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Two Prong Power Brush

We have a old 3 prong hose and a new 2 prong beam rugmaster power tool will this adapter work? Dan Minneapolis, MN

If it fits now and only has two prongs then you are good to go because the two prongs are the only ones needed. But if the new one is short by an inch or so then get the adapter.

Same at 170106?

Gene Ricker--Ankeny,IA. I need a 3pin hose converter for a beam vacuum--believe the part is #170106. Do you carry?

This part is the only adapter we have that converts three into two pins.

Use for Two Prong?

I need an adapter to fit between a 2-prong Beam RugMaster Plus and a 2-prong Stealth handle. The handle just doesn't fit low enough into the vacuum for the prongs to reach the holes. Can I use this adapter even though it is for a 3-prong vacuum?

Yes, you can use this for two prong nozzle cords. It will connect it to Stealth Hoses.

For BM1393?

Hi, Will this plug work in model#BM1393 ? Thanks, Kim Falmouth, ME

Hello Kim, this is made for carpet nozzle cords that end in 3-pins and you want to fit them into a newer hose the receives 2-pins.

For Beam

I need a three prong adapter for a Beam Central Vac Power Touch Handle(I think part # 170106) for Model # 2500B. Thanks

We have this 3 prong to 2 prong adaptor