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25ft of Low Voltage Wire Q&A

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Low Voltage Wire Connections

How do I connect low voltage wires because I have already rough-in wires in my basement? Do I need a connection box?

On the unit end of the wires, they will connect to the small metal posts on the outside of the unit. On the wall inlets, the will connect to the two screws on the backside of the inlet.


My name is Hannah, and I am from New Jersey. I would like to know if there is any need to ground the low voltage wire. Thanks

Hi Hannah, low voltage wires do not need to be grounded, there is not a need for it.

Bell Wire Okay?

I have low voltage bell wire, will this wire be good to use?

Bell wire is around 26 gauge and solid. You need 20 gauge stranded for the vacuum to function.

Longer Available?

I have several questions 1. The room is 140ft long. Is it best to install the vacuum in the middle and run outward from there or at one end. 2. The wire above comes in 25 ft lengths is there a longer pc or do you just hook these in series

Hello, it is best to put the unit is a central location in order to shorten the furthest pipe run. If you must exhaust the unit outdoors though then you need to put it within 15 feet of an outside wall. For the low voltage wire we do sell a 500ft length here

Wire with More than Two Lines

i have brown low voltage wire whitch has red ,green, white whitch two do i match

You have to find the pattern that was used elsewhere at other connections or junctions. Keep using that pattern or you'll cross the wrong two wires leaving the system in the on position.