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14-inch Deluxe Hard Floor Brush with Wheels Q&A

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Questions & Answers

Replacement Wheels?

Are replacement wheels available for purchase? Thanks. John

We are sorry. The wheel replacements for our 14-inch floor brush as not available from the manufacturer we buy from. You will have to replace the floor brush unless it is under two years old and purchased through us.

Canister Compatibility

Will the brush work on my Kenmore Model 116.21714110 canister vacuum?

If your connection tube has a diameter of 1.25", then it will fit.


does this swivel up and down, left and right?

No, the neck only rotates on the connection. For a full, multi-directional swivel try the Axis brush here,

Available without Wheels?

Do you have a 14 inch floor brush without wheels? What is the purpose of the wheels - the 10 inch brush that I have now works great without the wheels, but I would like a wider tool. Cindy Charlotte, NC

The 14" is a wide brush and works well with the strong central vacuum units. Moving up from 10" to 12" may be a wiser decision and we have that size without the wheels. The only 14" without wheels is our #402M. It is very high quality and has lots of fine bristles for thorough cleaning. Check it out here:,402D

Hoover Canister Compatible?

will this work on my hoover cannister 1.25" with the button lock? do you have anything that doesn't have bristles just wheels?

Yes, this will fit. The button lock will slide into the neck and stay depressed. That is fine and normal for many vacuums. You should consider the small 12" brush because it will allow for more suction, having less area to cover. Do we have one without bristles? Sorry to say we don't and have not seen that type of floor brush.

Progressive Compatible?

Will it fit on kenmore progressive vacuum model [ 116.28614 ebony colour ] which has a side lock button? If not, do you have any wide hard floor brush at least [12 inches wide] for that model? Thank you kkt

As long as the tube that the neck of this brush slides on to is round and between 1-1/8 to 1-1/4 inch then it will fit. Even if there is a button lock, it will fit. Just push the button down and it stays down as the neck goes over it.

Vacuflo Compatible?

Is this brush compatible with the Vacuflo system? The wand is 1 1/8" in diameter.

Yes this fits all Vacuflo systems. The taper on the wand measures 1-1/8" but goes up a bit to the correct size. This is typical of all systems.

Button Release Wand?

will this brush work on my filter queen majestic , wand is straight with button release on bottom

Hi, the tool will fit your system. The button lock will stay depressed since the tool doesn't have a hole for it to pop into. We have seen some customers drill their own hole and taper the top of it for effect use, though. Either way, it will work fine.

Hoover Vacuum Compatible?

Will this work with my S5673 Hoover Central Vac. Lorie, Spring Grove

Hi Lorie, usually standard accessories are not compatible with the Hoover hose. You hose handle must have a male end tube that goes into the accessory necks. Usually Hoover hose handle where just a hole that the wands clipped into. Take a look at yours. If your wand system is one where the accessory neck goes OVER the penetrating wand then yes it will fit just fine.

Which Wands Fit?

Will this piece fit on the following other part of yours? Telescopic Wand - Button Lock Top - Friction Btm Part#406TB

Yes, that wand fits into that floor brush, and all our floor brushes. All our wands fit into all our floor brushes. The reason there are friction and button locking wands is for the proper fit at the hose handle. Thanks for asking.

1-1/4 Inch Fit?

Will this brush fit snugly on the 1-1/4" wand of the Royal AirPro 2000? David, Palm Harbor, Florida

Yes, it will fit correctly and snuggly into that diameter.

This vs. Metal Version

Hello, Which is better for cleaning wood floors: this or the metal floor horse hair attachment? Andrea SLC, Utah

Hi Andrea, they are both good for different homeowners. But first understand that you need powerful suction for it to be effective in that large of a brush. If you are not totally satisfied with your power in a 12 inch brush then expect less from the 14 inch. The metal brush is not horse hair, by the way, but a very plush nylon. Of all the brushes, it cleans the best. But it is taller and fits under a lot less, even the over hang at the buttom of the kitchen cabinets (sometimes). Plus it is expensive. The plastic one will surely need powerful suction to be effective since air comes in from the front and the sides (front only on the metal one). The plastic one has quicker action with less results (if you look closely) but does a very fine job. Hope the helps.

Replace Wheel?

I have this product and it works great, but the wheel came off and is lost. Can I order just the wheel replacements? Nancy, Sacramento, CA

Nancy the wheels are not available to us. We are so sorry. Please call us immediately if you bought this product from us in the past two years.

Work with Canister?

will the brush work on my Kenmore 27614 canister vacuum?

Hello, yes this will work with 99% of all Canister Vacuums (will not work with Electrolux).

Leaves Marks?

are the wheels hard plastic or rubber - will they scratch polyeurethane on hard wood?

They are hard plastic. True clean freaks will not like them because they may leave a faint mark on high gloss floors. Otherwise, this brush is being used in countless homes without any complaint.