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16ft PVC Central Vacuum Pipe (four 4 ft tubes) Q&A

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We only need a 2 foot piece of grey pvc, can that be purchased?

The smallest pack we offer is two pieces of 2 foot pipe at You can also try contacting your local dealer for a smaller piece at

Adapting 1.75 Inch Pipe To Standard 2 Inch

my older system uses 1-3/4 OD pipe. I am adding to the system is there an adapter to convert over to 2-inch OD Terry Ontario, Oregon

You can use our pipe adapter found here,

Steel Pipe for Commercial Building

Julie, Ventura, CA - Hi, We're installing a SilentMaster S5 in an office building and combustible materials are not permitted. Can we use aluminum piping instead of PVC?

We sell the same sized central vacuum pipe and fittings in steel. This is common for industrial applications. Please call us for assistance.

Mix Grey and White PVC?

Can I mix the grey pvc with the white pvc that you carry and will the pvc cement work with both of them?

Hello, yes that is no problem at all and the same cement is used for both.

Grey Available?

I need to add to my existing system (ASTM F2158) and the pipe color is grey.can i order in grey,because the color shown on your web site is white and what kind of cement do I need ? Sincerely, John O. Dutchess county NY

Sorry John, grey is not easy to come by, we don't have any. But the white fits fine into the grey. Use regular PVC cement, no primer, and glue the male end only.

Size and Thickness

How thick is the wall on this pipe? What is the inside diameter? Sincerely, Ben K.

All central vacuum pipe is 1/16 inch think, 2-inch OD, and 1-7/8 ID.