. What brush will fit the Beam Vacumn since evidently you do not make the 10 inch anymore. I do not have pets. Hardwood floors. Judy, Richmond

Hi Judy, yes the twelve inch brush is a perfect replacement for the 10 inch brushes. All our accessories fit all Beam central vacuums as well as all other vacuums besides most Electrolux.

Replacement Bristles?

This looks like the piece that I need for my Silent Master to use on bare floors -mostly brick--can I get new bristles for the attachment when needed or do I have to buy the whole as the bristles wear down?

Yes, this will be perfect for your powerful SilentMaster system, and yes, the complete replacement is the only thing available at this time.

Rough Tile Floor

I have an Beam in house vac & many ceramic tile floors. they have worn down the present brush to a nub. What replacement brush do you recommend for tile floors. Peg

This is the best brush for the job. It has good horse hair and no wheels which means you get maximum aggitation and longevity.

Scratch High Sheen Floors?

Will this brush scratch high sheen travertine floors? I am looking for a brush like this, but with soft bristles. Lauren,Phoenix

This brush has horse hair, not plastic bristles. It is soft and will not scratch your ultra sheen floors.

Scratch Pine Wood?

I own a Dirt Devil Vision Canister Vac. Will this attachment fit? If so, I am very interested in the product. I have read the other questions regarding the how the bristles work on wood floors, but no one has asked about certain types of wood flooring. I have pine wood floors. Being a soft wood, will the bristles scratch this type of wood?

Hello, the part will fit your Dirt Devil. The horse hair bristles are the best made and should not scratch the wood floor. Please give it a try and report back to us! Thanks.

Serenity Plus Compatibility

Is it serenity plus compatible?

Hello,yes the 12in Floor Brush is compatible with your Serenity Plus.

Swivel Up and Down?

Is this brush assembled so that the part that attaches to the wand turns upward and downward (from about 90 degrees to about 0 degrees) so that it will fit under more low furniture? Nancy in Cartwright, OK

Hello Nancy, sorry this one doesn't go up and down, only left and right. This brush here does but the bristle on it is harder.


Does it swivel?

Yes, the floor brush swivels left and right but no up and down or forward and backward.


does it swivel?

Yes, this brush neck swivels all the way to the right and left.

Upright Vacuum Compatible?

Will it fit a Dirt Devil upright with plastic hoses?

If your vacuum hose end measures just over 1" diameter and tapers up a bit after the end then it will fit perfectly.

Upright Vacuum Compatible?

Will this fit a Hoover Model # U3315? It is a Upright Hoover Concept One Power Drive Cleaner.

Yes, it will fit upright vacuums that have a tube with about a 1-1/4" diameter.

Upright Vacuum Hose Compatible?

Will this attachment fit the hose end of my Panasonic upright model #MC-V7722? The hose end outer diameter is 1 1/8 inches and it seems to taper up bigger but its hard to tell. Thank you.

Yes, that is the correct measurement for standard pipes and accessories. You are good to go. Enjoy the new accessories.

Vacuflo Comaptible?


Yes, it will fit all Vacuflo Vacuums.

VacuMaid Compatible?

Does it fit all vacumaid central system models?

Yes this fits all Vacu-Maid models, as does all of our accessories.

Why Shorter Bristles on One Side?

Why are the back bristles shorter than the rest? Because of this some suction power is lost and not dirt and debris is not picked up well. It takes me twice as long to vacuum a room. I hate it. I also wish you made a white brush. The black plastic makes black marks on baseboards.

Actually the front bristles are shorter. Is yours backwards? The shorter front bristles are necessary for air flow and debris pick up. And if they were not, then the brush would clamp down to the floor.

Will This Fit A Canister Vacuum?

will this fit a sanitaire mity mite canister vac S3681-D? Thanks Cheryl Wadsworth

All of our tools and attachments are designed for central vacuums and extension wands with a diameter of 1.25". You can compare the diameter of your tubes to see if they will fit.