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110056 Bag Replacement?

The bag that we currently use that fits is Filterbag 6 gallon white, #110056. Is this the correct replacement?

Hi, yes this is the correct replacement vacuum bag for #110056.

Aerus #43-44 Vacuum Bag Replacement?

Will this bag work in a Electrolux #1584? I am currently using Aerus #43-441 bags. Joyce Frontier

Hi Joyce, yes these bags will fit and work just fine, as well as the #723MF-5. The size may vary but that is not an issue, they fit in and work just like the originals. The 723MF-5 are better filters if you want a cleaner exhaust. https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=723MF-5

Beam 167 Filter Maintenance

I have a beam #167. I just bought the house and don\'t know how to empty it. help please marla maple ridge

Hello Marla, you will unlatch to buttom of the unit to expose the disposable paper bag that is sliipped over a pipe adaptor. The new bags are here for replacement https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=723EB

Beam 189D Bag

I am looking for a vacuum bag for Beam 189D. Will Part #723EB work? Thanks - Chandra

If your 189D takes a bag it will be either the 723 or the 723EB bag. Either will work but the bag will sit in the space better if the opening on the bag aligns more with the debris pipe. The 723 bag enters more toward the top and the 723EB more towards the middle. For homeowners who don't have an old bag to reference then simply remove the plastic bucket, look into the bottom of the vacuum unit and see if the intake is more toward the top or bottom of the metal tank. If the top then use 723. If the bottom then use 723EB. FYI, If there is a cloth bag in place then a paper bag is not necessary.

Beam 190 Convert To Closed Bag

Beam 190 central vac Our vacuum is 20+ years old. It is a bagless unit with a double cloth/canvas filter which prevents the dirt from getting to the motor. The dirt falls to the lower drum which removes for cleaning. Because its age the filter is disinegrating and dust is finding its way to the motor. I could find no option online option for replacing the cloth system. Can I retro fit the unit with a paper bag. The chamber is 29" tall by 10.5" wide. The intake is 13" from the bottom of the chamber. The O.D. of the intake on the inside of the chamber is 1.5" wide but only .25" long (if the gasket on the filter bag won't fit or styy on I could probably add a pvc extension). Any thoughts on the idea and a bag? Thanks Sandy

Due to the way the units are manufactured you will need to keep it as a cyclonic unit. You can find your replacement cloth bag here, https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=710B,711b Just measure the diameter of your unit and choose the correct size bag.

Beam Vacuum Bag 90610 Replacement

I have a Beam model # BU160. I need bags. The bag number is 90610. I forgot to give you my email address. Thanks. Richard

Hi Richard, the bag you need is one of these two here. The difference is the connection being near the top of the bag or the center. https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=723,723EB.

Broan V16 Bag?

Hi! I have an ancient Broan V-16 with a disposable paper bag No. V172. Will the above mentioned bag work with this Broan vacuum? Since this is the first time I have replaced the bag since living at this house what else would you recommend that I replace on this vacuum? Thanks in advance. Rebecca from Keswick

Hello Rebecca, yes, this is the bag you will want to use. The motor on these works fully until the day it dies and the only thing to maintain is changing the motor's brushes (carbon) at about half its life (many homeowners never do this). To get the most out of your central vac we highly recommend an electric attachment kit such as the Stealth II. It makes a tremendous difference. www.builtinvacuum.com/stealth-kit/

Brute XB12334 Bag?

Is this the right bag for a Brute model XB12334? Thanks. - Martin in Denver

Hello Martin, whatever bag looks the most like your old bags then you have found the perfect replacement. There are only so many bags in this industry and many manufacturers use them.

D & R Bag?

What is the correct bag for a D & R Vacuum Systems Powermaster Built-in Vacuum System?

Yes, we show that this is the replacement bag for D&R central vacuums.

DrainVac 1000 Bag?

Will this bag adapt efficiently to our "Drain Vac series 1000"? We appreciate your reply. Sincerely....

Yes, with the hole towards the top of the bag it would work well.

Eureka Boss Bag?

i have a eureka central vac called the boss is this the right bag? Bernardine Peconic NY

Hello, yes this is the bag you are looking for.

Eureka CV1804C Bag?

i have a eureka maxima plus model # cv1804c ithis the bag

These are the filters we cross reference for your model. The bag has an intake hole towards the center. The size is fine, the hole location is the only issue. If near the center on your other bags then you are good to go.

Eureka CV800

Hello, I have an eureka CV800. Can we use this kind of bag? Thank you!

Yes, your model can use the bag just fine IF it took a paper bag before. Thanks for asking.

Eureka Powerline 6000

Will this bag fit a Eureka Powerline 6000 S central vac? Thanks very much for the help. Anna; Northfield, Minnesota

Yes, this fits the Eureka bag type central vacuums.

Filtex W400L RV Vacuum

I need bags for Filtex model W400L rv central vacuum system. The dimensions are 5.34" diameter ( top) and 8" deep. It's for a system installed in 1978 motor home. System works well. Cleveland,WA. Sally

That is a first ... never heard of that unit! You should look for compatible bags that fit regular portable vacuums. A larger bag should not harm anything. Too bad Filtex is long out of business. How did you find bags all these years?

Fridgidaire Free-Flow Bag?

Will this bag work with my central vaccum, Fridgidaire Free-Flow Filtration. Thanks, Rachel

If you central vacuum took a bag that looked anything like this one then yes, this is your bag.

Frigidaire FCV315S Central Vacuum Bag?

Will this part fit my Frigidaire Central Vacuum System, Model No.: FCV315S?


Our Central Vacuum Bag #723EB will fit your Frigidaire FCV315S.

(Also applies to Frigidaire #FCV212S, FGCV212SQ, FCV315S, FGCV315SQ, FGCV315SS, FCV329GGW, FG319SQ, FCV520S, FGCV520SQ, FGCV550SW, FGCV550SQ)

Frigidaire Gallery Bag

Will these bags work for a Frigidaire Gallery fgcv460sq model? thanks

Which ever bags looks most like your bag it will work. Also, take a look at this bag that is frequently used in Frigidaire systems.

Heatilator 5000 Bag?

I have a Heatilator 5000 central vac system. Can you tell me what kind of bag will fit? (We don't have an old bag to use as a sample.) Thank you!

Hi, this is the correct replacement filter bag for your Heatilator 5000.

Heatilator Bag?

I am looking for replacement bags for the Heatilator CV 4000

That brand usually takes bags with the opening in the middle. See this bag https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=723EB

Heatilator Central Vacuum Bag?

will this bag fit my heatilator 4000 unit

Hi, the bag is one of these here. The difference is the location of the intake on the bag. https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=723,723EB. Also, don't forget we have incredible vacuum kits for your system at https://builtinvacuum.com/electricpowered.html.

Heatilator Vacuum

Hello, I have a Heatilator central vacuum system, model # CVS 6000S. Is this the correct replacement set of bags? Thanks, Tom

Looks like they had a bag with the opening near the top or near the middle. Simply match what is closest to yours and you have your correct replacement. Here are both https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=723,723EB.

Honeywell Model # H602 Bag?

I have a new house with a Honeywell Model# H602 central vac. The extra bag they left for us looks like this one and the dimensions are the same 25 X 10 and the opening is about a 1/3 of the way down the bag. Since I can't find anything using a search engine specifically for this system, this is the item's picture is as close to it as I can find. Is this the right one?

Hi, yes, this is the bag you'd use. Thank you for your diligent search. It will others as they search in the future.

Husky Compatible?

I have a Husky central vacuum system, model Q Extra (39570)the dust bag has a number wrote on it 4464 it looks the same has your product, but could you confirm this before I buy them. Regards Stephen

Hello Stephen, we don't have a cross reference here https://builtinvacuum.com/help/husky.html#motors for that model, but in our industry there are only a few bags used. So if the bag indeed looks the the right one then it is. Thanks for asking.

Looks Like the Right Bag, but....

I am a vacuum dealer that has a customer...he doesn't know the make of his central vacuum system, but brought in a cloth bag almost identical to this paper bag. It is about 18" long and about 9" wide with the round hole a little less than 1/2 way down. I have been looking to suppliers who say I have to have the make and model of the central vacuum.... Can you help?

Yes, this is the right bag because it simply appears to be. This is not a rocket science and there are only so many bags used in this industry (and you basically see them all on this website). So if someone is looking for a bag and finds something very similiar then you have a match.

Magi-Vac Filtration

Hello... I have an old Magi-Vac unit, model MRIIO. Can you tell me if this unit uses bags and or filters? Is this something your site sells? Thank you, Kathy NJ

Hello, to best help you please call our toll free number. Please be near the vacuum so we can ask you some questions, thanks.

Maxum 8020 Vacuflo Bag

I am looking for part 8020 Maxum Vacuflo bag. I do not see it expressly listed. Can you please tell me what would work?

Hi, the bags you need are here though they don't have the same 8020 number https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=723EB.

Maxum Bags and Filters?

currently have a maxum by vacuflo central vac it calls for part number 8020 for bag and filter, what should I order for replacement

Hi, your perfect replacement is https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=723HP. Has the bags and filter.

RV Vac Bags

I need bags for a Maxum 2000 #7767 by Vacu Flo in an RV

Please call 800-VACUFLO.

Signature 500 Bag

Will this bag fit my Signature 500 central vacuum? Chuck from Vestal NY

Hello Chuck, are you sure it takes a disposabe bag? If so then if the bag looks anything like this one then it will work fine.

Signature 500 Bag

I would like to purchase more disposable vacuum bags, I have before in the past but can't find them on your website. It has part number Signature 5850 on the package. The central vacuum is a Signature 500

The 723EB bag, with the opening toward the middle is usually the correct bag. Please let us know if your bags are different. Thank you.

Smart Model #251 Bags

Will this bag work for a Smart Central Vac Model # 251? The current bag is about 15 inches tall with the opening toward the center of the bag.

You want to use #723EB on the Paper Bag Page.

Star Compatible?

Hi, I have a Star Central Vac. The bag looks like the one in the picture but measures 10" x 17" and on the bags that came with the unit, it says EnviroCare Micro Filtration Bags, 99.7% Filtration. Would the bag in the picture be the one I need? If not, which one?

Yes, this is your replacement bag.

Thompson Vacuum Bag?

I am looking for a sweeper bag for a Thompson built in vaccum system. This model was installed in 1976. Thanks, Janet

In this industry, if the bag looks like yours and has close measurements then you have found the bag. Please look over our inventory and see what it closest. Sorry we don't have a cross reference.

Vacuflo CV-950 Bags Needed

I have a vacuflo CV 950. The replacement bags are # 7767. Where can I find these bags?

When a Vacuflo uses bags it uses this type of bag here https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=723EB.

White-Westing House Heavy Duty 1410

Hi, I was wondering if this is the bag that would fit a White-Westing House Heavy Duty 1410 vac? Thank You, Todd Wabeno

Hi, if this bag looks anything like the bag you need then it will fit. We have great success with it.

Will These Bags Fit My Singer CV?

Hello, My name is Monica Harvey from Snellville Georgia. I was wondering if these bags will fit my "The Singer System 2.2 H.P motor Heavy Duty vacuum"?

These bags fit Singer model #'s S100 & S200.