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Basic Hose for Square Inlets Q&A

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Lighter Weight Hose?

We have the older Central Vac Nutone 350 using the plug in hose. This hose is too heavy for me and is not easy to store- Is there a light weight more compact hose I can buy to fit this older model?

If your hose has a separate pigtail electric plug-in then yes there is a new hose that is lighter and much easier to manage. Choose the corded hose here in 30 or 35-feet and you will be set

Nutone 350 Model

Hello,I have an older model 350c nutone,about 30 year old,witch hose will fit this model,thanks Reg.

Hi, if your wall inlets are more square then rectangle and all you need is a basic hose with no swivel or switch then this is correct. Otherwise the Low Voltage Hose is a great upgrade and fits, and the Electric Hose would fit and be needed if your carpet brush has an electric cord on it. Also, you can buy any Deluxe Kit or Electric Kit and they will fit and work wonders for your cleaning. Call us if you have any questions.

Nutone Hose with Pigtail Cord Needed

Pam Roberts in Vancouver, WA I bought my present home 4 yrs ago and it has a NuTone central vacuum system which is probably 25 yrs old. The wall cannister says model v-353. The old paperwork says the wall outlet is model 360 (square). I'm not sure what model number the hose is. The paperwork refers to model 549, 348N, and 349N. I need at least a 35' foot hose (preferably longer) which has an electrical pigtail so I can operate the power brush attachment. Do you have a replacement for this unit?

Hi, yes we have the hose. Choose the 30ft or 35ft hose with 8ft cord (pigtail) from the list of Electric Hoses for Nutone here

Nutone Hose Needed

I have a CVC-353 Nutone Central Vac system and need a new hose. I'm not certain which one to buy. Also, need to purchse some small round filters for it, too. Can you please help?

Hi, you actually have a few choices. At least you should buy the Low Voltage Hose. It fits all Nutone wall ports and is really good quality. Next consider a complete electric hose and tool set. has helpful information to upgrade to the kit. You don't have to change a thing in your system to upgrade.

Older Nutone

What hose should I order for an older vaccum system, we have NuTone Model 350. thank you

Hi, there are several hoses that work with the CV-350. Please call us for assistance.

T610 Vacuum Hose?

which replacement hose do I order for the T610

Hi, we have a hose that will work for you but there are other considerations to find the correct one. Please call us and we'll give you your options.

Hose #372 Available?

Do you have the #372 nutone hose available? The options here say this hose will "replace" CH115 and 372. Thanks, Rena in West Bloomfield

Hi Rena, that hose is discontinued. We recommend that Low Voltage hose as the replacement. It fits into your inlets, is the new lighter weight material, has a comfortable handle and is available is many sizes. Please choose the one you want here or give us a call for further help.

Return if Not Correct?

Hi. We have a Nutone central system in a house we rent to another family. The house is about 20 years old, and I haven't been able to find a serial number anywhere on the vacuum unit or the hose. (We were not the original owners of the house). It sounds like the basic hose would work, but if not, is it possible to return it to you? Thanks. ~Mike

Yes, you can return any product within 30 days for a full refund (customer has to pay for shipping back to MD MFG). The basic hose will work but if it is a wall valve is wider than it is tall you need to buy this version of the hose,303NM,304NM. Also, you can buy the Low Voltage hose. It fits all the Nutone inlet styles and allows you to turn the suction on and off on the handle of the hose! Very convenient. Oh, we might as well also let you know that you can buy any electric (Stealth, EdgeLift kits for example) or air-driven TurboCat attachment kit and the hoses will fit any Nutone inlet and clean extremely well because they groom the carpet with rotating brushes. Whew, and you just asked a simple question!

Replace My Outer Diameter 1 7/16 inch Metal Hose?

The metal end of my current hose (end that goes into the wall outlet) has an outside diameter of 1 7/16" and has a metal ridge back 1 1/4" from the end of the hose (limits penetration into the wall outlet). Will this hose work for me ? Rick Gillett

Hello Rick, yes this will fit right in. You do have other options though in the Low Voltage hose which will also go in (may need to scrape a bit of plastic off the wall end two ridges, but will give you the ability to turn the suction off on the hose handle. Very handy! And fits into and works with all Nutone systems. Also, the electric hose in any electric kit will do the same AND provide power to an awesome carpet groomer. No modifications need to your existing system. Call if you have questions.