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Button Lock or Friction Wands?

Does the telescopic wand of the Axis kit accept friction fit or button-style hose end? We will be purchasing the 35' version of the low-voltage hose and need to match our selection to the wand supplied in the Axis kit.

The wand is friction fit so you can buy any friction fit low-voltage hose to go with the kit that has no hose.

Compatible with Stealth? Extension Hose?

will this kit work with the Stealth system? is the hose an extension? Thanks, Annette

Yes, this kit works in all standard systems with an 1-1/2" diameter wall inlet hole. That includes 99% of all brands including Stealth. The hose in this kit is not an extension hose, or not intended to be, but if you put it on the end of your Stealth hose (slide it on the stub tube on the handle) you can use it as a somewhat crude extension to vacuum hard floors. The Stealth does not work with the hose in this kit because the hose doesn't have 110 volts.