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How to Remove and Wash

We have a Beam Central Vac with the soft pull over sock cover. I would like to take it off. How? Is the sock washable? I remember when the house was new, the salesman took a long time to get it on. I thought he just slipped it on and tugged and tugged but I don't see how to get it off.

To remove the tight hose sock you need a 3ft long card board tube that you can slide the hose through. As you slide it through you lift the sock up on to the tube. Put it back on the same way. Put it on the tube and slide it off as you pull the hose through the tube. Yes, you can wash it.

Replacement Tube

Where can you get a replace tube or how big is the tube to place the sock on to reinstall the sock if your hose was replaced?

It is a 4 inch wide sturdy tube about 3 feet long. You can probably get one at a hardware store.

40ft Hose Sock?

I have a 40 foot hose. What would you suggest for a sock for this. Would I have to buy two and cut one down?

Hi, our opinion is to use the 35ft hose sock. The middle of the hose where the rubbing takes place, for the most part, so the coverage of the 35ft sock would be sufficient in our opinion.

Fit 41mm Diameter?

Will your original hose sock fit on all vacuum hose? I have a 41mm diam hose and hope the sock will go over this.

Hi, yes it fits 41mm and all hoses with a few less or a few more mm. Thanks for asking.

Clip Style Hose Sock?

My hose sock continually comes lose and will not stay attached with the little plastic circular clips that came with the socks. Is there a replacement clip that is superior? Or, do I need to replace the entire sock with another style, such as the padded, zippered sock? Denise

Hi, we don't sell that version of the hose sock because of these and other issues. We highly recommend one of these two versions here. They have been successful for years https://builtinvacuum.com/quick-kit/stretchhose.html.

Padded vs Form Fit Sock

Which is the better buy: The zippered padded hose sock (which looks combersome or the one that is pulled onto the hose? Do they both do the same job? Judi

Great question Judy. We like the padded one more for these reasons. It makes the hose glide more easily on any surface, it is easy to put on and remove, is washable, softer on baseboards and furniture, and really doesn't bulk up the hose much as one would think looking at the photographs. Hope that helps!

15 Foot Hose Sock

I have just purchase a system from you, with a 15 foot hose. Do you have a hose cover for this hose. MIKE

Hello Mike, we currently only sell Hose Socks and Hose Socks w/Application Tubes in 30 and 35ft only.

Use with Stretch Hose?

greetings--I have a Beam central vac, and on the regular standard hose that cam with the power hose a padded zipper sock was included. I also got the extendable hose seperately as it is more convenient to leave out with the shorter length available. Today I bought another padded zipper hose sock to use on the expandable hose, and it will not go over the extension end. Would I be able to use the elastic sock with the extendable hose? thanks--Linda Marshall

Hello Linda, having a hose sock on the expanding stretch hose seems cumbersome and we think it would not work well. Someone needs to try it eventually to really get accurate judgement. Oh, the hose sock with application tube should be used by starting the sock on the wall end of the hose. Put the wall end of the hose through the tube first, after you get the sock pulled over the outside of the tube.

Covers Long Cord too?

does the sock fit over the electrical cord that attaches outside along the length of the 30' hose?

Yes, for those with older electric hoses that had the cord running the distance of the hose, all our hose covers will also cover the cord.

Neutral Colors?

do you have any neutral color hose socks. The ones we have rub off the color on the corners.

We only sell the blue colored sock at this time. The only other time I heard of the padded zippered hose sock bleed was because of a manufacturer defect and it was replaced for free.

Sock for 25ft Hose?

I purchased an entire Vacuum system along with a 25 foot hose from your company several years ago. I installed the system myself. The sock I purchased had a draw-string tie at the end. The Model you are selling seeems to have a Velcro tie, but is 30 feet in length. Question: How would I fit the 30 foot sock on my 25 foot hose? Can I cut off 5 feet from your sock without damaging it? Art Duchaine

We sell two types of socks. One is zippered and the other is pulled onto the hose. Both have a tie down string. You could buy the pull on type with application tube and cut some off but you really won't have to because it can bunch up on itself without any negative effect on the shorter hose.

How do you take it off?

I have a hose sock for my original hose - it does not have a zipper but instead just fits over like a sock. Now that I have ordered and received this new Low Voltage Hose - I am not sure how to remove either end of it to attach the sock - is that possible?

The sock is very flexible and will pull over either end. The problem is that it will take a very long time. We suggest buying a Padded Zippered Hose Sock.