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15 amp Mini Breaker Q&A

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Nutone CV353W Will Not Turn Off

We have a Nutone Model CV-353W & it will not turn off. I have to go out in the garage & unplug the unit for it to stop. It the relay bad? What part # should I order? The switch on the hose sometimes has not always worked. We just keep trying & it eventually works. This is the first time the whole system stayed on. Please advise. Thanks. Vince-Indianapolis

It is a problem with either the relay or a short in low voltage wiring in the home. Follow our troubleshooting guide to narrow down the issue at

Vacuflo Not Turning On

Hi, My vacuflow will not start sucking when i plug it into the wall. I have tried all the sockets in the house and none are enabling the vacuflow to work. i have checked the house circuit breaker and that is fine. i opened the vacuflow base in the garage and found that the Bag was full. Could this be the root cause of the problem. Thank you

If there is a switch on the canister that stops the unit when it is too full, then yes. Try the manual switch on the side of the unit to see if that will turn on the motors. Follow our troubleshooting guide for more options

Unit Turned Off - MiniBreaker Not Popped

I just purchased a home with the vacuflo 260 central vac system. Today I was vacuuming and my unit shut off. I checked the circuit breaker and it was not tripped. If there is a reset button on this unit where is it? I can't locate one .Thanks Kathy St. Joseph Illinois

Hello Joseph, it will be on the side near the top. It looks like a button that can pop out. Sometimes, though it will shut off without popping it. Let the unit cool and it will restart. 99% of the time this means your motor is going bad, but you can replace it if you'd like. You can wait as long as you want, when it's turning off becomes a real hassle.

Bad Minibreaker

My Vacuflo Model 260/360 Central Vac trips the mini-breaker every time the unit is turned off. I had to reset it every time for the unit to function. This worked about 15 times and now it won't reset anymore. The motor was replaced seven years ago. The reset button does not stick out for re-setting. Does this sound like the mini-breaker is bad? Rick, Olney, MD

Hello Rick, yes, replace your minibreaker you should be fine.

Always On

my machine stays on constantly the breaker does not trip at all. does that sound like a breaker or something different?

If your unit is always on then follow these steps.

Pops After New Motor

I recently purchased 2 motors for the AirVac 960, installed them and everything was fine. Now (about 2 months later) the breaker keeps kicking after about 5 minutes of use. Would the mini breaker be the problem or could it be the board itself?

If the minibreaker is on the board then you need a new circuit board. There is a slight chance that one of the motors is not functioning right though. Can you tell if one has more arching/sparking than the other when it is on?

Popping Breaker

Paul from Lakewood: I have an Electrolux 1590a central vac that blows the breaker after 4-5 minutes. Pulled the motor to see if it was pulling too many amps. It didn't appear to have the brushes arcing but, it wasn't under load, if that matters. I'm not sure if this is a stand-alone breaker or if it is soldered to a control board. (don't remember when it was apart)

Hello Paul, yours was on a circuit board. 99% of the time it is the motor going bad that causes this. Motors last about 800 hours and then show signs like this and need to be replaced. We have a circuit board #235S that is the replacement ($40 about) if you want to try that.

Breaker Pops after a Few Minutes

We have a Filtex 3000 purchased in 2000. The breaker trips after using the machine for five minutes. We assume this indicates a weakening breaker. Is the 15 amp mini breaker the proper one? We don't know if it is attached to a circuit board. Dean RichRDSON Sigourney IA 52591

Actually it is 99% of the time a motor going bad. If you can, see if the motor has excessive blue sparking when running. The minibreaker is heat sensitive. It will go bad at times but rarely. The old Filtex was a stand alone breaker so you can use this one if that is the problem. Otherwise you will need a new circuit board if it is part of a circuit board.

11 Amp Machine

I have a Vacuflo model 26 - 120 volt, 11 Amp, 60 Hz; what amp mini-breaker do I need? The one in the machine doesn't have an amperage marked; it just says "Mechanical Products, Jackson, Mich"

Use the 15 Amp Minibreaker.

Work for 14.4 amps?

would this part work for model 2750 Amps.14.4?

Yes, it would work if your minibreaker is separate from any circuit boards.