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O-Ring in Backing Plate

Can you send me your e-mail so I can send you a photo of what I need? I think it is the inside ring and o-ring of Part #517. IF it is and I order Part #517, does the ring come out. I can't replace the entire Part #517 without tearing out the wall.


You'll need to buy another complete 517 backing plate to remove the o-ring and use it in your valve. The supplier doesn't offer the part alone, sorry. Another option is some electricians tape around the inlet to create a gasket. This is often used when the gasket is not replaceable.

Inlet Installation In Thick Walls

I am moving an inlet from one side of an interior wall to the opposite side, immediately behind where it is now. The wall where I want to locate it is a shear wall with wood board about a half inch think with half inch sheetrock over it. If this bracket is used behind a one inch think wall will the inlet still reach it?

You will most likely need an inlet extension to make up the distance found here, https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=614

Use with Stud?

how can i put this in withought using a stud? can the tightness of the screws hold the pipe, bracket, and plate stable? is there one that i can just put on withought mounting or would it come off the pipe? also, how do i secure it to the pipe?

Hi, this backing plate is used in existing installations without any stud. The screws from the faceplate hold the backing plate perfectly tight against the wall. The elbow and pipe attached to the back of it are also securely in place just from the backing plate.

More Dimensions

I would like to know the dimensions of this bracket, the diameter and does it fit Hayden 1 1/2" basic inlet valve? Thanks Alessandra

Hi, thanks for asking. The screw holes for the face plate are two, on center, and four inches apart. The raised section, the part that you cut the drywall dimensions to is 2-3/16 x 4-1/8 inches. The section that you can nail into a stud (or remove for existing installations) is 1-7/16 inches wide. The overall dimensions of the entire part are 3-5/8 x 5-1/8 inches.

Use with 653 Type Valves?

What rough-in mounting plate do I use with #653HW inlet? Any other parts that I need for adding units to the basement other than the pipe and pipe fittings? Thx Al


Replacing O-ring

Do you have any suggestions on how to replace the seal that is in the pipe that the inlet valve slips into. I removed one of the valves, and looked inside the pipe. It looks like a rubber o ring is in there. They seem to be getting old and not sealing as well as they did. Here is my number if you need further explanation. Thanks, Patrick D Stockton, CA

Patrick, is this product the same as your in-wall backing plate? You'd have to buy the backing plate and remove the o-ring in order to replace yours. Thank you for asking.

Face Plates and Backing plates

How does the inlet valve for vacuflo sit on the mounting bracket? Does its corresponding mounting bracket have the necessary shape to fit into the regular fittings, I mean like a spigot. Because the inlet valve itself cannot fit the reqular pipes. I don't see an illustrative picture of the mounting bracket to explain the correct fitting. Randy.

Yes there is always a backing plate that receives the faceplate. The backing plate has the correct fitting on the back of it to receive a standard central vacuum connection such as a tight 90-degree turn. If you have a Vacuflo faceplate you will need a proprietary Vacuflo backing plate (they have four screws to hold the faceplate whereas industry standard - and this 3-in1 plate - have two screws).

Nutone Backing Plate?

I have a Nutone system installed apx. 1989. I would like to install one additional outlet (new construction). The outlets I currently have looks like your #653NBG, I think. Could this be right? Also, which backing plate do I need.

Hi, you have the inlet correct but this in not the backing plate for Nutone inlets that are basically square in shape. For those please try nutone dot com.

Inlet without Bracket?

I need to install an inlet in a place where I'm not able to install a mounting bracket. Do you have an inlet valve that connects directly to the pipe on it's own, without the need for a mounting bracket ? Thanks.

Sorry, that doesn't exist. But we do have utility valves that fit into a pipe connector such as a coupling or sweep 90 elbow. Here they are https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=613,613A.

Thick Walls

I am installing mounting brackets and faceplates (part of new Kenmore system) into an 80 year old house with lath and plaster walls which are about 1" thick. The faceplate portion which slips into the mounting bracket does not appear to be deep enough. The plaster is old and fragile so removing the lath would be difficult and leave questionably weak plaster Can you suggest solutions? Brian - London, Ontario

Hello Brian, carefully chipping the correct sized hole for this mounting bracket is the way to do this installation. Use these extenders (find locally in Canada if need be) to extend any modern faceplate neck. You will have to buy longer screws though. https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=614

Kenmore Central Vacuum Remodel - Add Inlets

I'd like to add 4 inlets to an old Kenmore central vac. Existing connections, inlets, etc. are for 1.75" tubing, all of which are no longer available. How do I extend the existing system when no manufacturer makes compatible parts?

Hello, you can pull this off quite easily. The part #507P2 adapts the central vacuum pipe to your old pipe. Here is the adaptor and pipe and fittings https://builtinvacuum.com/install_shop/pipe-fittings.html. For the new inlet use #517 backing plate and any Basic Inlet Valve https://builtinvacuum.com/inlets/basic.html. Run low voltage wire spliced into your existing wire or all the way back to the Kenmore Vacuum Unit. The bigger issue once it is all installed is the two different hose port diameters and using one hose. But that can be fixed easily as well for a little money. Buy these and put the metal part into the end of the plastic cuff. Put it in far enough so when you use the new inlets it goes in and allows the plastic cuff with metal ring to engage. Here is what you need and they will fit on your old hose https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=302HCR,302-1.25ST. Or you can buy a new hose and put that metal part into it directly https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=302,303,302-1.25ST. If you have more questions please ask.

Fire Rating?

Does the 3 in 1 mounting bracket PVC have any kind of fire rating? JUAN OXNARD

Hello, there is no fire rating for this plastic part. Here is a nearly all metal one but with no official rating https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=515.

Mounting in Existing Wall

For existing home installation, I understand the flange has to be cut off. To set it to 2x4 drywall, where am I supposed to screw 4 corners onto? Or how am I supposed to screw it and where? This has to be flush with the bottom of drywall. How can I sink it dow n to the depth? I am lost. Please help.

Hello, yes the flange should be cut off and thrown out, the 90-degree elbow should be glued on the backside, the low voltage wire thread through, set the whole thing into the rectangle cut in the drywall (after tracing the raised section for template), then hold with finger, open inlet, put finger through all the way to also hold the bracket in place (use hooked wire if finger is too short), then screw the faceplate into the bracket. As it is screwed into the bracket it is pinched and held in place on the drywall. It is very secure, you do not need to use additional screws.

1-7/8 inch Interior Diameter?

Refurbishing a vent=a-vac system by changing out all inlet covers. The ID of the vacuum pipe is 1 7/8". Will the universal inlet covers work in this instance? Bill Kenner, LA

Bill, yes, if your pipe has that interior diameter then it will fit this universal backing plate.

Fits 2" ID and Faceplate

I have an old MagiVac system i'm replacing with a NuTone. The inlet valves are same diameter as the Hayden 1700 inlet valves, but theres an adapter to make the old valve fit a 2" ID 90 degree fitting. Is that busing available anywhere or do i need a different inlet valve setup?

Hello, you need the bracket, the mounting plate just inside the wall, that is what this product is. It connects to the central vacuum pipe that runs to the unit and it connects the faceplate.

Reusing Filtex Brackets

I have a Filtex Model TS300LR that I removed from my house and want to install in my detached garage. I know the unit is old but understand I can purchase 2 new motors, bags and a Basic Hose with Tapered Cuff from your company which is what I plan to do. I want to use the original metal "Turn on when opened" inlets that I removed from the house. What mounting bracet, etc. can I purchase so I can make use of the original inlets? Thanks Bob Sweigart

Never been asked that one! If the hole in the old backing plate is 1-5/8 diameter you can use our #517 - and it should be that size. If the old metal faceplates are a bit loose you can easily use a wrap and a half of electricians tape.

Using for Older Vacuum

I have a Filtex Model TS300LR that I removed from my house and want to install in my detached garage. I know the unit is old but understand I can purchase 2 new motors, bags and a hose from your company which is what I plan to do. I have the original "Turn on when opened" inlets, that I removed from the house, but am in need of new Mounting Brackets. This would be for New Construction. What bracket do I need? Thanks Bob Sweigart

Yes, you this #517 backing plate and then any of the Basic Inlets on that top 2/3's of the Basic Inlet page. All this, and central vacuum pipe and fittings will work fine with your fixed up Filtex.

Broan Backing Plate Issues

I have two Broan inlets that look like the Canplas Vacuvalve on your site. Both have been pulled out of the wall and appear to have been held in place only using screws in the sheetrock. They have short flanged adapters bonded inside. The smaller diameter fits into the PVC vacuum pipe. Can I use this mounting bracket to secure the inlets? How do I secure the mounting plate (by bonding it to the pipe)? Will I need to remove the bonded flanges from the existing inlets and can this be done without damaging the pieces? Thanks for your assistance.

That sounds different but basically if you can remove the sleeves and be left with a 1-7/8 hole then you can use this backing plate.


I would want to get inlets that are as rugged as possible. Are there different qualities of plastic that are more brittle then others? The plastic doors and their hinge points seem like they would break routinely. Is a metal door stronger with a better hinge? I do not want a supervalve, just a standard low voltage.

The metal inlets do hold up a lot better over the decades.

Which Inlet Goes with it?

What is the appropriate cover for this wallplate? What is a SuperValve inlet?

All the Basic Inlets go with this inlet. SuperValves, when bought, come with their own backing plate.

Use with Nutone 360W inlets?

Will this work with nutone 360w inlet?

We don't think so because our industry standard backing plate is for inlets that connect to it with two screws 4 inches apart from each other and the Nutone 360 valve's screws pattern is not the same.

Work with SuperValve?

Will this mounting bracket work with the supervalve from Aerus. Also will it work in a home that is already finished? Thanks, Connie

99% of central vacuums used either this, or one like it, or one that also connects to 110 volts besides the small low voltage wire. If you need the 110-volt then buy the SuperValve inlets. It comes with the backing and coverplate together (the only way it is sold).