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Gasket Available?

Where can you get the o-ring for the mounting brackets? I'm also looking for the gaskets that are on the flappers to provide a seal when the inlet isn't used. Raymond, Port Orchard

The wall inlets need to be replaced since the gasket is not available to any of us to sell separately. The black, thin, round, o-ring gasket for the inlet is also not available separately. Wish they where!

Existing Home Usage?

Are these backing plate for new construction only or do they work for installing in existing homes? Thanks, Glenn Glastonbury, CT

Hi, they work for existing homes and new construction, as all our installation parts do.

2x3 Inch Walls

Can you install central vacuum pipe and vacuum inlets in 2x3 walls? Thank you. Glenn Glastonbury, CT

Yes you can. There are special backing plates and tight 90s for this on this page. Find 511MP and 511SN and you will ready to install. Use all the other fittings on the page to complete the installation.