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Fit Inlet Faceplate?

does this pipe fit onto the inlet door in the wall or is there an adapter to connect the two?

Central vacuum pipe fits into a joint/elbow/coupling and the joint fits onto the backside of a backingplate. The faceplate slides into the front of the backing plate.

PVC Too Large from Other Company

We purchased a new Newtone vac. the attachment pipe furnished with the Vac. is ID 1 15/16 OD 2 3/16 Where do I find a pipe to fit?? I have tried all of the outlets in our area and nothing comes close? Thanks. Monty

Some online retailers sell regular SCH40 PVC with the central vacuum. This is not good. Ask them for an adaptor, they must have forgotten to give you one.


Can you tell me what the ID and OD of the pipe is? Im looking for 2 3/4" ID and 3" OD

OD is 2 , ID is 1-7/8