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4-Piece Central Vacuum Accessory Set Q&A

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1.125 Compatible?

I have an old NUTONE 353. The tube openings measure 1-1/8" diameter. These parts (Part #400) measure 1-1/4" diameter. Will they fit? I am also ordering the 116119 Lamb Motor to replace my original NUTONE motor which is burned out, and a 7.2 " Motor Gasket (Part # 220) which I think is the correct item (please confirm that). If there are any other parts I should order while I am replacing this motor, please advise. Thank you. -Bob, New York, NY

Yes, all these accessories fit tubes with 1-1/8" to 1-1/4" diameter.

AirVac AV425 Compatible?

Does these accessory fits AirVac AV425? Does it has a small hole for it to clip on the hose that has a small ball, so it won't slipe off from the pipe? Thanks!

Yes, they fit but the compression ball adds to the friction fit of it. There is not a recess for it to slide into. These are made to fit all system and hoses except Electrolux.

Beam Compatible?

Will this fit onto a Beam model 2775?

Hello, yes this tool fits all Beam systems.

Brand Compatibility

Hello. Is this 400 set compatible with S5675 ? If not what do you recommend for S5675 ? Thanks in advance. Mark in Windsor Ontario

Our tools will fit any attachment tube with an outside diameter of 1.25".

Come with Wands?

I have an older astrovac system and the tool is permanently attached to the wand. Does this come with a wand attached or do I need to purchase that separately?

Hi, purchase the wands and tool separately. Yours, over the years, became one. To avoid this, remove the tool after using it. Here are the wands You will probably use #406 or 406P. If you wand a single one that telescopes then #406T or 406TB if yours needs a hole for a metal nipple to snap into.

Detachable Brush?

Is the upholstery attachment the one with a detachable brush?

Yes, this is the one with the detachable brush strip.

Electrolux Canister Compatible?

Will these fit Electrolux model N37091K which is a canister model? The hose has information written in a language other than English.

Hello, usually it will not fit. These fit over metal or plastic tubes, not into them or click into them like most proprietary Electrolux parts. If your hose says Electrolux this will most likely not fit.

Electrolux Compatible?

Will these fit Model E130A Centralux by Electrolux? Thanks, Danielle from Richmond, VA

If your hose or carpet nozzle say Electrolux on them then no this will not fit. You have a proprietary system of attachments but your connection on the wall is standard. You have to buy Electrolux or buy a new attachment kit such as the Stealth Kit.

Fits 1.5 inch Diameter Connection?

I have a Bissel Pet Hair Remover upright and am looking for a bare floor attachment to fit into the end of the hose (1.5" diameter, no special connection -- just push it snug for included Bissell attachments). This kit looks great, but don't want to make a mistake. Thanks in advance, Dan

Hi Dan, glad you asked because this tools fit over 1-1/8 to 1-1/4 inch diameter connections. They slide right on snuggly. Sounds like yours is wider. Sorry, we don't know where to get what you need.

Floor Brush Comparison

How good is the roller floor brush in this kit for wood floors relative to the stand alone floor brush? Barbara, Phoenix

Hello, the brush is good, has wheels and lets debris in from all sides which is great. Some prefer the non-wheeled ones that let debris in the front only. Your call but most of us use the one in this kit.

Hoover Compatible? Swivel?

Do any of these pieces swivel? If not do you have any that do swivel? I find the swivel piece very convenient. Also are they compatible with the Hoover system?

Hello, the largest tool, the floor brush, does swivel. These will fit Hoover types where the hose terminates in a metal tube. The pieces slide over a metal or plastic tube. Some other, non-compatible, Hoover hoses require tools to go into, clip into, a female receptacle. You can buy a new complete attachment kit here. It fits right into your wall ports and the hose works with all the tools here.

Just the Round Brush.

Hi, I have a Galaxie central vac. I need to buy just the little round brush, I have worn the bristles out. Where can I buy just that piece?

Hello, you can purchase that product here.

Kenmore Compatible?


Yes, these and all our tools will fit on all hoses on Kenmore/Sears systems.

Music and Sound Central Vacuum Compatible?

Will this kit fit central vac Model VM110 Music & Sound? Thanks, Sarah Scottsdale, Arizona

Hello Sarah, yes this central vacuum accessory kit will fit your brand and model.

Natural Bristles

do all the attachments have natural bristles? Tom from Akron

Tom, yes all the ones in this kit have natural bristles.

Nutone 353 Compatible?

I have a Nutone central vac cv353. Will these tools work?

Hello, yes the 4-Piece Vacuum Accessory Set, along with all of our other accessories, will work with your Nutone cv353.

Nutone Compatible?

I have a Nutone central cleaning system cv554. Will these tools work?

Yes, these fit all Nutone systems.

S3641 Compatible?

will these attachments fit a canaster model S3641?

The accessories fit all standard vacuum wands. The wands shouild be around 1-1/4 diameter.

Shop Vac Power Issues

Will my Brute by Shop-Vac still have the power it's supposed to have with the wheeled floor brush? TIA, Nancy from Cartwright OK

Hello Nancy, the #402D would be better if the power is an issue. That brush cleans better too because more hair touches the surface.

TurboCat Compatible?

Will this fit my Turbocat?

Hello, yes if you have a TurboCat then these tools in this kit will fit your vacuum and work very well.

Vacuflo Compatible?

Will these accessories fit my central vac "Vacuflo" system? I need the piece that cleans the hard wood floors and has bristles. Thanks, Lisa from Brookville

Hello Lisa, yes these tools will all fit your Vacuflo system. In fact they fit all systems except some Electrolux and some Hoover.

Vacumaid Compatible?

Will these attachments fit a Vacu Maid model P125?

Yes they will.


Is this wheeled brush the 402W?

Yes. The #402D is not.

Wheels - Marking?

Will the wheels on the 12" brush scratch my nice new hardwood floors? Are they made of rubber or plastic?Thanks for the help! Jeannie

Hi Jeannie, on smooth glossy hard floors the wheels will leave a trace of a track. They are a firm rubber material. Thanks for asking. If you are concerned you can use the 402D or the really nice 402M.

Work with My System?

Do these work with a CV 180 Broan system hose?

Yes, they work with Broan/Nutone systems as well as all systems except Electrolux electric hoses and some Hoover.